13 December 1984 George visits friends from the group, Deep Purple and jams onstage during a performance of “Lucille” (as ‘Arnold From Liverpool”) at the Sydney Entertainment Centre during their “Perfect Strangers” World Tour

Photo Credits: (top) “Lucille” - Peter Carrette (center) backstage: Bob King (bottom) Backstage with Roger Glover (left) and Jon Lord (right) Credit: Bob King

Top Ten Supermarket Rock Songs

By which I mean, best songs I personally have heard over the PA while shopping at the supermarket. Some of it scans as sort of yacht rock, original AND this variant that emerged in the 90’s, while the singer/songwriter strain runs through it all.

But there’s no later-period Doobie Brothers here, not ‘cause they don’t play it, but simply because I don’t like it, and there’s great soft rock I like that comes to mind that they just don’t play: that would fit sonically, but is just too lyrically intense for GP shopping spaces, like Jackson Browne’s “Late for the Sky,” or the acoustic side of Rust Never Sleeps

Gotta keep thsse consumers moderately upbeat. Although a certain melancholy threads throughout, don’t you agree?

10. Paul McCartney & Wings - “Let 'Em In”
  9. Christopher Cross - “Sailing”
  8. Steely Dan - “Peg”
  7. Don McLean - “American Pie”
  6. Joni Mitchell - “Help Me”
  5. Al Stewart - “The Year of the Cat”
  4. Neil Young - “Harvest Moon”
  3. Pink Floyd - “San Tropez”
  2. Simon & Garfunkel - “America”
  1. Counting Crows - “A Long December”

Like the tune I’ve sat at number two, the Counting Crows song is quite clearly to me a masterpiece. There are enough songs that break me up as I listen and try to sing along, but earlier today I was simply reminded of this tune, and I couldn’t even sing the thing on my own.

Sheesh, that’s powerful.

Lyrically it’s a master class. This song has wistfulness tied up and contained in a tiny package, ready for the confused rest of us to inspect. The years go by and they weren’t great but there’s always hope, somehow. The way that you look at the girl you’ll never have from across the room. A tremendous totally non-intuitive figure of language in saying how the light “attaches” to that beautiful girl, making her radiant the way they are. Strong sensory imagery that stays with you for years (trust me), “the smell of hospitals in winter.”

And all of this wonderful wordsmithery tied together with heartbreaking vocal delivery and deconstructing nana-na’s and simple yet lyrical guitar breaks.

It’s one of my least likely favorite songs ever.

Not bad for a piece of Suprmarket Rock.

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1. How did you discover The Killers?

I saw Mr. Brightside on MTV Rocks in December 2012 ;) and the rest is history

2. Who’s your favorite band member?

No shhh, all of them are perfect cinnamon rolls

3. Who’s your least favorite band member?


4. What’s your favorite album?

Hot Fuss

5. What’s your least favorite album?

Maybe D&A?

6. What’s your favorite all-time song?

Oh geez, that’s hard… Runaways or Smile Like You Mean It

7. What’s your favorite song from Hot Fuss?

Jenny, Smile, Believe Me Natalie

8. What’s your favorite song from Sam’s Town?


9. What’s your favorite song from Sawdust?

Move Away, Shadowplay, Under The Gun

10. What’s your favorite song from Day & Age?

This Is Your Life <333

11. What’s your favorite song from Battle Born?

Runaways, A Matter of Time

12. What’s your favorite cover?

Shadowplay, Ultraviolet, FOUR WINDS

13. What’s your favorite LIVE cover?


14. What’s your favorite lyrical line?

Dustland is beautiful aww

15. What’s your favorite RED ) Christmas EP song?

Happy Birthday Guadalupe!

16. What was your favorite era on Brandon and why?

Oh shiii…HF Era…no, Flamingo Era….no…idk

17. Clean shaved, scruffy beard or mustache Brandon?

Scruffy beard hell yeah

18. Las Vegas or United Kingdom?


19. Have you seen The Killers live?

Nope, unfortunately :(         

20. If you could describe The Killers in one WORD, which would it be?


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Day Four - EPIC SUCCESS!!!

