rocking liner



-being jealous/protective 


-flipping out @ Nicki’s performance 2 the BBMAs 

-take care of you when you’re stressed w/ school 

-initiate sex 

-comfort you when you cry 

-slowest to fastest in a relationship 

-find it cool if your arm is robotic 

-like a weird/funny girl 

-like a short/shy girl 

-be selfish 

-like someone who is passive aggressive 

-dom in bed 

-watch the new Beauty and the Beast w/ their s/o 

-like rock bands 

-watch Pretty Little Liars 

-date someone younger 

-date a 92liner

-date someone like the “cash me ousside” girl 

-date a woc  

-date a 97 liner 

-go to the gay pride festival 

-have sex where they could easily be caught 

-randomly screaming bc they are bored 

-date 01 liner 

-date a total nerd 

-date a bisexual girl 

-easily jealous 

-date someone despite language barrier 

-want a clingy gf 

-go for runs early in the morning w/ s/o 

-date a girl w/ curves and thick thighs 

-date someone similar to jin and/or tae 

-laugh at their short gf bc she can’t reach something 

-date a girl with short hair 

-date a good dancer 

-eat the last slice of cake 

-cheat in order to beat the other members in a game 

-get kicked out of a restaurant for being too loud 

-get scared over scary video game 

-cross dresses for fun

-surprise you at work w/ lunch 

-likes a girl who plays guitar 

-enjoys trip to Disneyland +*who would propose

-would go to women’s march 

-kiss on the first date 

-kiss your hand everyday  

-rather date cute v sexy 

-date someone like jimin 

-date an independent woman

-date someone jimin’s height

-date someone like namjoon 

-killing a spider 

-be clingy 

-scream in their sleep 

-like an outgoing woman who loves skinship 

-date someone a few cm taller than them 

-offer a total of $1 to NASA to ask about the aliens 

-kiss first 

-spam gc w/ memes @ 2am 

-date a girl who plays alto sax 

-fall in love w/ co-star 

-send memes back and forth with s/o 

-date a girl who is 5′1″ 

-talk to someone cute in class 

-cancel all plans to take care of sick s/o 

-couple costumes 


-be patient 


-comfort you when you cry 

-slowest to fastest in a relationship 

-like a weird/funny girl

-dom in bed 

-watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie w/ their s/o 

-watch Pretty Little Liars

-date someone like the “cash me ousside” girl 

-watch/fanboy over High School Musical 

-date a girl w/ piercings&tattoos 

-playing video games leads to doin the do 

-enjoy trip to Disneyland +*who would propose 

-date a girl that plays alto sax 

-spoil their children 

-sends s/o memes 

-go to the women’s march 

-kiss on the first date 

-kiss your hand everyday


-date a bisexual girl 

-initiate sex 

-comfort you when you cry 

-have sex while you’re on your period 

-slowest to fastest in a relationship 

-date a short/shy girl 

-date a total nerd  

-have giggly/happy sex 

-go to women’s march

-go on runs early in the morning w/ their s/o

-date an athletic person 

-date a girl w/ curves&thick thighs  

-date a girl with short hair 

-date a good dancer 

-get scared from scary video game 

-couple costumes 

-would rather date cute v sexy 

-kiss your hand everyday 

-date a figure skater 

-sneakily slide a spoon in the sink when they know you’re almost done with the dishes 

-kiss you first 


-like public sex 

-think its cool if your arm is robotic  

-date a Brazilian girl 

-date a girl who likes rock/metal 

-likes rock 

-date a 97 liner

-date a girl with piercings/tattoos 

-date a 01 liner 

-easily jealous 

-horniest and roughest 

-date an independent woman 

-kick ice under the fridge when they drop it 

-go to a Mexican restaurant for the free chips then leave 



SEVENTEEN carats y’all are some horny mf

-have sex while you’re on your period

-like public sex

-find it hot if you dance sexily to one of their songs 

-fingering you 

-find it cool if your arm is robotic  

-like a weird/funny girl 

-watch Pretty Little Liars 

-date a 92 liner 

-date someone like the “cash me ousside” girl 

-date a 97 liner 

-likes to have sex where they could easily be caught 

-date a 01 liner 

-eating the last slice of cake 

-date a girl w/ curves and thick thighs 

-like big butts 

-date a girl thats 5′1″ 

-date their best friend 


-go to gay pride festival 

-cuddle and watch Netflix all day

-enjoy a trip to Disneyland +*who would propose

-send memes back and forth w/ their s/o

-cancel all plans to take care of their sick s/o

-let you play with their hair 

-go to women’s march

-date someone similar to Melanie Martinez

-date a girl w/ short hair


-like a weird/funny girl

-who’s more romantic

-watch Pretty Little Liars

-date someone like the “cash me ousside” girl

-watch/fanboy over High School Musical

-turning you on in public

-date a bisexual girl

-date someone like Melanie Martinez 

-squeeze your knee and make a weird sound

-let you play w/ their hair

-fall for a guy

-get jealous easy (ot9) 

