when ur at a panic show. why record that brandon from vine when u can record better things like. dallon weekes. perhaps the crowd. maybe the nodding head of a security guard. maybe the way dallons hair bounces. or the way the light reflects off his eyes. or dallons legs doing the leg thing. or the pick on his forehead. what I’m trying to say is.

why branden urie when. dallon weekes

Spinebreaker (3D version)
  • Spinebreaker (3D version)
  • BTS


~ this song i feel is kind of underrated but anyways i love this song (ESPECIALLY TAE’S LINES I LIVE FOR TAE IN THIS SONG) alright rockin’ rollin’ swagging’ swagger on then

BTS - Spinebreaker (3D version)

listen with good headphones for the best quality
or, if you’re wearing earbuds, listen with both buds :)

enjoy your four minutes in heaven ^.^

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The Lifesize David Bowie Pillow stands 66" tall and is the ultimate gift for a David Bowie fan’s home decor.

Sit this Bowie doll onto a daybed or sofa, against a wall as a soft sculpture artwork or on the floor as a makeshift chair.

Handcrafted from high quality printed fabric that is silky soft to the touch and backed with sturdy broadcloth, this tribute to David Bowie’s famous Ziggy Stardust costume is an utterly unique addition to any Bowie fan’s home.

**I’m a body pillow…
**I’m a Big Bowie coming for youuu…
**I’m the couch invader…
**I’ll be a rockin’, rollin’ cushion for youuu…

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