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Rockman XOver boss artwork for goluxexmachina and anonymous. Unfortunately, Blu D’s bulky art goes over onto Rosso’s page, but there’s nothing much I can do to stitch it together due to the book binding.

There was slightly different art of the Big 4 and Nero in the game that was not printed in the CSS. *EDIT*(D’oh! Idiot me, yes they are on the next page…^^; For a later scan maybe. */EDIT*) It’s lower resolution, as they were just screencapped back when I played, but might as well post them too:

It had finally got a little more exciting when these guys showed up…and when I got equipped with Over-Bling the Garden Gnome…

Scanned from: Capcom Special Selection ~ Rockman Xover, Circa September 2014


2016년 2월에 그렸던 록맨 그림 (Vol.3) 일부를 올려봅니다. 작업하면서 즐거웠어요! 먼 미래에, 원본을 올릴지도 모르겠네요. :D 

2015년 1월에 그렸던 록맨 그림 (Vol.2) →


Randomly overheard an approximately 8-year-old kid talking to his friend/brother after I was leaving Church this evening:

“Dude, Mega Man is so much better than Mario or Sonic.”

Sure, he was probably just talking about Smash. But still, maybe there is hope for the youth of America. Or at least the Upper Midwest.

Scanned from: Capcom Special Selection ~ Rockman Xover artbook


I don’t… I can’t… Heehee… hoo… Ok, I’m done.

(Google translate on Rockman Unity, though… “Darling seems strong!”? Darling’s my vote for a temp name until this guy gets an official one.)

EDIT: This is a new, unnamed character. Not OVER-1. Sorry for any confusion.

EDIT 2: His name is Nero.



Does the art of OVER-1′s different forms have any interesting tidbits that aren’t obvious in the common stock art? One of the advertisements for the book had a shot of OVER-10 (in tiny resolution, sadly) showing his back thrusters, palm buster, and sword ring.


hey man, thank you so much for Xover bosses, you’re the best! could you please do the armors next if possible?

One more set for this week. Shame Over-10 really never put that Godkarmachine O Inary/Laserman.exe-ish ring-turned-dual swords to much use. But in the first scan, you can better see how it could be used as a set of weapons, as opposed to dead weight.

There really is little else concept-wise for the armors, sad to say. And most of the armors have cleaner official pieces online, that are just as large as my scans. So I’ll retread with a clearer scan of the unreleased Over-C(innamon) and Over-5 concepts.

And just because it’s required, the third scan merely for Over-Bling the pimpin’ Garden Gnome, the gaudy outfit brought to you by Jewel Man and wrestler Dalton Castle’s combined designer crafting…

Scanned from: Capcom Special Selection ~ Rockman Xover, Circa September 2014