when mark mentioned rockin rolling yoda at his swco panel he sung a little bit of it under his breath which can only mean that mark hamill has not only watched rockin rollin yoda, he has watched rockin rollin yoda multiple times

Stop It Now

Characters - Reader, Peter, Sam, Bucky, Steve, Natasha, Bruce, Tony

Word Count - 980

Request - Hey this is super ridiculous but I have a headcanon that Peter knows the Seagulls Stop It Now song that Bad Lip Reading did and finds it hilarious so could you write something where the reader is an avenger around peter’s age and they are both laughing their asses off over this song and the rest of the avengers are like “what the fuck???” (anon)


A/N - This might as well be a crack fic like what am I doing?? I love the song and I couldn’t resist…

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me: come on, just hand me the aux cord
friend: no, because all you ever do is play rockin rollin yoda
me: i SWEAR this time i won’t, seriously
friend: *hands me the aux cord*

✰ * º ❛ grease sentence starters. ❜

        (   part of the chick flick series   )

‘  i could flirt with all the guys. smile at them and bat my eyes.  ’
‘  what will they say monday at school?  ’
‘  can’t you see that i’m in misery?  ’
‘  made a start, now we’re apart. there’s nothing left for me.  ’
‘  please say you’ll stay.  ’
‘  don’t make me laugh.  ’
‘  a hickey from me is like a hallmark card, when you only care enough to send the very best!  ’
‘  i sit and wonder why you left me.  ’
‘  somehow, someway, our two worlds will be one.  ’
‘  my darling, you hurt me real bad. you know it’s true.  ’
‘  you gotta believe me when i say i’m helpless without you.  ’
‘  won’t go to bed till i’m legally wed.  ’
‘  i was not brought up that way.  ’
‘  she looks too pure to be pink.  ’
‘  i don’t drink or swear.  ’
‘  i get ill from one cigarette.  ’
‘  keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers!  ’
‘  keep that pelvis far from me!   ’
‘  just keep your cool, now you’re starting to drool.  ’
‘  are you making fun of me?  ’
‘  some people are so touchy!  ’
‘  you know that ain’t no shit. we’ll be getting lots of tit.  ’
‘  i’ll kill to get the money.  ’
‘  you know that i ain’t bragging.  ’
‘  you are supreme.  ’
‘   tell me about it, stud.  ’
‘  i got chills, they’re multiplying and i’m losing control.  ’
‘  you better shape up.  ’
‘  my heart is set on you.  ’
‘  you better shape up, you better understand.  ’
‘  to my heart, i must be true.  ’
‘  you’re the one that i want.  ’
‘  if you’re filled with affection, you’re too shy to convey. meditate in my direction – feel your way.  ’
‘  i better shape up ‘cause you need a man.  ’
‘  i need a man who can keep me satisfied.  ’
‘  you better prove that my faith is justified.  ’
‘  your story’s sad to tell.  ’
‘  most mixed up non-delinquent on the block.  ’
‘  your future’s so unclear now.  ’
‘  what’s left of your career now?  ’
‘  there are worse things i could do.  ’
‘  the neighborhood thinks i’m trashy and no good.  ’
‘  make them think they stand a chance then refuse to see it through.  ’
‘  i could hurt someone like me out spite or jealousy.  ’
‘  i don’t steal and i don’t lie, but i can feel and i can cry. in fact, i bet you never knew.  ’
‘  to cry in front of you – that’s the worst thing i could do.  ’
‘  boy, good news travels fast around.  ’
‘  i met a girl crazy for me.  ’
‘  i met a boy, cute as can be.  ’
‘  tell me more.  ’
‘  he sounds like a drag.  ’
‘  not the first to know there’s just no getting over you.  ’
‘  i’m hopelessly devoted to you.  ’
‘  i know i’m just a fool who’s willing to sit around and wait for you.  ’
‘  there’s nothing else for me to do. i’m hopelessly devoted to you.  ’
‘  there’s nowhere to hide since you pushed my love aside.  ’
‘  fool, forget him.  ’
‘  my heart is saying don’t let go.  ’
‘  hold on to the end, that’s what i intend to do.  ’
‘  look at me, there has to be something more than they see.  ’
‘  hold your head high.  ’
‘  i’m not very hungry… just give me a double polar burger with everything on it and a cherry soda with chocolate ice cream.  ’
‘  men are rats. listen to me, they’re fleas on rats. worse than that, they’re amoebas on fleas on rats. i mean, they’re too low for even the dogs to bite.  ’
‘  the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy.  ’
‘  peachy keen, jellybean.  ’
‘  my parents want to invite you over for tea on sunday.  ’
‘  i don’t like parents.  ’
‘  i’ve got so many hickeys people think i’m a lepar.  ’
‘  do you think these glasses make me look smarter?  ’
‘  eat your heart out.  ’
‘  sloppy seconds ain’t my style.  ’
‘  every teacher i got this year has flunked me at least once.  ’
‘  i just ain’t gonna take any of her crap, that’s all. i don’t take no crap from nobody.  ’
‘  i’m sure glad you didn’t take any of her crap. you would of really told her off, huh?  ’
‘  it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. it’s what you do with your dancin’ shoes.  ’
‘  i don’t look as it as dropping out. i look as it as a very strategic career move.  ’
‘  that’s cool, baby. you know how it is, rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot.  ’
‘  that’s my name. don’t wear it out.  ’
‘  what’s the matter with you?  ’
‘  what’s the matter with me? baby, what’s the matter with you?  ’
‘  you’re a fake and a phony and i wish i never laid eyes on you!  ’
‘  i hear you’re knocked up.  ’
‘  i don’t run away from my mistakes.  ’
‘  don’t worry, it was someone else’s mistake.  ’
‘  thanks a lot, kid.i think there’s more to you than just fat.  ’
‘  i got twinkies. anybody want one?  ’
‘  twinkies and wine? oh, that’s real class.  ’
‘  what’s the matter? we don’t got cooties!  ’
‘  i’ll bet you never had a drink before either, have you?  ’
‘  i’ll take it to the grave.  ’
‘  coming through, coming through! lady with a baby!  ’
‘  much better than hanging around here with you dorks.  ’
‘  the rules are… there ain’t no rules!  ’
‘  if you find him, give him my phone number.  ’
‘  he was sort of special.  ’
‘  there ain’t no such thing.  ’
‘  beauty is pain.  ’
‘  when a guy picks a chick over his buddies, something’s gotta be wrong.  ’
‘  c’mon, let’s go for some pizza.  ’
‘  you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.  ’
‘  you got the personality of a wet mop.  ’
‘  that is the ugliest looking thing i ever saw.  ’
‘  you can’t just walk out of the drive-in.  ’
‘  don’t worry about it. nobody’s watching.  ’
‘  i thought i meant something to you!  ’
‘  you think i’m going to stay here with you in this– -   this sin wagon?  ’
‘  i feel like a defective typewriter.  ’
‘  oh, bite the weenie.  ’
‘  what are you gonna be when you grow up?  ’