rocking abs


Jeremy: Have I mentioned your dimples and freckles combo make me extremely weak.

Michael: You mean my rock hard abs and impressive biceps combo?

Jeremy: Can all of the above apply?
Jeremy: You’re. Hot, is what I’m saying.

Michael: Maybe you should do something about it if you think so.

Jeremy: Is that an offer?

Michael: Let’s just say I’m alone in my apartment with nothing to do.
Michael: And for the record, I think you’re hot as well.

Jeremy: Now you’re going to make me blush. I can be there in 10?

Michael: I’ll leave the door unlocked for you babe. 
Michael: xx

Yo fam we ought to talk. Don’t expect rock hard abs from idols. When they lift their shirts up- hope to see a nice plump lil tumtum from eating good and staying healthy m8. Aight? Aight.

fueled by ramen alignment chart