ATSF EMC E3A  No. 11 powering the Texas Chief at White Rock Station, Dallas, Texas, December 29, 1956.

No. 11 was the only original E3 the Santa Fe owned.

The EMC E3 was a 2,000 horsepower, A1A-A1A passenger train locomotive manufactured by Electro-Motive Corporation of La Grange, Illinois. The EMC demonstrator No. 822 was released from La Grange for test on September 12, 1938. The cab version, or E3A, was manufactured from September 1938 to June 1940, and 17 were produced. The booster version, or E3B, was manufactured in March 1939 and September 1939, and 2 were produced. The 2,000 hp was achieved by putting two 1,000 horsepower, 12-cylinder, model 567 engines in the engine compartment. Each engine drove its own electrical generator to power the traction motors. The E3 was the fourth model in a long line of passenger diesels of similar design known as EMD E-units.
Compared with passenger locomotives made later by EMD, the noses of the E3, E4, E5,and E6 cab units had pronounced slants when viewed from the side. Therefore, these four models have been nicknamed “slant nose” units. Later E models had the “bulldog nose” of the F series.

Today’s White Rock Station is a new heavily landscaped station with a waterfall of greenery with a beautiful arbor walkway from the parking lot to the boarding platform. It is now served by the Northeast section of the DART Rail Blue line.

Photo credit:  DeGolyer, Everett L. DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.


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Day Four - EPIC SUCCESS!!!

I eat a LOT of fast food. I often eat fast food twice a day. I have lived on a mostly fast food diet for at least 7 years. In all that time, every time I’ve gone on a diet or tried Weight Watchers or decided to eat healthy - the longest I have gone without fast food is 3 days. That’s it. I could make it to 3 whole days. 

UNTIL today, my friends. Today was my 4th day in a row without fast food!!! 

:::::Does Kermit the Frog crazy happy dance of joy::::::

Also I got in my 30 minutes of exercise. 

I declare today a rousing success!!! 


Linkin Park - “My<Dsmbr” (featuring Kelli Ali)

HIM - Nottingham Rock City - 27th December 2015

HIM – Nottingham Rock City – 27th December 2015

So HIM have announced their only UK date this year: 27th December 2015 at Nottingham Rock City, doors at 7 pm.

They’re playing Rock City to help the venue celebrate its 35th Birthday, and its a pretty decent venue although albeit it has very sticky floors and once the gigs end, you tend to be kicked out super quickly at it turns into a night club. I’m going of course, this was the first venue…

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THE DARKNESS announce tour dates

The Darkness are pleased to announce the Blast of Our Kind tour. The Blast of Our Kind tour will commence on November 30th in Norwich and culminate in a triumphant show at London’s Roundhouse on December 20th.

Blast of Our Kind UK Tour:

30 November    NORWICH, Open 

1 December     CAMBRIDGE, Corn Exchange 

2 December     NOTTINGHAM, Rock City 

4 December     NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy 

5 December     GLASGOW, O2 Academy 

9 December     LEEDS, O2 Academy

10 December    MANCHESTER, Academy

11 December    BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy

13 December    BRISTOL, O2 Academy

14 December    SOUTHAMPTON, O2 Guildhall

15 December    BEXHILL, De La Warr Pavillion

17 December    BOURNEMOUTH, O2 Academy

19 December    OXFORD, O2 Academy

20 December    LONDON, Roundhouse 

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I’m not cool. I don’t fucking understand Coachella or the Internet or skinny jeans.
—  Kid Rock, Rolling Stone Interview December 4th, 2014
To those who have done the 30 Day Shred before

My secret santa included a copy of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD in my gifts!!! Which is awesome! (I seriously need to make a whole post about how awesome my Secret Santa was. She is pure Awesome!

So now I need some light hand weights. What weight do you guys suggest I use? 3lbs? 5lbs? I need to order the weights from Amazon and can’t figure out which ones to buy. 

so the thing is that I have a new goal. I didn’t graduate this spring because of swedish language. So that means I’m hopefully graduating on December 5th. That means I have now exactly 6 months and 18 days (if I calculated correctly) time to work out my body even better and I will rock on December!!!! ☆☆

PS. if someone knows good ways to learn a language, let me know?

Announcement: My roommate and I have formed a kickass rock band called December. We are in the midst of getting songs together for a rockin’ 2015 debut album titled “Almost Winter”. Our tracks are as follows:

Completed tracks:
- Black Heart
- Lifestyle

Tracks in the works:
- Ain’t Nobody Gonna Save Us
- Frankenstein

P.S. Check us out on SoundCloud!