San Francisco Rock n Roll ½ Marathon

Recap on the race event…

San Francisco Rock n Roll was the inaugural race in the Rock n Roll series. Previously it was called The “Other” SF Marathon. I’ve also signed up for the 2014 SF Rock n Roll at the expo. Personally I like the races where I participated at the inaugural race and then every year after. With each race I want to see how I’ve progressed since the last race, especially to compare the time it takes to  complete the same run. Naturally, if training continues and I continue running, my time and pace will improve.

Breaking personal records are always a great confidence booster as well. With this race, I broke my previous ½ marathon time (at the SF Marathon in July ‘13) completing this SF RnR at 02:36:33 hours. :)

This race was the first time I had someone go with me and be there to see me cross the finish line. In the past I’ve had friends pick me up from finish line, only if the finish line is away from the start line. My personal disappointment was for my big run, Nike Women Marathon in Oct '13. At the time I was single and didn’t ask any of my friends to 

He was wonderful to come pick me up in San Jose and drive me to San Francisco, in addition to his 40 minute drive from the East Bay to my house, and wait till I was done. It was a HUGE confidence booster. He sent me text messages right as I was having trouble keeping pace and at the 10 mile marker. He knows how to put a smile on my face. I let him know that I was on my last mile and was on the home stretch. Knowing that there is someone at the finish line waiting for me definitely help me in the home stretch. Of course he was right there with a cow bell and cheering me on :) *happy dance*

Overall it was a good run. Granted running up hill is never fun, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Weather was good; not too cold/foggy and just a little bit warm enough at the end of the race. As part of the course, I ran across the Golden Gate Bridge which was amazing! I’ve never walked across the bridge (only drove over it) so it was great to see such huge landmark.

My next race:
* Diva Run on 5/5
* Portland Rock n Roll 5/19