-get jealous easy (ot13)

-take you on a late night drive for fun

-spoil you after a bad day (+gohn)

-let out moans when you’re trying to be sneaky (+gohn)

-cry over dodos

100% (100PERCENT)


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We know Tony is a woman in Earth 3490... how do you imagine Tony is a lady?

very much the same personality-wise, so i’m just gonna address “"womanly”“ things

  • goatee gets replaced with immaculate winged eye liner game
  • rocks high heels, but prefers sneakers
  • will take bra off without removing her t-shirt in approximately 1.6 seconds
  • premenstrual dysphoric disorder :(
  • gets god awful cramps
  • messy as fuck, half-assed ponytails in her free time. absolutely no will or patience to wash her hair when she’s lab-binge-ing and/or depressed
  • short, well-filed nails. manicured for special occasions
  • will wear leggings as pants and you had better not try to stop her
  • (tbh think the same muscle tone as 616-tony when he’s not drawn as disgustingly unreasonably buff)
  • daddy issues increased by a fucking thousandfold because she’s not a "stark man”
  • she was never told not to cry as a child. nope in this universe, howard just dismissed her as naturally weak. he was in a constant state of frustration because nat’s existence automatically meant that stark industries would go to morgan, not to her. natasha wouldn’t allow herself to cry in order to prove a point
  • takes cat-calling and harassment in a stride, she’s too used to it. she plays the tough card, but a lifetime of mistreatment has rendered her insecure. she doesn’t properly value herself in romantic relationships 
  • refuses to ask for anyone’s help when it comes to heavy-lifting that goes beyond her physical capacity
  • absolutely refuses to. will build something specifically to lift the thing if she has to
  • as things started escalating with the SRA, she and steve took sides. there was angst. they agreed to meet in the avengers mansion to talk things out as things started getting worse. think casualties of war. except that in this universe, after natasha starts crying and asks steve what she can do to make this stop, steve is silent and says in a broken voice “before, i was going to propose”
  • i don’t want to say that EVERYTHING was resolved just by that, but you know, THERE WAS TALKING AND COMMUNICATION AND SHIT and then obviously the wedding that literally saved everything
  • shit son this is why steve/tony will always be an intense thing. there’s a universe where they literally save the world by sheer power of love and i mean who is anyone to say that 616-tony and steve don’t love each other. it’s not like whether or not tony has a vagina works as a defining factor when they’re both in that deep gosh
  • anyway yes this


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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal 3 - Death Busters-hen
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!
Inferno Cop 2
Kaitou Joker 3
Kantai Collection: KanColle 2
Strike Witches 3
Tokyo Ghoul 3 (rumored)


I will be showing all you some of my favorite looks to create with this palette. This is a new mini series I’ll be doing on my blog (it’ll probably last for only this week). I know that I’ve been gushing about this palette for weeks, and many of you have told me that I nudged you in the direction of buying this palette. I also have many questions in my inbox that I haven’t gotten to answer yet about some of my favorite looks and colors in this palette. I am going to share that all one picture at a time! 

If you have any requests on shades you want me to create a look with, let me know! 


* You can also use Tempera as a base before adding any other shadows. This will make all other colors blend more easily.

Golden Ochre: transition shade

Raw Sienna: crease

Red Ochre: entire lid

Realgar: outer crease ( use to blend everything together )

Primavera: inner corner of lid ( aka the inner lid highlight )



Nudes/Pinks: A nude lip pairs great with this smokey look. Here are some of my favorite lip colors to use with this warm toned look.

- crush by anastasia beverly hills

- brave by mac

- tea rose by nyx

- lolita by kat von d

- matte naked by milani

- vintage by anastasia beverly hills



I have done this look with variations of liner styles. I think that you could rock a thick winged liner, a thin liner, or no liner at all. I personally choose to line my upper lash line with a kohl eye pencil. 

Falsies are gorgeous with this eye look. If you are not comfortable with using fake lashes, please don’t feel like you have to suddenly use them to do this eye look. A couple coats of mascara do the trick just fine. I personally only use mascara, and no lashes. 


Thank you all so much for reading all this! If you’ve made it this far, comment with a heart emoji. I hope I gave you a little bit of inspiration. More looks are coming soon! 

xoxo mymakeupaffair

disclaimers: photo pictured above is not mine. I simply edited it in picmonkey to bring attention to the shades in each look. my watermark is included in the photo because i have created this look to share with you all. this photo can be found in google by typing the keywords “anastaisa beverly hills modern renaissance palette.” 


