rocking the zombie look right now


❛ hey ghosts! tousle my hair!

❛ will you haunt me for the rest of my life?

so —– so this is just a bunch of hobos and rapscallions. ❜ 

❛ that’s not creepy? that didn’t make your spine tingle a little bit? ❜  

❛ I’m just gonna’ get the fuckin’ holy water. ❜

❛ hell is supposed to be an awful place, I image the place is terribly maintained. ❜

❛ fuck that demon, he’s white washing the history of this house.❜

❛ should we poke it with a stick? ❜ 

❛ I won’t argue that your logic is flawed. I just hate it because it’s detrimental to my argument. ❜

❛ oh shit, what up! I’m takin’ a selfie with some demons, yo! ❜ 

❛ jesus said chill. ❜

❛ you’re looking for me while grunting like a zombie!

❛ they’re really just getting boned by fate right now. ❜

❛ gimme a little purple nerple or something, lets have some fun.❜

❛ holy shit balls! ❜ 

❛ why i’m walking here by my fuckin’ self is beyond me. ❜   

❛ I just love seein’ ya’ squirm!

❛ well this seems all horrible and awful in general. ❜ 

❛ if you slit my throat tonight, I’m gonna have a hard time forgiving ya. ❜ 

❛ put it on wikipedia and lets leave. ❜ 

❛ I bet I could squeeze an apple till it exploded. ❜   

❛ here we go! rock and roll buckaroo! ❜

❛ you hear that in the distance? it’s the excuse train coming. ❜

❛ that demon’s racist!

❛ those are some chunky paws on our daughter. ❜

❛ don’t be bruce willis from die hard. ❜ 

❛ your unrelenting skepticism is exhausting it drains me of all happiness and energy, and I hope you know that. ❜

❛ I wanna see this girl eat some spiders. ❜ 

❛ that’s a real thing, pal. ❜

not jack nicholson, he was too cartoonish. ❜ 

❛ joke’s on them no bed to shake. ❜

❛ he’s exactly what’s wrong with hollywood! ❜   

❛ my fuckin’ hard-on exploded. ❜

( wheeze ) ❜    

Get Up
Get Up

Play song as you read

This is a short LeviXReader story that popped into my head as a heard this song and if you want to understand some parts of the story, I advise that you listen to the song either first, or while you read the story. Anyway, here it goes. 

You woke up in that same dark, dusty, and empty room, on the cold hard floor, hearing Levi softly play that one song again, the chords flowing in unison, echoing throughout the whole room. It seemed almost like they were dancing in the air. It made you want to get up and dance along. So you did. You danced. For once you didn’t have a care in the world, just dancing, taking in the music, spinning and moving to the rhythm.

Then you feel a warm hand on your back, guiding you along humming the music ever so gently, taking your hand and spinning you around gracefully. Your eyes meet and he looks at you with a smile. But in his eyes you can tell he’s focused. He wants to keep you safe. You both know that this room is one of few places to keep safe from all the horrible things happening outside, but neither can you stay long. Finally after a long time of silence you ask him “What’s on your mind?" 

He looks at you with still smiling. "Remember how we originally came here for our anniversary?”

“Yes I do. It was a wonderful surprise you know.” You say, remembering the way the hotel looked before everything happened. “We never would have thought that hunger-stricken zombies would have come in the package.”

Levi chuckled lightly at your ability to make light of the situation at hand. He brings you in closer to him, continuing your dance with a slow rocking motion. “But now I regret coming here. It’s been three weeks. We are the only ones left….and nobody has come to rescue us. I’m ready to go home. We have to get home.” Your dancing stopped and he held you closer to him and looked around the room. You could hear the faint moaning of distant zombies. “We can’t stay in this room any longer, they’ll find us Levi.” You tell him as you pull away, reaching for what food and supplies were left. 

“You’re right.” He said, examining the guns and ammo. 

“But there’s no way we will get home without the risk of dying." 

