rocks of bread

so i accidentally typed “breadway” instead of “broadway” and i’m laughing can you imagine:

the bread of mormon

yeastus crust superstar

how to succeed in baking without really frying

jersey buns


the poundcake of music

we will bake you

all cook up

calamity scone

thoroughly modern muffin

spring abakening

Baguette baguette baguette !

This time, it’s a video !!

I added a song with the animation and worked with the rythm, it was a test and I really like how it looks ! I have to post more videos like this one in the futur, it’s funny to do and I missed doing it ^^

I draw all on the DSi, then I put the frames on Movie maker to work the song and the animation together =)

Hope you will enjoy it =)

J’en ferais d’autre !

The song belongs to Daft Punk : Robot Rock

characters who liked/loved driveshaft

  • daniel (loved them so much he asked his dad to get the band for him so they could all play a classical/pop-rock fusion concert. dan is rich & weird)
  • locke (owned both their albums and was happy when recognised charlie)
  • naomi (happily told charlie about the driveshaft revival. naomi is from manchester too and the band went big there first, with actual good music so it figures that she doesn’t have negative connotations with the band)
  • kate (when charlie made her realise who he was, she was impressed and happy. note the excited smile on her face when charlie sings to jack)

characters who disliked/hated driveshaft

  • desmond (”it’s alright for what it is” translates into “this is shit but i’m being paid to be nice to you”. the sad thing is charlie takes this as praise)
  • hurley (showed no enjoyment for the music and agreed when his friend garth called them “suckshaft”)
  • jack (unphased/annoyed by the aforementioned singing. the look on his face tells me he’d never heard driveshaft before. this makes sense as jack is canonically into classic rock, not pop rock trying to be punk rock)

On this day in music history: May 14, 1971 - “Carpenters”, third studio album by The Carpenters is released. Produced by Jack Daughtery, it is recorded at A&M Studios in Hollywood, CA from Late 1970 - Early 1971. Coming just nine months after their breakthrough album “Close To You”, it firmly establishes the brother and sister duos pop star status on a worldwide basis. Having scored their first major hit with the Burt Bacharach and Hal David penned (They Long To Be) Close To You" the previous year, Richard and Karen pay further tribute to the songwriters on their new album. Richard arranges a medley of some of he and Karen’s favorite Bacharach and David songs including “Walk On By”, “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” and “Do You Know The Way To San Jose”. Topped with The Carpenters trademark lush multi-tracked harmonies, the “Bacharach/David Medley” proves to be one of the highlights of the album. “Carpenters” spins off three top five singles including “Rainy Days And Mondays” (#2 Pop) and “Superstar” (#2 Pop). The album’s first single “For All We Know” (#3 Pop), features lyrics co- written by Jimmy Griffin and Robb Royer of the soft rock band Bread, under the pseudonyms “Arthur James and Robb Wilson”. The song is first heard by Richard after hearing it in the film “Lovers And Other Strangers”. Instantly attracted to the beautiful and melancholy tone of the song, he decides that it is a perfect fit for Karen’s voice, who adds her peerless lead vocal on to the finished track after its recorded. Initially released as a stand alone single four months ahead of the album, it is another instant smash. A month after The Carpenters version of “For All We Know” peaks on the charts in March of 1971, the song wins the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Dubbed “The Tan Album” by fans, the original LP package is designed to look like a formal party invitation, opening from the top like an envelope with an overlapping flap. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 1998 using the original stereo master mixes. “Carpenters” peaks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Flashback Friday

We spoke too soon. The weather was finally starting to feel like spring–and all of a sudden it is too cold for me to go outside again! While I am sulking indoors, here is a look back at a time in October when I found a tiny pebble that looked like a miniature wheel of cheese! (Or a miniature round loaf of bread. Either way, it looked like noms, so I claimed it!)


Peasant Cottage part 2: carving blocks.

1. Start by drawing out your block pattern, including windows. For this piece, the two windows in the front will be the only ones, since the back of the cottage will be partially buried.

2. Using a sharp X-acto, retrace your lines. If your blade isn’t sharp, it will tear the foam, which ruins the look. It’ll look like torn foam, rather than block.

3. Using a pencil, I use a dull pencil, open up the cuts by retracing them. This will give your walls some depth, and begin to look 3D.

4. Next I cut the windows out and pulled them aside. I’ll get back to them in a bit.

5. Texturing your wall. I use a piece of plastic rock terrain. You can also use a jagged rock. Bread and Wargames says he uses a ball of aluminum foil. Press the rock into the wall. Smash it. Twist it. The texture you are adding will look great once painted.

6. Last I push a few blocks in, trimmed some blocks back, chipped some of them. This step is making the walls look more irregular, and less professionally laid. Again, it’ll look good painted.

Okay I know this one is massively out of sequence but I was browsing through the prompts and when I got to this one I just-

(don’t ask me to explain this I will never explain this)

Why is drunk dad Robert leaking hearts and eggplants, I assume it’s because he approves of my all whiskey all the time choices. But are hearts plus eggplants or just hearts the better sign? Is the hearts my making my way into his heart and the eggplants my making my way into…other places. Also Jesus Christ Mary, you are way too alcohol obsessed, your children are possessed by Satan, and your drinking partner and your (definitely not closeted) husband might have matching tattoos. Something is fishy in Denmark, should have gone with coffee dad. He appreciated my punk rock banana bread puns.