Colorful stacked liner look

This is a simple look for the season, recommended by Beno, MAC Singapore’s Senior Artist. 

Color is in, but it can be quite daunting trying to decide how to wear a bright blue or fuchsia or green on the eyes without looking completely bonkers or just unlike yourself. 

The tip is just to wear it as an eyeliner, by using a stroke of pencil as a base, and then the right brush (flat, firm, angled brush) to gently dab powder shadow onto the line. 

The black liner at the base of the lashes is one of the things you should not skip because it will help to define your eyes and stop your lashes from disappearing when you’re wearing bright, strong colors near there. 

Another thing to look out for is a neutral shadow to define your lids and socket line, but you might want to look for something that contrasts with the liner shade you’re using. The color combi Beno recommended was MAC Amber Lights on the lids, followed by Freshwater as a bright blue liner. 

I redid the look the next day using a softer combination in case you want to try it for work or school. I used Patina on the lids, and Bright Fuchsia pigment as liner color. 

Red Lipstick Marks *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Originally posted by candicespatton

Requested by @ishipthingsimnotsupposedtoship Hi, there! First of all, I am freaking obsessed with your fanfictions, absolutely amazing! And second, I have a request: The reader lives with the avengers and one day, decides to do all of the guys’ makeup. Eventually, as she’s doing steve’s makeup, bucky or clint or tony would just yell “STEVE YOU HAVE LIPSTICK ON! LEAVE A MARK ON (Y/N), ALREADY!” lots of blushing and lots of kissing ensue ;)
Warnings: None
Admins Note: Have fun with my humour, cause this is hilarious to me but probably not to anyone else - Ro

“I am going to have way too much fun with this, aren’t I?” you asked no one in particular, you did, however, receive some displeased sighs, not that you cared but instead you giggled and smiled at the boys in front of you; Tony, Bucky and Clint, you frowned slightly.

“He’s on his way” Bucky sighed, hair pulled into a French braid, done by yourself. You had won some bet against all the boys, now you get to do all their make-up, actually, you didn’t have to do Steve’s or Bucky’s but somehow you managed to convince the two super-soldiers, well Steve because he persuaded Bucky for you. You nodded once and began setting up all the make-up bags, plus brushes and various other items.

“Shame, I didn’t miss it” Steve’s voice sounded through the Avengers living room, you sarcastically chuckled at him, he sat down next to Clint and you grinned at all the men before you “do we at least get to pick our colours?” he asked, you nodded slightly and he sighed gently.

“Well, they all do” you gestured to the others “you, however, get red, white and blue” you shrugged, pulling out fake eyelashes, Bucky groaned rather loudly as Tony just chuckled; honestly, he was the one who was complaining the least, mainly cause for interviews on Television people put slight make-up on him and he even admitted he’s jealous of guys who can rock guy-liner, AKA Bucky Barnes.

“Really, (Y/N)?” Steve asked and you nodded once, opening a bag with a small smile, you got all the stuff you needed for Clint’s look and smiled at Hawkeye who just sighed softly “you aren’t taking pictures of us, are you?” Steve asked, suddenly, different sets of various coloured eyes were all looking at you as you primed Clint’s face with some moisturiser. You simply grinned, they all groaned and slumped back in their seats.


“Bucky, stop moving otherwise the eyelash glue will go into those pretty, pink glittery, eyes”  He grumbled and then flipped off his best friend who was laughing, way too hard for someone who is next in line for the make-up armchair, you had to admit all the men so far looked rather… fabulous. Bucky was the toughest to get to have glitter eye shadow, especially, pink! His manly exterior cracked when Natasha said he would suit it; he always had a soft spot for Nat.

“This feels so weird” Bucky pointed out, fluttering his already long lashes, the intensity of the glitter pink eyeshadow, plus the cat eyeliner mixed with his now amazingly grey eyes was unbelievable and it took you a few seconds to form some a sentence at your work.

“I’m an artist, my god! Someone from Vogue or MAC needs to hire me, maybe not MAC, they aren’t vegan-friendly” Bucky and Tony chuckled, you then started to search for the perfect lipstick shade, much to Bucky’s dismay; anything but lipstick he requested but were you going to listen? Heck, no.

“I am thinking Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star, liquid lipstick” you mutter to yourself, nodding once and grabbing the liquid lipstick, Bucky pouted as you started to coat his lips in the substance; him and Tony had been the hardest, cause of their facial hair, although, they weirdly looked the best at the moment.

Tony, you had given him red and gold cut crease, plus extremely strong highlight on his cheek bones and then a glorious nude lip, he looked perfection and was now sat watching the TV relaxing with his new look. It was a blessing to see Stark like this; he hardly complained and actually asked for the colours, it was extremely exciting to think he actually enjoyed this.

