Disney World with Ethan would include

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• Racing each other to the entrance

• Wearing matching outfits to the park

•Going on splash mountain over and over again

•You, getting scared on Rockin Rollercoaster, so he comforts you, and holds your hand the whole time

• Taking pictures with all of the characters

• Going on it’s a small world, and Ethan “Serenading you” with the theme the entire day

• Buying, literally every single mug they have

• Getting a bunch of ears

•Both of you getting sick from too much candy

• Going to Animal kingdom, and seeing all of the shows

•Going on the jurassic park ride, and Ethan getting scared from the T-REX jumping at him

•”Oh fuck! What? Me, scared? No i was protecting you babe!” 

•”Then why are your eyes tearing up, E?”

• Going on tower of terror, and you getting scared and Ethan attempting to cuddle you the whole time

•Both of you getting picked as “cast” for the indiana jones show

• Running around like little kids, the entire day

•Ethan, “Attempting” to swoon the princesses over

•”Don’t worry babe you’re the only princess for me”

• Ethan, refusing to put sunblock on, so now you have a burnt boyfriend

• Riding, every ride atleast twice

• Ethan, cuddling you every moment he got

•Him, cuddling his face in your boobs when waiting in long lines

•Going on the frozen ride, and both of you sing let it go as loud as possible

• Going on Expedition Everest, and Ethan shrieking when it reverses and gets dark

•Ethan, being the jealous goof he is,  pouting when a prince looks at you

•“Ethan! He’s a character i love you more!”

•Ethan, pouting when you won’t hold his hand

•Buying, way too much candy

•Him carrying you to Cinderellas castle to watch fireworks

•Vlogging the whole day

•Taking pictures with fans

• Him, spinning you around during the fireworks, like a cheesy romcom. To end the most perfect Day with this man child.

Hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to send more in!

mbti types as Disney rides

ESFJ: Rockin’ Rollercoaster

INTP: Spaceship Earth

ISTJ: Matterhorn

ENTP: Indiana Jones

ISFP: The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

INFP: Peter Pan’s Flight

ESFP: Great Movie Ride

ESTP: California Screamin’

ENTJ: Soarin’

ESTJ: Mickey’s Fun Wheel

INTJ: Haunted Mansion

ENFP: Big Thunder Mountain

ISTP: Tower of Terror

INFJ: It’s a Small World

ISFJ: Mad Tea Party

ENFJ: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

#63 You ride your first rollercoaster with him (requested)

Dan: He forced you to go on a rollercoaster when you were in Disney World. You’d never been on one before, so of course you were terrified. He was a “go big or go home” kind of person with those things, so you went on ‘Rockin’ Rollercoaster’. You kept your eyes closed the whole time and held his hand so hard that you thought it’d fall off.

Phil: He wasn’t going to make you ride a rollercoaster while you were at at a fair, but you were determined to ride your first roller coaster. You decided to start off small, but you were still terrified the whole time. You locked arms with Phil and almost cried, but you had fun. He tried to get you to go on more rollercoasters there, but you made it very clear that one was enough.