Levi let out a long and exasperated sigh. "I know.” He looks back at you, unsure of the situation at hand. “But it’s the only hope we have left.” Levi turns around and cups your face in his soft hands. “I need you to be strong, for me. Can you do that?” You nod, tears welling in your eyes.

“Yes, I can be strong. I have been strong, and I will be.”

He smiles and gently wipes your tears away, bringing your face in closer for a kiss. You remember this moment. His soft, warm lips against yours, his gentle touch, his words of comfort, everything. You remember it for it helps you to know the reason the both of you are getting out alive. It’s because you both love each other. 

Just then, that moment got interrupted with the bang and clash of a group of zombies invading. “Run!” Levi said grabbing you arm. You exit out the other end of the ballroom, coming to the lobby. Fear struck you as you realize they were everywhere. And it almost seemed like they were out to get you two. You were frozen and watched how they were coming from the entrance of the hotel to the opening of the elevator. Some were ever trying to get in by climbing up the outside of the hotel. 

We can’t make it out, were blocked in here. You thought. There’s no where to go, we’re going to die here. Suddenly you feel your arm pulled in full force and Levi takes you two up the stairs. “Where are we going?” you ask him

“I don’t know, but I figure up is better than just standing there.” He continues to take you up the stairs, past the fifth, sixth, even passing the tenth floor, until getting to the twelve floor, you hear the familiar moans of the zombies up above you. You decide to open the door and quickly look around the hall, no evidence of them, so you move ahead, still running.

You turn a corner and it was no surprise that they were making their way towards you there. “How did they find us here?!” You ask as you two turn around and head for the stair door. You get to the door and see the zombies through the glass. Quickly scanning the hallway, you luckily find a door that had something keeping it open. “Over here! We can get into a room!" 

You two run in and do your best to secure the room. You sit down near the bed to catch your breath. So this is how I die. Quite cliche, don’t you think? You thought to yourself. Levi came over to you, breathing heavily from all the running also, and brought you close. "No matter what happens now, you must stay strong, you need to stay strong. I love you, I always have.” They had started banging on the door, trying to get through.

You let out quick gasp, getting very scared. He placed in forehead against yours and stared intensely into your eyes. “Listen, we will get through this, we will make it home. I promise you. I promise you we will get out of this. All we have to do is survive.” He then hands you and axe and a gun to use. “Be strong" 

The door burst open and a hoard of zombies came rushing in. Levi turns around and starts charging at one with a spear, piercing its eye. He twists it so its head pops off. Just go for the head right? You got up and helped, shooting at other ones that you could find. You two worked well as a team, fighting off all those that got in. 

As time went on, it seemed like the room was getting more and more crowded. You look down to see how far of a jump it would be, only to see that it would be too high for you to survive. A familiar sound broke your train of thought. It almost sounded like someone in pain. You turn around and see a zombie on Levi’s chest, blood coming out everywhere. "LEVI!” You shout running toward him, getting rid of any zombies on the way. You aim the gun at the one on Levi’s back, you go to shoot, but nothing comes out of the gun. Shit its empty! 

Frantically, you search for the axe, finding it underneath the bed, and charge at the zombie, aiming for his brain. You hear the axe crush its skull, and find that its no longer moving. You hurriedly push it off Levi and drag him into the small room behind you, barricading the door behind you. “Levi! Levi can you hear me?” His blood on your hands, you stroke his face and brush his hair back. “Please answer me!” You look around the room and find that you are in the bathroom, so you grab all the towels and try your best to clog the hole and put pressure on the wound on his chest.

Coming out of shock, he slowly grabs your hand, and tries to say something. He brings you closer kissing your ear first, then telling you “You need to be strong. Remember that.”

You look at him with tears falling all over, kissing him again, telling him “I don’t know how much longer I can do that”

“I love you” he whispered in his last breath.

