The Elements Aesthetics

She glows like sunshine, her red hair is iridescent, her freckles inviting. The deep red of her lips promises passion, her temper is attractive and frightening at the same time. She is the happiness in the daylight and the danger of the night. Her eyes colour is changing just like her mood. Stubborn but generous, she’s impossible to control, impossible to get close to, impossible to stamp out. Run and save yourself or stay and suffer. She will keep you warm or burn you to ashes. She promises to be worth it all. Tame her and she will be yours forever, but will she still be herself?

FIRE is her name.

Look into her deep brown eyes, look into them precisely, what is she worth? What did she go through? She is older than everything around you, knows more than a prophet and has suffered more than God’s Son. She seems cold and rocklike, unapproachable, but the deeper you look into her, the warmer and richer her soul gets. Reach the deepest corners of her heart and you will see something so admirable, something so loving and passionate that you will never let her go again. Just a flutter of her long eyelashes will make your heart stop. Her movements are slow and elegant, she has the grace of a Queen and the kindness of a maid. She will make herself unforgettable, wanting her once, you will want her forever. Your bitter sweetest dreams will be about the scent of her dark hair. Her strength is limitless, protective, anyone by her side is invincible.

EARTH is her name.

She is invisible, impossible to catch, her unpredictability is dangerous. She can be soft and cooling or strong and destructive. Don’t play with her. She controls the rest, she can make them greater or blow them out, dry them. Don’t play with her, but you won’t even get a chance to. It’s her, everything is about her, she’s in control, her bright eyes will hypnotise you, her fatal lips will talk you into anything, you will be hers if she wants you to. That dangerously intelligent mind of hers can’t stay in one place, she needs to travel, to see new things, she’s never repetitive, she gets bored of routine and flies away. Don’t even try to tame her, you will make her disappear once and for all. 

AIR is her name.

She is all about change, seems easy to adjust at first, she takes the form of anything around her. She is soft and freshening, she is impossible to live without. You can see and hear her from far away if she wants you to, or she will be as silent as the darkness, you won’t even know she’s there. Her blonde hair is luminous as the sun, her blue eyes as innocent as her soul. She is easy to cry, as tears is what she’s made of. Her compassion knows no limits, her love is unconditional. You can scoop her up for a while, but still, she will leak through the tiniest flaws. Do not anger her, then even she can get dangerous. She can apply her red lipstick and the appearance of an angel will fade, you won’t have time to escape as you’ll know you provoked the tsunami. She will drown you and everything around you, she won’t stop until she’s all alone.

WATER is her name.


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  • so sweet
  • really really sweet
  • really funny too 
  • lots of jokes 
  • probably a lot of english too 
  • like he just randomly says something in english 
  • & you’re kind of like ??
  • unless you’re a native english speaker 
  • then you probably both speak to each other in english
  • but if you’re not korea or american 
  • then he’d be more than happy to learn your language 
  • probably wants you to teach him everything there is to know about your culture
  • what you wear
  • what you eat
  • what it’s like to live where you’re from 
  • he’s so open minded
  • wouldn’t care what your beliefs are
  • because it’s johnny 
  • you guys have a lot of inside jokes 
  • he’s your rock
  • like he’s always there for you
  • always 
  • you are the little spoon
  • i mean come one
  • his arMS
  • but he won’t mind being the little spoon if that’s what you want 
  • he is your #1hypeman 
  • what’s that my y/n isn’t feeling confident 
  • uhm not on my watch
  • always throwing out random compliments 
  • and you’re like 
  • what the hell did i do in my past life i wanna know! 
  • but make sure you repay him with genuine compliments also 
  • occassional arguments 
  • i mean he’s so caLM 
  • and sweet
  • i don’t see him raising his voice in an arguement
  • he is a silent listener 
  • which pisses you off 
  • “why isn’t he saying anything back?!" 
  • but in the end you guys make up
  • he apologizes but he expects you to apologize also
  • it’s the mature thing to do 
  • probably buys you anything you want
  • but you don’t asky for much 
  • just small snacks 
  • because being with johnny is just enough 
  • travelling the world with each other 
  • he wants to go everywhere 
  • "hey y/n did you know there’s a country called croatia in europe? we should go”
  • “you didn’t know-” “wait you wanna go now?”
  • “yeah!" 
  • tons of pictures
  • you’re his lock screen
  • home screen
  • laptop screen
  • wait no nct’s group picture is his lock screen
  • bu t you’re his tablet wallpaper too
  • you go to all his concerts
  • he’s really happy
  • when you praise him for his work he gets so bright and happy
  • love johnny with all your heart 
  • if you do not i will track you down and slice your throat open
  • jkjk 
  • but do love him 
  • he deserves so much of it 
If Draco Were A Muggle...

Request from anon: please can you do an imagine list thingy of what Draco would be like if he were a muggle? thank you!! I love your imagines!