Clint had a light purple and grey smoky eye, cat eyeliner and a deep dark red lipstick, his contour was on point and he was the only guy that let you tweeze his eyebrows; Tony’s has his facial hair and head hair done by professionals, so, his were already looking ace. Bucky had refused, saying this wasn’t even his punishment and you had to agree.  

Once done, you moved away and admired the work you had done on Barnes, grinning you held up the mirror and his eyes widen slightly as you giggled; he didn’t look horrified just shocked by how own appearance, maybe he liked himself like this? That was a stretch but he did look great, not to toot your own horn.

“C’mon, Rogers, sit in the make-up chair and let me do my magic” you grinned as Bucky got up, giving you a half-hearted smile, you handed him the make-up wipes knowing he would want to take it off, Tony had taken sneaky pictures for you, cause you knew Bucky would never agree to photos. Steve sighed gently, getting up from his seat and swapping with Barnes, sitting down gently and slightly pouty but you grinned at him.

“Make me look pretty?” he joked for his own sake and everyone chuckled, you began to get to work, you quickly realised how bad this idea was; doing Steve’s makeup, especially, with your crush on him and having to be so close to his face and look into this bright, crystal-like, blue eyes and it was very distracting. 

You sighed lightly and smiled at him, beginning the work on his face, you didn’t go excessive with Steve just because you were slightly tired from dealing with the others and because the longer being this close to his face, the more nervous you were becoming.

“How come he doesn’t have the full works?” Clint asked you shrugged at him.

“Cause, I clearly do not need it, like some” Steve gave a pointed look to him and Bucky, both gasping in mock shock, yourself and Tony chuckled at their playful behaviour; Bucky had taken all the make-up off apart from the eyelashes, you would chuckle every time you look at him, he didn’t understand since he had already grown accustomed to them.

You grabbed the most vibrant red lipstick you had, unfortunately it wasn’t transferred proof, you warned Steve about this since he was wearing a light grey shirt and you didn’t want him to ruin it; not that it would matter, if he flexed the shirt would fucking tear off of him, you’ll never understand why he wears mediums… he needs large, extra-large probably!

“STEVE YOU HAVE LIPSTICK ON! LEAVE A MARK ON (Y/N), ALREADY!” Bucky yelled, you jumped and almost dropped the tube of lipstick on yourself, fumbling and blushing you looked down and started to pack up the make-up, you could almost feel everyone’s eyes on you, waiting for one of both to do something.

Steve would never kiss you, not because of who he was or made out to be but because he didn’t view you that way, you were just Natasha’s normal friend; the girl who works a normal job and happens to live with the Avengers cause her landlord upped her rent and she couldn’t pay it. He’d never view you as anything more, you liked the thought of it but it would never come to light, sure he hovers around you a lot but that’s because you have this air of “calm” or so, Bruce tells you.

Then you felt it, lips pressing to your left cheek, firmly and gentle at the same time, for some unknown reason you knew it exactly who it was; not just because Bucky and the others hooted and roared with laughter but because his lips, despite being slightly sticky with lipstick, felt how you imagined.

You looked up at Steve when he pulled away, you could feel the mark left and his lips were slightly smudged because of it, both of you were blushing like crazy and you felt the butterflies swarming around your stomach again. It was silent, weirdly silent and you gathered the guys had left, without hesitation on your part you leant up and kissed him, on the lips.

His hands cupped your face gently, your own weaving into his golden locks, you could feel him smiling into the kiss and you knew how ridiculous you’d both look with red around your mouths but at this moment you didn’t care; Steve pulled away first, only his lips started to kiss around your face, you giggled knowing he was leaving red lipstick marks across your face.

“Best decision ever was turning you all into girls” you giggled, he chuckled against your cheek and pulled away to look at you, it was extremely odd to look at Steve and take him seriously, mascara and blusher? He looked a tad stupid like this but then again, he’s always been a slight goofy.

“Yeah, don’t get used to it, well maybe with Tony” you chuckled and nodded in agreement with him, smiling slightly and pulling him by his neck to kiss his lips gently again.

(I hate and love my humour all at the same time, hopefully, you enjoyed this and I have to say… I am on such a Steve bender at the moment, god I love him, plus Chris- so if you see a lot of Steve/ Chris stuff, I am not sorry at all! - Rosalee)

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Guess Lainey may have watched Billie’s new video on skeleton makeup, she can try and create the long liner Billie rocks, she can try to match unnatural colors like Billie, but Billie is original, and not trying to copy her ex partners looks and such

I think she watched Billie’s first skeleton look, which was a lot more complex hence she asked for alternatives, but now she can do a glittery one like Billie (and fail, because she is nowhere near as good at makeup as Billie)