Good morning stims :)

Image description:
{There is a white, trans masculine person standing up. They are wearing a blue sweatshirt with a yellow rain jacket and playing with a tangle toy in their hands. They have short, straight black hair and have black circle frame glasses. They are stimming by rocking, swaying and bouncing, they are smiling as well.}

Are you a sweet autistic or a spicy autistic?

Sweet autistic:
-Quiet/non verbal
-No eye contact
-Pastel colors
-Only wears the same clothes
-Only eats the same food
-Never takes shoes off
-Visual stims
-Rigid routine
-Always rocking

Spicy autistic:
-loud voice/always yelling
-Too much eye contact
-Extremely bright colors
-Clothes never match
-Loves spicy/hot food
-Huge meltdowns
-Always barefoot
-Flappy hands
-Intense special interest


Me happy stimming after watching season 5 of Steven Universe

[A young transboy with short brown hair, wearing glasses, a grey t-shirt and a blue chew necklace, sitting in a desk chair, happy stimming]

1 GIF: pressing his fists against his cheeks while looking down and swaying in a circle movement

2 GIF: flapping his hands and rocking back and forth, then stops and exhales

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