Thank you anon, so sorry this has been a while, I’ve had such a long list of requests!! Enjoy :)

  • He’d always be the quiet kid
  • Despite this, when he found people he was comfortable with, he’d be the loudest person ever
  • All the girls (and some guys) would swoon over him but would never tell anyone
  • Because it was not cool to like this guy, but everyone did secretly
  • He was really tall and mysterious
  • Draco was one of them secret musical kids
  • He’d play piano and guitar
  • He had a really rough singing voice, kind of like Alex Turner’s
  • His taste in music would be alternative/rock
  • Like, Jamie T and The Ramones mixed in with a smudge of Muse
  • He’d also be a sucker for classical
  • He liked the sound of the cello
  • Not nearly as much as the sound of your voice
  • He’d be really good at dates
  • He’d present you with roses and go on one of them artsy dates, like taking you to the Globe Theatre
  • When it rained he’d purchase an overly priced poncho for you to put on
  • He’d take pictures of you on his phone when you weren’t looking
  • He could also be really chill on dates and settle for going to the cinema
  • He loves horror films but he’s also waiting for you to ask to see the new romcom/chick flick
  • Because he also wants to see it
  • He’d obviously have tumblr
  • He’d be the kind of trash that reblogs funny text posts
  • Yet he’d also post about Riverdale/Thirteen Reasons Why/Stranger Things
  • He’d have good grades at school
  • Yet he’d always feel a part of him was missing
  • Like, he was different to everyone else
  • He’d always complain about maths, though
  • He’d be really good at English
  • “There’s too much darkness in this world” 
  • No one really knew what he would write about but it had some ~magical~ feeling about it
  • Draco was all around like the coolest, cutest, down to Earth boy

For anon…enjoy!

Y/N peeked her head slightly into the hectic hallway. The men in white snowsuits continuously shot toward her and Eggsy. They were shooting right at them from the center of the corridor. She grit her teeth while retreating behind her little safe spot. She could hear Merlin, clearly stressed, telling them to hurry up.

“You’ve only got 15 minutes. You two need to stop him,” Merlin urged.
“We’re a bit busy,” Eggsy bit, “unless you’d like to have a go at it.”

Y/N quickly scanned the area. Her eyes landed on Eggsy’s umbrella weapon. A little bit in front of Eggsy was another assault rifle. She sucked in a breath in order to calm herself.

“Eggsy,” she spoke into the comm, “I’ll be able to give you a window to get through. You have to take it, alright?”
“Y/N, wait! You don’t have to-”

Y/N kicked up the umbrella weapon and caught it in her hands. She snapped it open and lowered to the ground until the shield fully protected her. She crawled out into the open and turned the gun to stun. With deadly precision, Y/N shot stun bullets at the encroaching men.

Off to the side, Eggsy grit his teeth. He was slightly annoyed for…select reasons. After a moment, he noticed a path clearing up in the middle. He watched as she inched her way to his side. He looked down and caught her idea. Oddly enough, it was as if she noticed him notice.

“Switch,” she yelled.

With ease, she snapped the umbrella closed and tossed it to Eggsy. In the same moment, the blond kicked up the rifle, caught it, and tossed it to her. Eggsy reopened the shield as she opened fire. Her eyes widened as she saw the path diminishing.

“Go, Eggsy,” she ordered harshly.
“Head back to the jet,” he shot back.
“Just go,” she bit back with a little more venom.

With one last look at her, Eggsy rushed down the hall. He may be upset, but he had to stop Valentine first.

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Imagine: Obi Wan trying to find you after you disappear

For anon… Enjoy <3 

It has been four months since you had vanished. It was nice to be on your own, in a way. You could do as you please without restrictions and do things at your own pace. You missed laughter, though. And talking with others. And hugging people. God, you missed hugging. But being on your own was good, and it was your only option. 

Unfortunately, Obi Wan Kenbobi had different plans. He searched high and low for you, venturing to the most dangerous planets in the Outer Rim to find you. He stumbled upon various space gangs that didn’t take too kindly to his presence since he was a Jedi. For some reason, this never killed the fire inside him to find you. Obi Wan never figured out what drove him to search for you so passionately and it maddened him at some times. He often questioned himself as to why he was bothering to search for someone who didn’t want to be found. It was disheartening but it never tarnished the flames that led him to the desolate planet that you hid on. You were extremely surprised to see a ship land on the sandy ground of Jakku.  

Dust flew into your eyes and you blinked rapidly, trying desperately to see through the dry air. An A-Wing planted itself in the sand, it’s whirring engine dying quickly as it’s pilot powered down the spacecraft. 

You stood in front of your ramshackle home, complete with a tarp pinned to the ground and held up by two sticks. Underneath it was a makeshift sleeping bag, a canteen, and powder that instantly made itself into an edible, rocklike cake. You stared at the A-Wing with your heart pounding, from surprise or terror you couldn’t tell. It wasn’t until it’s glass window flew upwards and Obi Wan Kenobi stepped out did you indeed know it was racing with terror. 

“Y/N.” The Jedi muttered, relief flooding his voice. Your feet were glued to the ground and your voice seemed to crawl back down your throat in an attempt to flee. You regained it in several, long seconds. 

“How did you-? How did you find me?” You stammered. Obi Wan stepped toward and you almost yelped, but bit it back just in time. 

“Why did you leave?” He asked instead, as if he hadn’t heard your question. You averted your eyes from his blue ones, suddenly feeling your throat go drier than it already was. 

“I have a feeling you already know why. Yoda told you, didn’t he?” You said quietly. 

Obi Wan took another step towards you and this time you backed away. The hurt that contorted the Jedi’s face nearly broke your heart.

