rocko live!


Since the photo in the right has become so popular, i decided to make a little introduction to show who much they’ve grown up.

Meet Rocko, he’s one of the puppies in this photo that has gone viral. More precisely he’s the last pup in the corner to the right. He’s now about to be 5 years old on September 15th along with his other brothers and sisters. Rocko lives with his mother in my grandmother’s house where he was born.

(as you can see in this pic, they’re standing in the same place where the photo of the puppies was taken)

Some facts about Rocko: he’s a rottweiler, and probably the sweetest dog i’ve ever known. He likes to pose (as you can see in the photo) and bother his 10 year old mom.. a lot. He likes to lick people and eat mangoes. When he’s over excited he pees on himself! He’s always protecting the house from thieves and strangers since we live in Venezuela.

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not-alpharius-deactivated201709  asked:

Do you and the team ever fought goddamit i could sneak in a dirty joke here and there like in rockos modern live, or did some of you draw jokes with wanda and the others that are lil bit unmature or is diz really strict with such things ? BYe the way i want to say thx again that we could ask you sooooooo many questions :D

We got all of it out of our systems in the Party Poopers.

…Oh! But there is a pretty spectacular double entendre yet to air. I still can’t believe it’s in the show.