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i did my otp, my 2nd otp, & ot3 to get the hang of tablet drawing again. very productive this weekend :0!!! i love them so much u guys help

please don’t repost! thank u! ^^)


a compilation of times i drew myself and one time where i drew what i want to look like in a couple years

//arrives late with starbucks

Heyo @animeaves I was your lame gifter for this summer round = 7 =;;; I apologize for the long delay! But better late than never, amiright? //slapped OTL I hope the wait was worth it;;; I luv your art so much so it made me so happy I was able to gift a senpai haha but i failed for being late to the party pffft

This is for the @sb69giftexchange

Tired student (aka me)

local nerd runs out of gel halfway through his morning routine and goes “ah, what the hell”



Voice ov an aeon,
Angelus Satani.
Ora pro nobis Lucifer,
You alone have suffered.

The fall and torment ov shame,
I’ll smite Heaven’s golden pride,
And never pity thee,
Immaculate divine.

Satan ov Elohim,
None dare to stand in your way.
Thou bow to none,
Ov Eden’s feculence.

Conjure the serpent messenger,
Saviour (order in) world’s decay.
Concord in temptation,
And in the fall of Eve.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the power.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the glory,

Scholar ov the unlight,
Great volcano ov excrement,
Rippling eager to erupt,
Reconstellate the firmament.

Behold the great accuser,
A megalinga of throbbing zeal,
Raptor yearning to pierce,
To rape the seventh seal.

Destroyer ov cosmos,
Implore the ungod,
Implode the sun,
There is none wronging the serpent’s cult.

Untouched and ignored,
With the serpent’s might,
And the trumpets blow,
In the shadow ov the horns.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the power.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the glory,

Lightning that stabs the heavens,
Thou quiver the mount Sinai,
Split rocks on tablets ov covenant
Listen for the tempest’s rasp.

Azazel! Apolyon!
The black sun never sets,
For it never rose.

Habemus Satanas,
The Caesar’s wrath.
Empire’s fall,
Petition the lord with fire,
Santa Sede burns.

Phallus Dei,
Erect from pole to pole,
Viva blasfemia,
In coitus infinitus.

Hear the universe scream,
Bleeding from black holes,
Whom horns caress,
And whom God mourns.

anonymous asked:

Hey I love your blog and I'm a new witch so i don't have a lot of things to use around my home and my mom doesn't really know or approve of witchcraft so i'm just wondering if you know normal things around homes i can use? Like for herbs and stuff like that? Thank you!!

Hello and thanks so much for visiting my blog! 

You’re in luck; a lot of everyday items can be incorporated into our practice and you’ve come to the right person. I am a very cheap witch and don’t buy a whole lot unless it is absolutely necessary for my work. :)

                  SO, TIPS FOR THE FRUGAL WITCH: 

  • Kitchen knives or letter openers can be used as ceremonial blades!
  • Wine glasses can be used as chalices and ceremonial goblets.
  • Altars don’t need to be huge and elaborate; decorate an old shoe box up and keep your tools of the craft shielded from negativity in there!
  • Any type of candle can work for a candle spell, you don’t need to buy huge expensive ones! Dollar stores will become your best friend.
  • Incense can be expensive, especially buying the herbs to make your own cones; you can get stick ones for cheaper in all various scents and cheap wooden holders to hold ‘em in.
  • Not all wands are the beautifully crafted ones we see on Etsy, you can go out into your own backyard and pick up a stick that just catches your interest. Carve sigils in it or decorate it with what you like and ta-da! 
  • Rocks and gemstones are important (to me, anyways) but, if you don’t have specifics on you, you can pick up any old stone and infuse energy and intention into it. Heck, you can even pull up photos of the rocks on your phone/tablet/computer and leave it up while you do your work. This works for herbs, and invoking god(s) and goddess(es) as well. :)
  • Into working with bones? Don’t worry about scavenging the side of the road or paying a buttload in shipping fees for a tiny package, just wait until the next time someone cooks meat and respect the animal enough to use all of it, the bones included. Clean, sterilize and keep safe.
  • Into green witchery and can’t have a full garden? Go out and get starter pots and plant your own seeds of the herbs and flowers you like for a little windowsill garden. 
  • When it comes to herbs/products that can be useful, they are ALL over the place! Everything from your table salt to a spice you’ve never even heard of before all have correspondences. The trick here is just to look through what you already have in your home and then google something like “Magickal correspondence of <item here>” Everything you need to know will pop up for you! This site may help ya out too. :) 
  • The best thing about being a frugal witch is realizing that money doesn’t make for a better or more respected practitioner. When we can draw from our surroundings and what little there may be to use, that’s when we can see just how powerful, flexible and capable we really are. So, look into DIY projects, have fun and don’t let anyone tell you that you need something to be successful. It’s all in what you feel works best for you.

I hope this could help you out!