“Y/N, you didn’t have to leave…” He trailed off, his hand twitching. 

“Of course I had to. It was against the Code to feel that way.” You responded curtly, crossing your arms over your chest and avoiding his gaze. 

“I’m tired of the Code.” Obi Wan muttered and instantly your head snapped up back up to him surprise. 

“Who are you and where is Obi Wan?” You asked dryly, trying to add humor unsuccessfully. 

The Jedi Knight suddenly strode over to you and threw his arms around your shoulders, pulling you closer against him. You let out a tiny gasp and your heart started to pound again. After a few seconds, however, you wrapped your arms around his middle, burying your face into his shoulder. Obi Wan held you tighter, his nose in your hair. 

“I missed you.” He murmured quietly into your ear. 

You never realized how you much you missed hugging until then.

Already feeling a little weepy because my parents just left and I won’t get to see them for like four months, and then water started pouring out of all the light fixtures in my kitchen. The movers arrive with all my stuff tomorrow.

Trying to remind myself that at least this is on them and not me to fix, and it really is a gorgeous apartment in a perfect location, but damn, this is what I moved in to:

  • Lights weren’t working in the living room or outside (now fixed, except I’ve been told just not to use one of the light switches).
  • Clothes dryer produced no heat.
  • Dishwasher was filthy (like, had what looked like a year’s accumulation of grungy dishwasher powder jammed into every possible surface and hardened into rocklike form) and still had plates in it (I mean, they’re nice plates that I’m totally keeping, so I’m calling that a partial win).
  • Vent hood rattled loudly and ominously and dust and crumbs flew out the top when I turned it on.
  • Every light fixture in the kitchen pours water (enough to fill a Solo cup in about 60 seconds) when it rains.

So it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. I also can’t get my driver’s license renewed for another two to three months, so that… limits my options a bit.

No major damage done, though. I told them about the dryer and vent hood on Thursday and it looks like that’s “in progress”, so that’s good. Someone’s coming out tomorrow morning to look at the roof. It’s really weird, because almost everything else about this place is brand new. New carpets, new ceiling fans, new microwave, new paint, new baseboards, new blinds. And it’s not college-student-quality or anything, it’s pretty solid.

I love this place so much! I’m so excited to be here! I just very much want to be able to be here, you know? Phew.

derp-cakes  asked:

I've always been a bit confused on the vampire biology. When they're turned, are all their organs still intact, but just not working for the rest of eternity? Or does the venom dissolve the "useless" organs like acid and they don't exist anymore? The movies show vampires to break off like rock shards when they are injured and amputated, so I'm guessing they just have nothing inside them but solid "rocklike flesh". I don't recall anything in the books describing their anatomy.

I don’t think it’s really clear, and I think also in this regard movie!verse and book!verse might be different. 

In the book, it seems to me at least some of the internal parts still exist. SM talks about how the blood they drink travels through the whole circulatory system–that’s how it’s distributed throughout the vampire’s body, and also why they might look less pale, even a little flushed, right after hunting. She’s also said that if they had just fed and you were somehow able to cut them, they might “bleed” a tiny bit of the borrowed blood (as well as ‘bleed’ some venom). She also mentions that food sits in the stomach and would just rot there, so a vampire has to vomit it back up. So there is some sort of “stomach” there for that indigestible food to occupy. 

But in the movies, partly for ratings reasons, they went with a more literally a statue approach. I think it was Condon who talked about in the BD fight scene that the innards were originally more detailed, but in order to avoid an R rating they had to be more stylized and darkened. Likewise in Eclipse, you can be a lot more violent when it’s just rocks shattering than if you were pulling off limbs and there was viscera everywhere. 

For myself, I sort of imagine it as the organs are there, but frozen/hardened/crystallized. They don’t do anything, but they’re there, and if you could somehow do a vampire autopsy you could probably still recognize “oh this was the liver, this was the heart” etc. I don’t know if SM imagined it that way, but that’s how it is in my head. 

zsweber-studios  asked:

Do the New Champions travel together often? If so, how do they handle being in climates far different than the ones they're used to? (i.e. Riju in Tabantha, Sidon in Gerudo, Teba in Death Mountain)

I love this questionnn

I would say that as a team, yes they do travel together pretty often but encounter a few issues here and there.

Rito Village

  • Yunobo would be fine because ya know.. he a rock
  • Riju would need to wear layers upon layers so she doesn’t freeze to death
  • Sidon might encounter some issue depending on how much of the water is frozen in the area around Rito Village

So Rito Village should probably be knocked off the list of meeting places.

Gerudo Town

  • Yunobo would be fine because he’s still a rock
  • Sidon is a nope 100000% because there’s very little water (yes i am aware that there are moat things all around gerudo town but this man is a fish he needs more than that)
  • Teba would probably be a little hot in all those feathers, ya feel

Gerudo Town? Great for Riju and Yunobo. Deadly for Teba and Sidon.

