rockntroll replied to your post: I’ve started to feel like a bad person when I download music.

I’ve really had a moral battle lately with whether downloading free music is good or bad, I really can’t decide anymore. I think this is a good idea though

Yeah, I felt it was a good compromise because I’m not fucking rich and music is expensive but it seems unfair to expect bands to make more music if I’m not helping to support them financially.  Going to shows is also a great way to support bands, especially smaller ones.

 rockntroll replied to your post: What is this fuckery that I’m listening to?

I miss who they used to be so much. I love their old albums, and HATE their new ones. I can’t believe they’re still the same band. I can’t.

Ugh, I know,  I was like, furious while I listened to it.  I kept waiting for some redeeming quality.  I rarely pull the sellout card because I do think bands evolve but this is devolution to some sort of generic bullocks.