“No please don’t leave. I need you.” You start trying to resuscitate him, hoping he’ll come back. “Please get up. Get up.” You say over and over again, hoping things will change. “JUST GET UP!” You started to repeatedly punch his chest, eventually giving up, lying on him, crying. “Please, get up”

Hours had gone by, and the zombies hadn’t tried to break through. You just lay there, holding his hand, not wanting to leave him at all. You thought you felt his fingers twitch, but you didn’t see it move. You think nothing of it, thinking it was some phantom feeling, but it happens again, this time the whole hand moved. You look at his hand, and nothing has moved. You start to drift to sleep, when suddenly, you feel his chest rise and fall. Am I going crazy? You think. You start thinking you should brush that off too until you start hearing a familiar moaning noise coming from him. 

You jolt up and see that Levi had turned. His skin was pale from the loss of blood, his gaze blank and dead. The gash on his chest still there from being bitten, that part already starting to rot. Oh crap. I locked myself in a room with a zombie. You thought. He started creeping closer and closer, until his forehead was touching yours. His cold, coarse fingers caress your face, taking you in closer to him, he leans in as if he were to kiss you. You prepare for a kiss, closing your eyes and puckering your lips, But suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your neck, and this warm, red liquid drip down your neck, down to your chest. You look and you realize that you had been bitten, and there was no going back. 

Creepypasta #318: Tourist Trap

The living dead shambled aimlessly down the street, their clothes and flesh in tatters. My heart in my throat, I angled the van around them as best I could, but they flail at the vehicle as it passes, their slimy fingers streaking the body. I had hoped to find settlements here on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. All I found was abandoned cars and shattered storefronts. The Pancake House was in flames, the grocery stores had all been looted, zombies milled around inside the showroom windows of a department store, gnawing confusedly on half-clothed mannequins. Every few miles I tried the CB radio, hoping to find someone, anyone out there that could help.

The seat beside me was filled with ammo and weapons. The medical supplies and food was in the back with Laura. She breathed harder and harder with each contraction. This wasn’t planned – you have to understand – none of this was planned.

I had been making my way North. Everyone’s been making their way North since the zombies came. The theory is that the undead will be less active in the colder regions. Don’t know if its true or not, but it seemed like a good idea.

I had came across Laura by the side of I-90; she had run over one too many zombies and it had gummed up the underside of her car. They had started to swarm her little Volvo.

I had pulled over to the side of the road and popped enough of them to give her a chance to make a run for my vehicle.

Sometimes it amazes me how good a shot I’ve become over the last year. When all this started, I didn’t even know how to fire a gun. Guess all those games of DOOM were good for something after all.

I had figured I’d be dropping her off at a settlement someplace, so I had asked her where she was going.

“North.” she had said.

And that’s how we started traveling together. It was nice to have someone to talk to again, and someone to watch my back when I was foraging. She was no great beauty by any stretch. I mean, she could have been a real looker but there was something sour about her looks. She was good enough company though, and when we had made love at night in the back of the van she was eager and welcoming.

That was then. Now, the gas gauge read a quarter of a tank left. Laura was moaning in pain, she pushed and pushed but the baby just wouldn’t come. It had been almost twenty hours of labor and still nothing. She was going to die if I didn’t do something soon. I tried to CB again, hoping to find a settlement, a military base – someplace with a doctor.

I knew I should have worn a condom or pulled out or something, but she told me she couldn’t have babies. She said there was something wrong with her ovaries. Something gynecological, I don’t remember what exactly. But she got pregnant anyway. Figures, I never won a damn thing in my life before.

Suddenly an idea occurred to me. Ocean World was up ahead. They have – they had rides and animal exhibits and dolphins and killer whales. A place like that has to have a first aid kit, several first aid kits maybe.

Laura is saying my name over and over the whole time I made my way to Ocean World. The parking lot was empty. We drove around the skeletal remains of a bear on the way in but aside from that it was clear sailing. There didn’t seem to be a lot of zombies milling around. Always a good sign. They had probably eaten everything there was to eat months ago. The living dead aren’t above eating animals – I’ve seen them chow down on anything from cows to kittens. I think they prefer people though, I’ve never seen zombies swarm a caribou the way they swarm people.