Zora’s Domain

  • Yunobo would be fine……… rock
  • Like Rito Village, Riju would be fine if she bundled up a whole bunch and protected herself from rain
  • Teba would manage but he wouldn’t enjoy it. He hates it when his feathers get wet

And finally

Death Mountain

  • Link took the last set of fireproof armor so
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope

So I guess in conclusion yes, they travel, but most of the time when they’re together they’re at Hyrule Castle or in Hateno- Perfect Mediums :)

anonymous asked:

Hello, there. I'm a little confused with the atronach species. Are they rock elementals or are they rock like creatures who can harness the elements? So, can there be an atronach who is atuned to fire, or is it only rock based, for instance lava? TIA

They are indeed rocklike, horned creatures who harness the elements, any elements, even multiple elements if they attain and can handle the power of mixed glyphs. 

As with most of the Soapberry species, there is ample room for tweaking an atronach to your preferences based on their culture, where they grew up, their personal philosophies, etc. So you could have, say, a Jamaican atronach who grew up in the Blue Mountains who has both air and water glyphs because their family owned a coffee plantation.

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

The perks of being a rock

I wish I was funny and intelligent and charismatic like all of you lovely people but sadly I’m just a rock (x)

Just a rock. 







What a badass rock

like seriously

so strong

so kind

so cheerful




loOK AT THOSE LUSCIOUS LOCKS *swoons dramatically*



I dunno I just liked this one

but anyway

what a badass 

even when eating food



this has been a rock appreciation post

You have unlimited potential inside you. Never forget that.

Have a great day, sweetheart <3 I hope this made you smile even a little bit ^^

I think I finally understand the end of 412.

or The Three Kings, part 1 aka The True Heir of Talia Hale

(Yeah, I have problems with titles. Sorry) 

This has been cooking in my head for a little while, and I’ll give you fair warning right now, I don’t quite know where the end point is. I was triggered by a couple things, and this builds on some other people’s theories, most of which you probably already know. 

Let’s start with the big point: I think we missed something in 412- When Scott is calling Peter out- After he saved himself from being a Berserker (and that’s important). Now, I had first written that Peter called Scott out, but that’s not correct. Scott challenges Peter- which is interesting and way more aggressive than we’ve seen him before. So let’s revisit that scene. Scott has ripped the berserker armor from his body and crushed the berserker skull. While this is happening, there’s plenty of reactions shots of the scoobies, and they are all moving. Just little tiny movements, but the overall effect is that they are trembling- Except for Peter- who is solid and rocklike. He’s standing strong and gathering his power to himself. He knows there’s a fight coming, and if it’s not, he’s going to start one. He’s ready.

Peter starts in with how Scott is unworthy. Unworthy of power- of (direct quote) “My family’s power, to be rightfully inherited by me. Not usurped by some idiot teenaged boy so incorruptible he wouldn’t shed the blood of his enemies, even when justified.”

We’ve been wondering for a long time if Derek’s power went to Scott when he saved Cora, and here’s the answer- yup. Yes, it did. That’s the power of the Guardian of Beacon Hills, The Alpha of the Nemeton. The Power of Talia Hale, blessed be HER name. 

(Think for a moment, of that smile Kate gave herself when she was talking to Allison about ‘You don’t have to be psycho to be a killer’. She said, 'Sometimes, you can surprise yourself’. She was congratulating herself (again) that a young, 20-something up-and-comer KILLED the Great Talia Hale- something her father couldn’t do, something her whole family couldn’t do- she did, and she’s fucking proud of herself.)( And she destroyed one of Talia’s heirs in the process)( excuse me while I vomit again)

But back to Peter- Peter views himself as Talia’s heir. The Kingship should be his, and not Scott. There’s our two kings, and Derek is the third.

So, in the fight that follows, Peter is trying to get Scott to kill him. Yeah, he’s talking a big talk, but that’s just to get Scott worked up, to get him angry enough to cross the line- to get Scott to kill. 

Now, I know that seems crazy. And it is- crazy like a fox. Death is no big trick for Peter. He knows he can come back, and with Lydia powered up, he’ll come back even faster. Yeah, there was a reason he’s been so damned careful of her. She’s still part of his plan, as is Derek. Step back, and you can tell who’s in Peter’s plans, because those are the few people he gives a fuck about. Malia? Not in the plan. Interesting diversion and useful tool, but he honestly could give two shits about her. 

But Anda- Didn’t Peter think Derek was dying? Please. He knew Derek was down for the count, but he also had spoken with Kate, knew what Kate had done to Derek, and knew what Kate didn’t, that once the cruse (or whatever) had killed the human Derek, the wolf Derek would revive him. Peter saw it happen to Jackson. He alone knew what to expect, as is so often the case. He might have even been planning that it would help the situation. I’ll explain this later.

But back to the fight. Peter knows that killing Scott won’t give him the Alpha Spark. (Let’s call it that) Peter says so during the fight. Which makes sense and explains why there hasn’t been an army of wolves trying to take Scott down and gain his power. Killing Scott won’t get Peter what he wants. 

But, if Scott kills Peter- oh! That’s another whole story. Then the Alpha Spark will go to- Anyone? Anyone? Derek Hale! In fact, if Derek is reviving from having his human die, it might help him come back faster. 

Why would Peter do this? 