I eat a LOT of fast food. I often eat fast food twice a day. I have lived on a mostly fast food diet for at least 7 years. In all that time, every time I’ve gone on a diet or tried Weight Watchers or decided to eat healthy - the longest I have gone without fast food is 3 days. That’s it. I could make it to 3 whole days. 

UNTIL today, my friends. Today was my 4th day in a row without fast food!!! 

:::::Does Kermit the Frog crazy happy dance of joy::::::

Also I got in my 30 minutes of exercise. 

I declare today a rousing success!!! 

Fresh from their packed out performance at Download Festival, our favourite beardos Crobot have announced they will return to the UK for their first ever headline tour this November! Crobot will be supported by label mates Scorpion Child and Welsh rockers Buffalo Summer.
November 6th - London - Underworld
November 7th - Wolverhampton - Slade Rooms
November 8th - Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
November 10th - Milton Keynes - Craufurd Arms
November 11th - Chester - Live Rooms
November 12th - Glasgow - Cathouse
November 13th - Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales - Hard Rock Hell
November 14th - Manchester - Sound Control
November 15th - Bristol - The Exchange
December 4th - Norwich - Waterfront Studio
December 5th - Sheffield - Winter Rocks
December 6th - Trecco Bay Wales - Planet Rockstock

Christmas Madness Mixtape 2014

#Christmas #Madness #Mixtape #2014 #listen #podcast

Here it is! Our yearly Christmas Madness mixtape. This time it’s around 24 minutes long. We take you through the world of Christmas through the mind’s eye of cynical gen-xer with Attention Deficit disorder. Mind you, Alex, the creator of this mixtape has nutty sense of humor! This mixtape is certainly light fun and entertaining, but there is a higher sense of…

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To those who have done the 30 Day Shred before

My secret santa included a copy of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD in my gifts!!! Which is awesome! (I seriously need to make a whole post about how awesome my Secret Santa was. She is pure Awesome!

So now I need some light hand weights. What weight do you guys suggest I use? 3lbs? 5lbs? I need to order the weights from Amazon and can’t figure out which ones to buy. 

Here’s what we’re gonna do….

I completed my 2nd week of marathon training - Whoo Hoo. Oh, if you didn’t know,  we my friend Gina and I, signed up for two marathons.   The San Antonio Rock N Roll on December 6, 2015, and the New Orleans Rock N Roll on February 28, 2015 - 26.2 miles.

Monday:  30 minute run

Wednesday: 40 minute run

Friday:  5 mile Long run

Summertime In The Park: A Bandwagon Special

Not having any plans this weekend? Our friends at Bandwagon have a real treat for you. Held at Orchard Central – the heart of the shopping district – You can catch Summertime In The Park happening this coming weekend (4-5th July)!

The mini-music festival, curated by the folks from local music finder Bandwagon, will feature Indonesian electronic project Homogenic, Laneway Festival alumnus Enterprise, Indie-rock quartet December Avenue and experimental producer Gema on the first day.

Day 2’s lineup will consist of Baybeats alumnus Anechois, alternative soul-funk collective The Good Life Project, with 1970’s rock n’ roll-inspired band The Pinholes finally wrapping things up.

So why not go on down to Orchard Central, get some shopping done, and give these bands a show of support!

Summertime In The Park will be held at Level 1 Atrium.

Event Details:

Where: Orchard Central, Level 1 Atrium

When: 4-5th July

Time: 3-10pm Saturday, and 3-8pm, Sunday

Admission: Free!


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mocha-fortissimo asked:

Mr. Universe aaand Rose Quartz please!

(Just Adam because timeline not because i’m tired shhh)

Mr. Universe: Do you have any musical talents?

I play guitar. I don’t really consider it a talent, it’s just something I enjoy. Making music makes me feel better a lot of the time, and I’ve been playing a lot more recently than I have in the past, but it’s a good way to help get things out of my head.

(He got his Grade 5 from Rock School the December before his 17th birthday. He’d started learning the pieces in the May, before he was 16, and then had to break because of Jamie’s death in the July just after their 16th birthday. In the September, he was encouraged to take up the pieces again as a distraction, and signed up for the exam at the start of October. His exam was mid-December.)

Rose Quartz: whats your shirt size?

Medium, usually. Can depend where I get it, but medium is pretty reliable. Had a period when it was small, which was pretty awful, but I’m back up again so that’s good…