Maybe it’s the way we taste.

I parked the van as close as I could to the main entrance but Laura was beyond walking now. I told her to wait there and I’d get a cart or something to bring her in. She begged me not to leave her, not to abandon her.

It took me fifteen minutes to calm her down. Jesus Christ! Fifteen minutes wasted! I locked her inside the van. I had the hunting rifle and a handgun with me. Extra ammo was loaded into the pockets of my jeans. Hopefully, I wouldn’t need any of it but zombies are like fucking roaches. They get everywhere.

Ocean World might have been a fun place to visit before, but it was creepy now. The grass was overgrown and heavy with weeds. The rides creaked and rocked to their own rhythm. I found a couple of golf cart things right away but they didn’t have any power. There was a sign that pointed me towards the Visitor’s Aid Station. That was where I had to go.

Most of the animals were dead in their pens. Looked like starvation, but what do I know. Poor things. Some of the bears had gotten out somehow but the zombies had gotten to them and picked them clean.

Speaking of the devil, I spotted a pair of zombies staggering around the remains of little building called the “Snack Shack.” They were bloated and weird looking. Huddling in the corner of the aquarium building, I thought about taking them out.

Problem was they might not be the only living dead in the park and I didn’t want to attract too much attention if I could avoid it. I decided to cut through the aquarium and take the long way towards the first aid station. I passed through the archway that invited me to “Explore the Wonders of the Deep” and entered the darkness of the dead aquarium. I’d forgotten the flashlight, but I didn’t want to go back to get it. I was afraid I’d loose my nerve.

Rifle drawn, I made my way through the murk by touch. Occasionally, my hand would stray across the clammy surface of a tank. I couldn’t see the dead fish floating inside but the cloying stench told me they were there.

The passage I was in seemed to be turning. I wondered if I was going in circles. What if I came right back to where I started? Could Laura afford for me to waste any more time?

Squelching footsteps alerted me to the fact I wasn’t alone. Something moved in the darkness, a shadow among shadows. I shouted a warning but there was a no answer. The shape moved closer. I fired, but th e shot was wide of the mark. The muzzle flash gave me a momentary glimpse of my attacker – a zombie in the garb of an Ocean World tour guide.

The bullet shattered one of the fishtank walls. Water and dead barracudas spilled out over the floor, knocking the zombie off-balance. It wobbled a moment and then fell clumsily into a heap.

When its head was up over floor level, I fired again. It twitched once and then lay still. I slumped against the wall, trying to bring myself to keep moving. I really just wanted to curl into a ball and wish this shithole of a world away. Before Laura I used to think about suicide – sometimes I would hold a gun under my chin and wait for my courage to take hold. Of course it never did. I don’t know what scared me more, the thought that there might not be a next life, or that there would be a next life and by killing myself I’d lose the chance for it.

But I couldn’t die now, I had responsibilities. I got up, started moving. Stagnant water and liquefied gray matter pooled around my feet. A few moments more of walking and I saw light at the end of the corridor. I picked up the pace.

The exit brought me out to a huge amphitheater, seashell-shaped with long benches interspersed with tall stairways. There was no stage at the heart of this auditorium though, just a huge tank. The thick glass walls of the tank were frosted with grime and lichen. The water was brown and murky and it sloshed gently over the edges. I had a momentary vision of warm weather, frolicking dolphins and laughing families.

From there it was quick sprint to the squat Visitor’s Aid Station. I kicked open the locked door to find medical supplies in abundance.

And wheelchairs! They had wheelchairs!

I grabbed one and headed back for the van. I didn’t go through the aquarium this time. I just popped the two zombies hanging around the “Snack Shack” and prayed my luck would hold out.

When I got to Laura she was hyperventilating and there was some kind of fluid staining the crotch of her sweatpants. It didn’t look like blood or water.

Not good.

Not good at all.