Go back to 209 (such a good episode!) Party Guessed. What did Peter need to come back? Lydia to cast the spell and Derek’s blood and power. Now, Peter didn’t take all of Derek’s power then, and he suffered for it. He was weak. Maybe he didn’t know how exactly things would happen? Who knows. But this time around? Peter knows. And he knows he’s lost the element of surprise. He knows when he comes back this time he will get only one shot and he’s going to drain Derek dry. Take all of his power, including that all important Alpha spark. 

Peter’s counting on Derek getting cocky after he’s dead. And that’s a fair bet, Derek really lost himself the first time around. The other alternative is that somehow Scott kills Derek and gets the Alpha Spark that way. Unlikely, but possible. And Peter’s plan would continue, just with Scott instead of Derek. Peter would probably like that better. 

What he didn’t want was exactly what happened. (Oh, Peter) Scott defeats him and doesn’t kill him. That’s the worst possible scenario. And now Peter, with all his valuable information in his frankly amazing mind, is locked up with a telepath. No wonder he was screaming. 

We like to point out influences from other creative works when we find them, and I’ve got to say, I suspect there’s going to be some crossover between the Story of River Tam (Serenity/Firefly) and Peter Hale and Dr. Vallack. They both feature important, dangerous secrets and telepaths. Two great things which definitely NOT go great together.

(Part two of this is going to be talking about Kingship and Derek Hale)


Fruit by: Abra

Tryna Fuk/No Reply by: Thestand4rd

Temple by: Black Atlass
Souvenirs: Dream Koala
Jupiter Grayscale: Gallant
Open Up: Gallant
Alone: JMSN
Simple Needs: Thestand4rd
Flowers: Willow Smith
5: Willow Smith
Evergreens: Allan Kingdom
Electric Body: A$AP Rocky
Lit: Bas ft. J. Cole
All Your Fault: Big Sean
Church: BJ The Chicago Kid
Pop Thieves: Childish Gambino
Time: Fetty Wap
Glass & Patron: FKA Twigs
Real Sisters: Future
Spectrum: GoldLink
What You Wanted: How To Dress Well
She DGAF: The Internet
Remnants: Jack Garratt
Vice City: Jay Rock
Like Me: Joey Bada$$
Streetlights: Kanye West
The Force: Kyle
40 below: Mick Jenkins
Break From Toronto: PARTYNEXTDOOR
Lunch Money: Pusha T
Kill4U: Robb Bank$
Feel Something: Jazz Cartier
Señorita: Vince Staples
Nor Norf: Vince Staples
90210: Travi$ Scott
SMUCKERS: Tyler, The Creator
The Morning: The Weeknd
Next: The Weeknd
Morena: Father
Diamonds Dancing: Drake & Future
Like Woah: Logic
Folgers Crystals: J. Cole
Something About You: Majid Jordan
Drive Me Crazy: Vic Mensa & KAYTRANADA




Warning: Bad Romanian Translations, Swearing and Pietro (He isn’t healthy at all)

(credits to gif owner)

Fake (1)

(Pietro Fucking Fuck Fuck Fuck Maximoff x Fucking Fuck Fuck Fuck Reader)

The smell of cheap brewing coffee and stale bread infiltrated Y/N’s nose as she entered the old bakery in the little town of Sokovia.

It was her daily routine to come to this place and order a cup of coffee and a disgustingly bland muffin with hard chocolate chips scattered within its hollow core. She was there so often that the staff (whoever and whatever shift) already knew her and what she would like and where she would sit. On occasions, some of the nice employees would get a napkin and write “RESERVED” in big bold letters on it to be placed on Y/N’s seat before she would come. And in turn, she never disappointed.

Y/N was the closed off and silent girl who walks ten kilometers everyday from her lonely little cottage on a hill to get to the tiny café and sits by the booth pressed against the glass window. She would write in a little black notebook when she was there and when she would rip out the page, they knew that it was her signal that she was done and they would see her the next day.

She would never be the one to engage in a conversation and share the first thoughts to anyone, but she would spare small smiles and short one worded answers and greetings to those who cared enough about the lonely girl with the stale muffin and black, pocket sized journal, whose pages were running out little by little.

This was Y/N’s life today. Her days consisted of sleepless nights, caffeine, pastry shops and going over to the post office to deliver letters every day to those who reply only once or (miraculously) twice in six months.

“Good morning, Y/N,” The joyful barista who worked the 6 am to 11 am shift on Mondays, Joy, greeted her as she pushed through the heavy glass doors and approached the counter. She gave Joy a little smile and glanced down at her feet, “Good morning, Joy.”

“You look great today; did you do something with your hair?” Joy asked, hoping to break the ice with the silent customer. Y/N looked back up at her, the kind smile still on her lips. I didn’t brush it; she wanted to say but thought otherwise and said, “No, same hair. Still me,”

“Oh,” Joy nodded and side stepped to stand behind the cash register, “Alright, anyway, what can I get for you today?” Y/N shrugged and gave her a knowing look, keeping her speech to a minimal. Joy sighed and smiled at Y/N, thinking that it wasn’t going to be this day that she magical turns into a verbal person. “Mochaccino with extra cream and a chocolate chip muffin coming right up,”

Y/N gave her a grin before turning and proceeding on to her secluded booth by the window. When she sat down, she took time to bask in her presence. She took notice of the small number of people making their way in the café in twos and threes; she took notice of the silent commotion behind the counter as the baristas rushed around to get everyone’s order; she took notice of a man standing outside the café, conversing with a woman before he kissed her head and she went her separate way. She was taking it all in before the young but grumpy manager of the café, Frank’s voice yelled out an angry order to one of the employees without taking to account anyone of the customers’ reactions.