Also help it’s one thirty am, I simultaneously love and hate this game with all my heart … so successful Wolfie approved dating sim. Not bad for something I only caught the tail end of the hype for and bought on an impulse of this seems like my kind of humor and even if I hate it I am okay with spending 15 dollars to support the existence of an LGBT inclusive version of the BS dating sims I usually hate and stay away from.

But seriously, I had better things to do now I have to date all the dads. Except Joseph I guess. They should probably get divorced, but I’m not poking my feet in that shark tank. I’ll just be over here in the corner doing shots with Robert sending hope you have a happy eventually divorce vibes over in their general direction.

Resources* #4: Colors

*Kind of a resource, maybe?

See, this ain’t your run of the mill list of helpful things like writing websites and generators. But it’s something I’ve always found helpful and thought you might too.

Using the right description can give vivid imagery without excessive words. But sometimes choosing those words are the hardest part. So, how to describe the scene without sounding outrageously pretentious? Very, very carefully. Here’s something to get you started.


: Amber. Sunset. Tangerine. Carrot. Rust. Pumpkin. Marigold.
Things That Are Orange:
Mango. Sunsets. Pumpkins. Sunflowers. Fall leaves. Pennies. Goldfish. Monarch butterflies. Persimmons. Sherbet. Marigolds. Yams. Cheese. Fire.

: Gold. Lemon. Sun. Cream. Saffron. Vanilla. Straw. Mustard.
Things That Are Yellow:
Lemons. Rubber ducks. Bananas. Butter. Egg yolks. Sunshine. Buttercups. Baby chicks. Dandelions. School bus. Taxi cab. Hard hat. Yellow jacket bees.

: Apple. Sea green. Fern. Avocado. Asparagus. Olive. Pine. Spring. 
Things that Are Green:
Fresh leaves. Limes. Green beans. Emeralds. Seaweed. Grapes. Grass. Grasshoppers. Lettuce. Jade. Money. Moss. Shamrock. Cucumbers. Olives. Watermelon. Spinach. Broccoli. Christmas trees. Apples.

: Indigo. Robins egg. Violet. Denim. Teal. Sapphire. Sky. Steal. Turquoise. Navy. Powder. Cyan.
Things That Are Blue:
Deep water. A clear sky. Blueberries. Sapphires. Dragonflies. Bluebirds. Robin’s eggs. Blue ribbon. Pen ink. Jeans. Mint gum. Violet flowers. The moon. Mouthwash. Dolphins. Bluebells. Peacock feathers.

: Salomon. Magenta. Rose. Blush.
Things That Are Pink: Flamingos. Blushes. Strawberry icecream. Rose quartz. Roses. Pigs. Cotton candy. Bubble gum. Carnations. Lips stick. Ballet shoes. Pink lemonade. Cooked shrimp. Ham, Guava.

: Ruby. Blood. Burgundy. Auburn. Terra cotta. Scarlet. Maroon. Flame.
Things That Are Red: Poppies. Blood. Cranberries. Cardinals. Ketchup. Cinnamon. Fire. Currants. Stop signs. Tomatoes. Red peppers. Apples. Rhubarb. Peonies. Cherries. Wine. Garnets. Rust. Paprika. Lobsters. Radishes. Garnets. Fire extinguisher. Pomegranates.

: Charcoal. Ebony. Onyx. Licorice. Jet.
Things That Are Black: Coal. Shadows. Piano. Bible. Ink. Limousine. Spiders. Obsidian. Crows. Penguins. Cast iron. Bats. Oil. Tar. Tuxedo. Licorice. Beans. Coffee. Eyeliner. Storm clouds. Nighttime. Tires. Pepper. Ashes. Seeds.

: Beige. Smoke. Ivory. Cream. Eggshell. Pearl. Vanilla. Seashell.
Things That Are White: Eggshells. Whipped cream. Vanilla ice cream. Milk. Baking powder. Baby powder. Coconut meat. Seashells. Wax. Golf balls. Sand. Lotion. Salt. Teeth. Ivory. Clouds. Skin. Cotton balls. Soap. Clouds. Sugar. Toothpaste. Chalk. Marshmallows. Mushrooms. Pearls. Rice. Alabaster. Angels. Seagulls. Doves.

: Chestnut. Chocolate. Sandy. Wheat. Bronze. Tan. Sepia. Copper.
Things That Are Brown: Tree bark. Nuts. Coffee. Tea. Brownstone. Chocolate. Peanut butter. Cinnamon. Camels. Eggs. Skin. Whiskey. Coconut shells. Nuts. Dead leaves. Dirt. Mud. Sherry. Clay. Nutmeg. Teak. Wheat. Hazel. Toffee. Molasses.

: Grape. Orchid. Plum. Amethyst. Lavender. Fushia. Mauve. Plum.
Things That Are Purple: Eggplant. Lavender. Grapes. Flowers. Iris. Turnips. Plums. Amethyst. Beetroot. Purple cabbage. Purple onions. Heather. Bruises. Grape jelly.

: Silver. Battleship. Ash. Gunmetal. Slate. Steel. Smoky.
Things That Are Grey:
Silver. Stone. Clouds. Fog. Concrete. Pewter. Wolves. Mist. Dolphins. Steel. Hair. Rabbits. Wintertime. Marble. Cobwebs. Gravel. Driftwood. Sharks. Pencil lead.

Use these to get your descriptive juices flowing. While this isn’t the most comprehensive list, it should be enough to help you visualize your scenes better by making comparisons (in your own mind as you write) which helps once the words are on the page. Not to mention that using more descriptive words will help create brighter imagery for your readers. Enjoy!