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At last! A new drawing is complete! This one took forever and I’m not entirely sure what compelled me to make it, as I started it on a whim.

This is a follow up to the Megaman Smash idea I posted a long while ago, basically, a fan-game where you fight the third party characters (Roll taking the place of megaman to represent his own series as a stage) and Mario (because flagship Nintendo franchise, can’t forgo that) in place of the Robot Masters.

Coupled to that, my brain started to wonder about how it would be like if such a game had a “Powered Up” equivalent, and here we are, mock screens of such a thing.

I would really like to make this game a reality someday, I just need a capable team (specifically, a programmer and a composer, as I fulfill the role of the spriter) to do so, sadly.

Also, I guess these counts for that one request that asked for a drawing of sonic and megaman? I’m not sure, but hey, I hope you guys find this cute, now to see how long it takes me to complete another set of drawings, HO BOY.


キサマだけは許さん/ヤろうぜ!!/引き裂きたい By yuriyuri on Pixiv

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Some Warm up sketches

Note about the very top sketch - I actually ended up retracing X and Zero’s sprites from their PSX era out of curiosity. I did have to tweak some of their proportions though, a full 1:1 translation of their sprites just makes them look goofy.


Evolution of Mega man X (1993 - 2017)

Mega man X (1993)
Mega man X2 (1994)
Mega man X3 (1995)
Mega man X4 (1997)
Mega man Xtreme (October 2000)
Mega man X5 (November 2000)
Mega man Xtreme 2 (July 2001)
Mega man X6 (November 2001)
Mega man X7 (2003)
Mega man X: Command mission (July 2004)
Mega man X8 (December 2004)
Mega man Maverick Hunter X (2006)
Project X Zone (2012)
Project X Zone 2 (2016)
Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite (2017)