She sighed and pulled her tiny book out of the pocket of her large coat and a pen from the back pocket of her jeans. She then started writing yet another letter to her friends all the way to the States. She hasn’t seen them in ages. The last note she got from them was in February— it was now November.

Her letter consisted of the casual and cliché greetings one uses to start a message and then went on to another path about how much she missed them and wished they could visit her or she them. They parted ways for a reason, but never was that reason of bad hearted nature.

Her letter writing session was interrupted by Joy whose once cheerful face had been replaced by angst. Y/N had guessed that she was the one Frank had yelled at. She reached out a hand and placed it on Joy’s and gave her a reassuring squeeze in hopes that it would make her feel a little less tense. Joy gave her a timid smile before turning away, now with her tray empty and Y/N’s table occupied with a cup of coffee and a crappy muffin.

Some people are douche bags, you guys. She wrote on her letter to be sent to her friends. She usually wrote on two to five pages a day and draw on the rest of the remaining pages. The condition of her blank notebook with a thinning rim of paper made her make a mental note to look for a book shop to buy herself a new one later on that day.

As she sat there and drew her half eaten muffin on a page of her notebook which was already, supposedly, occupied by a drafted letter, the man she once saw had entered the café and picked out a loaf of bread to buy. Of course, this loaf was as stale and shit as the muffin Y/N had and every other pastry in the shop was. Being too preoccupied with another customer who was complaining about his hard, rocklike cinnamon roll, Joy only gave the man who was holding out two crumpled up notes and a few sets of change a short glance before she patted the table, telling him to drop the money there and leave with the bread considered paid for without a receipt. The man, being nice and obedient, did as he was told and turned with what he had purchased in his hands. At that moment, Frank had exited the backroom and spotted him exiting the shop without the bread wrapped in anything. He had then mistaken him for a thief and yelled at him to halt.

Y/N had watched the scene of Frank the manager approaching the dark haired man with a tense and angry posture and start yelling accusations at him. At first the man was reluctant to stay calm and explain what was really happening, but when the words pathetic, uneducated, street rat was thrown in by Frank the man had no choice but to lose it and defend himself.

“I have paid for what I have taken!” the man demanded.

“You’re going to jail for thievery, you dirty little pig!” Frank fired, rolling his sleeves up as if he were to take him on. The man gave him an incredulous look before he stepped forward and prepared to strike him with his fist. This was the moment that Y/N rose from her seat and stood before the man and Frank.

“Dragă!” She exclaimed and grabbed the man’s arm, causing him to spin around and face her. He was confused to what was happening and so was she, but she pushed on with her act. She wrapped her arms around his torso and reached up to kiss him on the cheek. “What is taking you so long? I have just asked for bread.”

“Y/N?” Frank’s voice seemed to have softened as he glanced back and forth at the two. “You know this guy?”

Y/N nodded and guided the man’s arm around her shoulder. “Yes, he’s my boyfriend.”

Frank blinked and gave the man a look, this causing his eyes to widen and be forced to play along with this woman he’s never seen before in his life who goes by the name Y/N. He leaned his head down and pressed a tender kiss on Y/N’s temple, subconsciously thinking of how good she smelled, “This man had mistaken me for something,”

“I haven’t mistaken you for anything,” Frank spat at him. Y/N raised a hand before Frank and asked him to calm down. “Have you checked the register, Frank? I believe he maybe left his payment there.”

Frank was taken aback by her words, but nonetheless walked over to the counter. Y/N took this moment to turn to the man, and he also to her.  

“What are you doing?” They both asked each other simultaneously.

“I’m trying to help you.” Y/N answered first, keeping her eyes trained on Frank who was once again telling Joy off. She silently thanked the heavens for the lack of people in the café. The man was about to open his mouth to protest but Frank’s gaze shot straight at them. Instead of what he originally was going to say, he said, “My name is Pietro.”

“And I’m Y/N,” she said silently and gave Frank a smile when she realized his gaze upon them.

“That is a beautiful name,” Pietro said, mostly to himself, but Y/N heard and her face flushed at that. “Thank you, now kiss me.”

“You’re welcome— wait, I am sorry, what was tha—” Pietro had to take a double take, but before he could speak another word, Y/N had already pressed her lips to his. He was taken by surprise, but he didn’t pull away, instead, he pulled her closer by wrapping his arm around her waist and leaning down so that she wouldn’t have to strain to his height. When Pietro closed his eyes was when he lost it. All control went flying out the window and at that moment, he actually believed their pathetic play himself.

Y/N pulled away and leaned her forehead on his and smirked, “Wow,”

“Yes,” Pietro agreed, slightly panting, “Wow,”

Y/N found herself lost in thought as she stared into the electric blue eyes she hadn’t noticed from afar before she cleared her throat and shook her head. She brought her hands up to his face, and Pietro, who was very willing, thinking that they would kiss again, leaned in once more, but Y/N’s hands held his face in place. Embarrassed, Pietro began to blush, which made Y/N feel bad, so she planted a peck on his lips and continued what she originally had in mind to do. “I’m pretending to consult you right now,” she whispered and stroked his face affectionately, making it appear that she was saying something entirely different. “I need you to pout.”

