Griz and Greg found out about a party in another dorm. Griz  and the girls went straight there, he didn’t need to change or do his hair or any of that crap Greg seemed to need to do.

On his way out Greg bumped into a random housemate of his.

“Hey, nice to meet you roomie.”

“Hello. Nice to meet you too. I’m Gabi.”


“I’m studying science, what are you studying?”

“ Eh, phys ed I think, I can’t remember what I chose in the end haha. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.”

“How can you not.. eh nevermind, ha, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

“Ha, yeh it’ll be fine. So some of us are heading to this party across the campus, don’t think it’s anything fancy, just a few drinks and hanging out, get to know some people. Wana come?”

“It’s half 9, I have to be up early tomorrow so I think I’ll just head to bed. Thanks though, maybe another time.”

“Ok cool.