**I feel I need to post this very important disclaimer too: If you are under the age of 18, please be careful in your studies and who you seek help from. To be honest, some countries have incredibly strict laws against teaching minors wicca/paganism and other forms of the craft without parental consent. So, PLEASE, if anyone is a minor and reading this who hides the craft from their parent(s)/guardian(s), try to find a way to be open and incorporate it into your life so they see there is no harm. You don’t want yourself, or anyone else to get into trouble just for you seeking knowledge. As stupid as silly as it is, it’s true. Be careful, be smart and be honest, always. I will only ever give advice to those who seek it from me but, I can never encourage more secrets. Lots of love and blessed be. x

monster ❖ jimin

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Oh my gosh ur last drabble game imagines were awesome~ can u do BTS’ Jimin + Monster by EXO?😘😘😘tysm love~~~

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

916 words | horror, angst | velvet

Mom,❞ you called going down the stairs ❝mom?❞ you shouted louder, turning to your left to the living room.

Of your mother, or better, the second wife of your father, there were to signs. Out of the window in the living room the sun was going down and the sky was colored in orange and dark blue.

It wasn’t really blue, it was something… more gentle, a color dirtied by other shades and that made it dark.

You stretched your numb muscles from the sleep that held you tight that afternoon and dragged your feet that were only covered by white socks, out of the living room and again up the stairs.

As the steps decreased you felt restlessness creeping through your bones, a weird nervousness crawled on your spine. Now that you thought about it, you never stayed home alone for four years.

If you didn’t think properly, you couldn’t even remember why your father always tried to make someone stay everyday at home if you were there. You kept on dragging your feet on the upper hallway, and yes, you would have wanted to stop in front of your bedroom, but your head thought otherwise and you kept on walking.

What happened to Jimin?❞ you remember you asked to your father. But he only used to sadly smile at you and pat your head.

He’s in his bedroom❞ he tried to calmly explain. And you never really cared about it fours years before, when the day of your birthday was only twelve years before; but now a sixteen-years-old you opened her eyes and the cotton candy bubble around her popped.

Jimin, did you stay in your bedroom for four years?

You approached your older brother’s bedroom. Some memories resurfaced in your mind. Memories of you closed in your bedroom and your stepmother heartbreaking screams, memories of your father scolding someone and then male sobs.

You placed your hand on the handle, with soft pressure the internal key hit the center of the door and this opened.

You opened the door slowly, observing how the room was surrounded by darkness. Even from outside you could see the blinds turned down, leaving not even a chink of sun shine in the place.

Who is there?❞ a male voice asked. Your breath stopped halfway from your lungs to your lips, in your throat.

Who is there?

Who are you?

Who are you?❞ you whispered; you eyes were wide and your lips apart. You were scared because someone has always been at home with you, but you never knew.


Huh?❞ your body shook.

Y/N, it’s me. It’s Jimin

You stepped backward when you heard the sound of the feet of that person who said to be Jimin walk toward you. Looking in the darkness you could see the skinny figure of a man and his face.

He didn’t change at all, not a hair on his face, not a wrinkle deepened. He remained the baby you met at your parents marriage, the only change was that now Jimin was taller and his hair longer and he had black eye bags.

Jimin smiled.

A sad, tired smile. You felt shivers.

Do you want to come in?❞ he asked widening his eyes, the move looked crazy, as if he was mentally unstable.

You hesitated. Jimin’s body was thinner, but his once-soft tummy was now an hard rock tablet and you could see his muscles thanks to the way-too-small sized t-shirt.

How did he even survive in there for so many years?

Jimin -❞ you whispered, but your breath stuck again in your throat when you saw your brother sad and surprised face.

I -

You don’t want to come in?❞ he asked looking around, panic stilled from every feature of his face.

No, wait. I… no

Are you scared? Did they tell you? Don’t believe them, they’re crazy. Y/N, look what they’ve done to me. It’s been years since I last saw the sky❞ he started jabbering, accompanying his voice with large gestures of his hands and arms.

Then he stopped with his lips still open, his eyes fell on your shocked figure and, with a quick movement he raised his index, as if asking you to wait a second.

And you did.

You waited outside the door, in utter mental shock, meanwhile the brother that you had given for fucking missing, or run away from home, or worse, dead, ran into his bedroom to find something.

When he came back under the soft light, without coming out of his room, he stretched a hand to his little sister. Between his chubby fingers there was a piece of paper.

He moved his arm a little, suggesting you to pick it up and, finally, you moved to take it. Now that you had it in your hands you could see that it was in reality a picture.

It was the photo that you took together at your parents’ marriage, but the two parents were cut away from the picture and, with a piece of scotch tape, now there were only you two together. On the photo, in a purplish and encrusted substance there were written some words.

Y/N, let’s make love. Yours, Jimin❞ you read out loud.

Jimin nodded, a big smile on his face.

You expression dropped, now replaced by fear and pity. ❝But - but you’re my brother, Jimin

You wish you never said those words. 

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