Pietro’s brows furrowed together in confusion, “Pout?”

“Yes,” she said and tugged on his bottom lip with her thumb whilst demonstrating it for him, “Pout.”

“You do it very adorably,” he giggled.

“Hush! Pout!” she commanded, trying to hide the smile itching to come across her face.

“Hmph,” he huffed as he pushed his bottom lip outward and pouted, somewhat overdoing it, but nonetheless, making it believable.

“It’s okay, dragoste, we’ll sort it out, okay?” Y/N consulted as Frank entered hearing range.

“I am sorry, dragul meu,” Pietro breathed out sorrowfully. Y/N smiled and caressed the side of his face again. Frank cleared his throat and Y/N slowly pulled away from Pietro. Frank was known for his anger and also his favoritism and Y/N happened to be on his good side, and maybe even better side. So when Pietro saw the jealous look in the young manager’s eye, he had this instinctual urge to pull Y/N closer to him and give Frank a look that said, don’t even fucking think about it. He wasn’t sure if it was part of the act or not.

“So he did pay,” Frank grumbled. “But he didn’t get the receipt and there is no physical evidence that he purchased that piece of bread.”

“Then I’ll pay for it,” Pietro wanted so badly to protest but Frank was giving him too bad of a stare down. Frank then complied to Y/N’s offer and he led her to the counter for her to pay.

“Your boyfriend looks a little… rugged, don’t you think?” Frank tried to word out as he and Y/N walked side by side to the counter, Pietro not straying far away behind them.

“Rugged? What do you mean?” Y/N wondered.

“He looks…” Frank paused and grimaced. “Filthy.”

“Well at least he isn’t wearing some shit uniform that looks like it has been pressed and hardened to perfection, but oh well… anyway, here you go,” she smiled and handed Frank some notes and pennies. Frank, taken aback by the suddenly sassy Y/N gaped at her as he took her cash. Pietro smirked at the scene before him, thinking of how good it would be to have her around more often, and thinking of how good that kiss they shared was.

Fake, Pietro, it was fake. He reminded himself and shook his head to rid his mind of the thought.

“And add another coffee and that fancy looking muffin.“ She pointed at the glass case encasing all the quality pastries that costed too much for some molded and cooked pieces of wheat. She didn’t give Frank a chance to at least answer her with a nod before she took Pietro’s hand and pulled him with her back to her booth.

When they were settled and sure that the coast was clear, Y/N let out a sigh of relief. She then started giggling and when she looked up at Pietro, she caught him staring at her with a particular look in his eye.

"I have never done that in my life, I don’t know what came over me,” She blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Pietro proceeded to stare for a few moments before he shook his head and cleared his throat, “Oh, erm, thank you,”

“Frank can be a dick sometimes,” she shrugged and brought her coffee closet to her.

“A dick?” Pietro wondered in confusion. “It is a penis, yes?”

Y/N blinked and tried her best not to snort at his (adorable) cluelessness. “Yes, Pietro, it’s another word for penis.”

He grinned. In all honesty, he did know the connotation for “dick”. He just wanted to see her smile again.

“Oh,” she gasped, feeling the cold liquid of what had become of her coffee on her tongue. Pietro frowned, “What is the matter?”

“My coffee, it’s cold,” she explained. Pietro opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Joy calling out his order. Pietro turned his head to the sound of the little bell that was rung and watched as Frank himself reluctantly delivered the tray with their order in it. When he reached the table, Pietro did not fail to give him a hard glare.

“Enjoy,” Frank grumbled before he left and Y/N gave him a kind smile.

“Why do you need two coffees?” Pietro wondered as he stared at the new cup of the steaming liquid on the table.

“Because the other one is for you,” she said and pushed the saucer with the cup placed atop on it towards him as she took a sip of her, now, steaming cup of coffee. Pietro took notice to this little detail and raised a brow, “Your coffee…”

“Is delicious,” Y/N finished for him. Although that wasn’t what Pietro wanted to say, he left it alone and accepted the offer she had given him. Y/N’s lips curled up into a grin as she watched Pietro moan in satisfaction when he took a sip.

“So, tell me,” she started. It felt forgein to begin a conversation but curiosity took over her and she couldn’t help but ask, “What is Pietro doing stealing bread like that? Hm?”

Pietro shook his head and shrugged, “It was pay day and I thought it would be nice to buy myself and my sister some bread for once. It is our birthday, you see.”

“It’s your birthday?” Y/N gasped, wide eyed at the new information. “Happy birthday…”

“Thank you,” Pietro chuckled and looked down at his drink as Y/N processed and tried to piece together an inference from the information he gave her. “What do you do for a living, Pietro?”

“I work at this mechanic shop,” he said. “I’m not much of a, err, mechanic, but I understand things easily. The broken parts are similar to puzzles.”

“Whoa,” Y/N was generally impressed. Mechanics, she knew nothing about, and she had a firsthand experience of her car breaking down when she once lived in the states with her friends as proof that she can’t change a tire for her life. “That’s pretty cool.”

