(political) party on the internet time!!
lawrence lessig is a hero of mine – he’s a harvard lawyer who is a passionate writer, speaker, and empath of the highest caliber. i saw him at #TED, talk about how money in politics is destroying our chance for planetary survival. then he pitched a revolutionary idea: to create a PEOPLE-POWERED superPAC to end all superPACS.
TONIGHT, i’ll be joining him LIVE ON THE INTERNET for #ROCKMAYDAY. we’ll be talking about all sorts of things (including the #‎MayDayPAC) and taking questions from YOU at - you can go there NOW (link in my profile) to submit a question & vote others “up”.

something like #‎MayDayUS could make a positive, deep, real-#occupy-like change in US politics. please support.
RSVP & get more info at

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TONIGHT IZ ZEE NIGHT!!! it’s almost #ROCKMAYDAY TIME!!! at 8pm EST, me and larry lessig are going live on @wizeo to talk #‎MayDayPAC and lots more. you can submit questions & watch at

please join us and tell people about it wherever you can (twitter, facebook, megaphone out your window, etc). we are the media. and the people. let’s do this!!

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