1962 Fender Jazz Bass Black With Matching Headstock

We’re usually against falling in love with inanimate objects, but we’ll make an exception for this amazing vintage Fender Jazz Bass! It’s pre L-Series with a slab Brazilian rosewood board, clay markers AND(!)… it’s one of the very first Fender’s with a matching headstock with a neck stamp of May62 (matching headstocks made their debut that very month)! This sweet bass really shows off everything great about the Jazz Bass with a great neck, killer pickups, and a very comfy lightweight body. It’s also has a solid painted neck pocket so it’s just before they switched to the “paint stick” which in typical Fender fashion was just a pipe with one end flattened. We love the practicality of that man! The vibe of this one is off the charts… you can’t beat a black paint job and the matching headstock helps make this one of the coolest instruments ever to pass through our shop.

This bass is currently available for purchase at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. We ship world-wide. Please contact our store directly at 773-878-8616, or email at for more info.


1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Black

Even after Leo Fender left his namesake company, they continued innovating and experimenting. The single-coil sound may be what Fenders are most known for but by the 1970’s, the brawnier, beefier humbucker sound was everywhere. To develop their first humbucker they brought in Mr P.A.F. himself, Seth Lover. These pickups are the heart of the Tele Deluxe, which also featured individual volume and tone controls for each pickup. They offer more output than any previous Fender pickup, and more clarity than what Gibson was offering. As Fender has always been a company that kept a mindful eye on the bottom line they were always looking for ways to simplify construction. For the Deluxe, they used the same neck as their Stratocaster with the larger “CBS” headstock, bullet truss rod, three bolt neck and rounded neck heel. This made managing their on-hand inventory easier. Custom colors were available for order but most can be found in Walnut Brown, Blonde, White, Natural, and Black. As with a lot of Fender’s in the 70s they tend to be on the heavier side, but this very vibey black one is super light and only 7.4 lbs!

This guitar is currently available for purchase at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. We ship world-wide. Please contact our store directly at 773-878-8616, or email at for more info.


Vintage 1963 Epiphone Newport EBSF Bass With Fuzztone Cherry Red

Rock N Roll changed the world. By the time the 60’s rolled around, at least one kid on every block just HAD to have a guitar. There was so much competition for your parent’s money that guitar builders were trying everything under to sun to stand out and be different. This meant that traditional companies like Epiphone/Gibson were putting fuzz circuits in their instruments long before the hard-rock and psyche eras had come to be! It was a time of “try everything and let’s see what works.” We couldn’t possibly be any more in love with that sentiment. The only rule: there are no rules! This Newport has the same symmetrical body shape as Epiphone’s Wilshire and Coronet models and has that great warm and thumpy short-scale tone. The fuzz is just the icing on the cake. You could only find this body shape for a scant two years, and even less with the built in fuzz circuit.


1979 B.C. Rich Bich

The world thought a guitar couldn’t be any more out-there than an Explorer or Breadwinner… then came B.C. Rich’s totally insane and over the top (and amazingly named) Bich! Loaded up with a mean set of Dimarzios this baby is all about crunch and sustain. It also features active electronics and coil tapping so there are a myriad of tonal option at your fingertips. Workmanship was top-notch too: even 35 years down the road, this baby plays like a dream!

This guitar is currently for sale at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. Inquiries: 773-878-8616