Pietro chuckled and took a sip from his coffee, “Thank you,” His gaze then travelled to her steaming cup once again, “I thought your coffee was cold?”

Y/N seemed lost for a moment but then blinked when she realized. Her breath caught in her throat but she didn’t dare to make him see. “Did I say that?” she said with a tone of convincing confusion. Pietro frowned, seemingly confused as well. “Did you not?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she lied and pinched a piece off of her muffin. There was a silence between the two of them and during that silence, Pietro took notice of her soft features and how her hair looked somewhat tangled yet somehow looked soft and tempting to touch under the beanie she wore. She smiled up at him when she noticed his eyes upon her and he became flustered at the gesture before quickly looking back down and bringing his coffee up his lips. The heat stung but he was too embarrassed to drop the cup and complain about his tongue.

Before any of them could speak, Pietro’s sister caught sight of her brother from the door and raced over to him quickly, “Brother!” she called out, startling various customers in the café. Pietro, startled, looked up and around until his eyes fell on his sister who had an acceptable smile on her face as she raced over to him. He quickly rose from his seat and caught her in his arms as she bumped into him as a halt. “What is it?”

“They accepted,” she stated happily. “We got through.”

“They have?”  Pietro’s worried look soon turned into one of pure joy as he squeezed his sister happily in a hug. She squealed as he did and laughed, simultaneously turning her head and catching sight of Y/N, who had a small smile on as she watched them. Distracted, Wanda missed what her brother was saying and didn’t realize it until he pulled away and waved his hand before her face. She blinked and turned her attention back to Pietro, taking the opportunity to ask him, “Who is she?”

“Who?” Pietro blinked and looked towards where Wanda nodded to. His smile turned brighter and he pulled Wanda over to sit in the booth with Y/N.

“Y/N,” Pietro acknowledged. “This is my sister, Wanda.”

Y/N smiled and reached a hand out for Wanda. Wanda took it hesitantly and spoke to Pietro in their native tongue, “What is our relation with her?”

“I’m a friend,” Y/N answered for Pietro. Wanda raised her brow, “We don’t have friends.”

“Sister,” Pietro warned and took her hand in his. “Y/N has helped me with… a situation.” And in an instant, Wanda’s hand came flying from behind Pietro’s head as she smacked him upside it. “Din nou de diagnoză Pietro? Jur pe Dumnezeu, de care aveţi nevoie pentru a vă păstra rahat impreuna! Puteţi să nu te aştepţi să păstraţi balotarea ai iesit din puscarie tot timpul! Ce aţi face dacă—“

Trouble again Pietro? I swear to god, you need to keep your shit together! You can not expect me to keep bailing you out of jail all the time! What would you do if–

“Taci !” Pietro chuckled as he ruffled his hair. “Just a misunderstanding,”

Wanda gave Pietro a glare before turning back to the girl. “I apologize for my brother, he is… difficult.”

“Oh, he’s fine,” Y/N smiled politely. She looked over the both of them and took note of the similarities and differences in their features (remembering that they were twins)— how their eyes were of a similar shape but a different color, how both of them had beautiful brown curly hair (Wanda’s was tamed and let down while Pietro’s was a mess of unruly locks).  She also took notice of a ghost of a similar smile.

“Well,” Y/N took a breath and dragged on as she collected her things and took the last sip of her drink. “I should get going…”

“No,” Pietro said quickly, slightly raising from his seat. He had an arm extended out half way for Y/N as she stood up. “Please, just stay for a few moments.”

As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t. Firstly, she had to get to the post office and mail her letter before it closes for break. Secondly, she didn’t want to interrupt whatever Wanda was itching to talk about with Pietro. “I’m sorry, Pietro, it was lovely meeting you, but I have to go.”

“Why so soon?”

“I have to get this mailed,” she waved her booklet before him, “long way to the post’s.”

“I can run there for you,” Pietro offered which warmed Y/N’s heart. She shook her head, “I can’t ask you to do that.”

“I can,” he insisted. “I’ll do it for you,”

Y/N blushed. “Tell you what; I’ll just meet you here tomorrow again. Sound good?”

Pietro smiled and shook his head, “Too long of a wait.”

“Well, you are my boyfriend,” Y/N joked. “You’ll wait for me, yes?”

Pietro blew his cheeks up to suppress a shit eating smile to come up his face and nodded, “I will see you soon, dragul meu.”

That was the last she had heard from him.

The next day, Y/N had arrived a little bit earlier to the café just to see him. She ordered her usual and sat down to write and wait. She waited until noon, yet he never came. Disappointed, and unknowingly heartbroken, she stormed out of the café, leaving a tip, a note and the memory of Pietro there.

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*distant whisper* “yes

UPDATE! Part 2: Real (Fake 2)


Baler, Dreaming.

I listened to the lullaby
pulling back and forth,
questions crash against 
my heartbeat and the sand.

Something still holds me 
in place - as I am tasked
to leave the hour, golden
in its wake. 

This morning, my thoughts
are the sea, as the feel of salt
stings when I let it wash over me
whole - without a fight.

I did drown there for a while
in the sound 

and each breath named a rock
like  a wayward memory
finding its way back to me.

If only I could shout 
until my lungs are emptied 
of bottles;

 though my messages stay
 and everything else left
 in resolve of daybreak.