That Fire

Originally posted on Richard Ankers:

Frozen hearts
Take the longest to thaw
Thickest, permafrost lining
That blowtorch, love
And perseverance
Working at their rocklike core
Prodding and jabbing
Then cooing and smoothing
Into a slow dripping of essence
A disintegration of resistance
As muscle pumps
Blood running freely again
A miracle
That heat called love
That passion
That fire

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Entry 115: Coral

Home World: Earth

Occupation: Occasionally recurring real-world organisms

First Appearance: “The Terratin Incident”

Summary: These marine invertebrates were textbook examples of “colony creatures”. They were a single structure, composed of multiple organisms (each individual was a coral “polyp”) living in a cooperative manner. Over generations, dead polyps built up rocklike “skeletons” of coral upon which the next generation would thrive. There have been arguments that the largest organism on Earth is a particularly gigantic coral colony, known as the Great Barrier Reef, off the northern coast of the continent of Australia. Coral is often used as a sort of decorative animal, popular in Earth marine biomes, due to its generally harmless nature, variable colors and shapes, and – with some species – minimal required care. Other notable coral colonies include an imported population on Bracas V, and the Hermosa Colony off the western coast of North America, which formed on the remains of the original city of Los Angeles after a gigantic earthquake sent the city into the ocean in 2047.