I took a long hard look around before I set the rifle down beside the van. It was all clear.

“I didn’t thin k you’d come back,” she kissed my hand like I was the Pope or something. “I love you.”

I shushed her and got to work. It wasn’t easy loading her into the wheelchair. No matter what I did it seemed to hurt her. In the back of my mind, I started thinking about that Robin Hood film they did with Kevin Costner. I remembered the black guy in the movie had delivered a baby by cutting the mother open and taking it out.

Jesus. Would I have to do that?

Grabbing a knapsack full of iron rations and bottled water, we got moving. I rolled her through Ocean World. Halfway to the Visitor Aid Station, I spied one of the living dead off in the distance. I thought about taking it down, only to realize that I’d left the rifle back by the car. I still had the pistols, but I decided to save them for now. As we passed the amphitheater, something I spotted out of the corner of my eye made me stop dead.

There was a dead killer whale floating at the top of the stagnant water. Had that been there before? Or had it jut bobbed to the surface? I couldn’t be sure. Huge swathes of its black and white flesh had been gnawed to the bone. It writhed with zombies. Th ey crawled over its massive bulk like maggots, immersion in water had left their bodies bloated and warped.

The awfulness of what I was seeing held me there I couldn’t look away.

Suddenly one of them saw us. It fumbled off the whale’s body and clawed its way over the thick walls of the tank. It flopped onto the ground with a wet smack. Others started following, seething up over the edge of the tank trampling each other in their hunger.

Laura’s scream goaded me back into action. I started running, pushing the wheelchair ahead of me with all my might. I could see the Visitor’s Aid Station just up ahead.

I didn’t see the crack in the pavement.

The front wheel of the chair hit it at just the right angle, knocking Laura face first onto the pavement. The impact with the back of the chair knocked the wind out of me and I fell – I wheezed something unintelligible about the baby. Laura stirred groggily, blood trickling down her forehead.

I rolled over and saw zombies, too many to count, bearing down on us. I drew one of the pistols and fired four times, three zombies fell, and one stumbled, th e rest just swarmed over them.

Laura was trying to get to her feet, but she was too swollen, too sore to move quickly enough. Our eyes met. “Save yourself!” she said, “Leave me!”

Save myself? I knew that alone I could outrun them, she was only slowing me down. And for all I knew she might die anyway giving birth. It wasn’t cowardice. Not when she wanted me to do it.

The legendary settlements in the North beckoned me. I stood slowly, felt my legs tensing.

The zombies were close now, close enough for me to hear the squelching of their footsteps. Staring into a sea of putrid, black gummed mouths, I made my decision. I hefted the wheelchair over my head and with an indignant cry hurled it into the thick of them. Some of the zombies toppled like bowling pins; the others just kept coming.

Somehow I lifted her up into my arms and started running.

It wasn’t long before my lungs were on fire and my muscles were screaming in protest. I was afraid to look back, too afraid to see how close they were. Laura moaned with fresh contractions.

I barreled through the door to the Visitor’s Aid Station and let Laura slide from my grip.

Cold hands locked around the back of my neck, dragging me back through the door. I screamed and tried to kick free. More hands found me.

And I knew that this was it. I had failed her, failed my child, failed at everything, as I always knew I would.

Laura pulled one of the pistols from my waistband and fired over my shoulder. Blinded and deafened, I fell forward. On her knees, she fired again and again.

I can’t believe I almost abandoned her. Funny thing, I wasn’t really aware of how much she meant to me until that moment. I think that the real horror of all this isn’t that the dead were coming back to eat the living. The real horror is what it’s making us become. What we’re letting it make us become.

Hours later, barricaded in the Visitor’s Aid station, I watch Laura breastfeeding our newborn child. The zombies are camped right outside, we’re both sore beyond description, and the only thing more limited than our supply of food is our supply of bullets. We don’t know how in the Hell we’re going to get out of here, and we have no idea what the future might hold.

But right now that doesn’t matter.

Credits to: Al Bruno III