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  • Aries: 2000s: Biggest Musical Revolutionary Era, Terrorism, Piggy-Backed off 90s, Digital Rise, Tons of Music Genres, Films.
  • Taurus: 1930s: Great Depression, More War, Strength prevails, Radio, Cinema, Swing Music.
  • Gemini: 1900s: Victorian Era, Business-was-minded-around-the-world, Migration, Class, Settlement.
  • Cancer: 1910s: Upmost class, Elegance, War, Science prevails.
  • Leo: 1960s: Hippies, Scandals, World Peace, Rich in Culture, Music Dominance, Racism.
  • Virgo: 1970s: Disco, Video Games and Computers, Equality is strived for, Technology-Rich.
  • Libra: 1920s: Roaring Twenties, Jazz, Woman's Voting Rights, Flappers.
  • Scorpio: 1950s: Rock n' Roll, Elvis Presley, New Fashion Look, Golden Age of Television.
  • Sagittarius: 2010s: Unfinished, Memes, Sarcasm, World Race/Equality Conflict rises, Will end bad, Technology-based.
  • Capricorn: 1940s: War Ends, Patriotic, Nuclear Weapons, Space Exploration.
  • Aquarius: 1990s: '90s Kids', Classics, Vintage, Neon Colors, Titanic Film, Revolutionary Era.
  • Pisces: 1980s: MTV, Michael Jackson, Comedy and Cartoons, Mullet/Mohawks, Nuclear Treats.

@oliviawilde: Couple things. This is my botched attempt at taking a pic of my super cool #fashionstandswithplannedparenthood pin, but my phone sticker also #standswithplannedparenthood so I’m covered (unlike millions of women if President Dickhead has his way). Also important: my new #girlgaze@amandadecadenet & @warbyparker spectacles. I wear my heart on my sleeve and face and chest and phone I guess. 🤓🙄🤷🏼‍♀️ #IStandwithPP #AdeCxWarby@girlgazeproject #morrissey#ittakesstrengthtobegentleandkind

Day 246 - Vulgina (VULL-JEE-NA) | バルジーナ | Mandibuzz

Vulgina lives out in the sand dunes, snacking on the dried sticks of desert plants. The minerals in the rocks form bone-like structures they adorn to look fancy.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day! Also, the MSP topic on /vp/ turns 1 year old today. Here’s to you MSP Guy and fellow contributors!)

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LoT ladies + the old west

Beat 1 Interview with Matty

Zane: Do we really need to do introductions, we’ve surpassed that. For those people listening all around the world right now, we capture Matt Healy from the brilliant band The 1975 at a magical time, at a time of transition and of celebration because everything you’ve achieved thus far as a band. Getting towards the end of this touring cycle at some point this year, and feeling like you’ve achieved on album number two. Congratulations man. 

Matty: Thanks man. 

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