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Dinosaur bone as gemstones

The cellular structure of the bone is clearly visible, picked out in various colours of agate that replaced it during the fossilisation process (the study of which is called taphonomy). Found in parts of the western USA amongst others, the beautiful hues of the iron oxides and replacement of different parts of the bone by varying layers of silica, that probably started as a gel before crystallising into the tiny crystals that characterises this microcrystalline quartz. Study of fossils like this has demonstrated that some dinosaurs have structures usually found in warm blooded animals, settling what had been a long standing debate, while their popularity in the gem market is ever increasing, not surprising when nature gives us such beauty.


Image credit: Jessa Dow-Anderson


Fossil load at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, including a baby triceratops, a turtle, and a couple other skulls. I cannot say whether the T-Rex skull is real or a mold.


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Rock On The Range (Day 3) @ Mapfre Stadium (Columbus, OH) on May 21, 2017


Finally!!! This sick video we shot is seeing the light of day!!!


‘Feedback’ Series, Episode 1: Dinosaur Jr frontman J Mascis’ explains his give and take relationship with the guitar, and his penchant for jazz-inspired yet punk-desired Fender Jazzmaster.