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Fat Bottomed Girls- Dean x Plus! Sized Reader Drabble

Fat Bottomed Girls- Dean x Plus! Sized Reader Drabble
Word Count: 245
Warnings: None
Anonymous asked:Are you taking requests? If so, I was just wondering if maybe you could do a fic with a plus sized reader? Maybe she’s feeling a little insecure and the older Winchester makes her feel better about herself? Btw I love your writing, you’re very talented! :) Have a great one!❤️

@itsdawnashlie  XD

The resounding squeal that escaped your lips caused Dean to smirk.  You had innocently been walking up the stairs ahead of him when he had noticed just how good your bottom looked in those jeans.  He hadn’t been able to resist reaching out and giving it a pinch.  You had already reached the top and had quickly turned to glower at him.  

“Dean Winchester!  What is the matter with you!”  You scolded as he approached you with a devilish smirk.

“It’s not my fault your ass looks so good in those jeans, sweetheart.”  He said with a wink.  

You blushed pink before rolling your eyes at him.  You had been his girlfriend for almost a month now, but it still felt odd for Dean Winchester to be flirting with you.  Being a larger woman, you would have never thought that he would go for you. You frowned when insecurity crept into your belly as you felt his gaze linger.

“Dean. My ass is fat.  Don’t lie.”  You mumbled as yanked down your shirt.  

Dean looked at you for a long moment before he drew you into his strong embrace.  You grunted when his hands slipped down your waist and gave your bottom a squeeze.  

“Just how I like it…”  He whispered against your ear before he left hot kisses down your jaw.  You wanted to protest but couldn’t help but giggle when Dean started singing.

“Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin world go round.”

See ya tomorrow for a Virgin and Sex God Update and a drabble or two!

People who know nothing about queen: “queen’s songs have such deep and thoughtful meanings”

Two Old Queer Girls Hijack the Jukebox on a Friday Night at World of Beer

Here’s to all the 20-something Straight Kids and 30-something Sportsball Fanboys who were out for a drink at World of Beer tonight and had the Jukebox violently hijacked by our almost-40 and almost-50 queer lady selves.

It was great.

Me: *halfway through a flight of high-ABV pumpkin beers* “Hey, you can take over this jukebox if you download the app! Do it! Do it!”

Her: “But what would we play?”

Me: *laughs much too loudly*

Presenting The List:

1. London Calling - The Clash
Welcome to my high school years, bitches!

2. Take Me to Church - Hozier
“You’re a dog, I’m a dog, we are dogs in a church…” Also: screw your Puritanical religious ideals.

3. Let’s Go Crazy
Prince. ‘Nuff Said.

4. 99 Luftballoons- Kaleida
Like, the saddest, most soulful version of this song ever. Lesbian angst.

5. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Also, makes us think of Destiel.

6. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
Speaking of Destiel… This is 100% percent gay, pining Dean. 100%

7. Faded Heart - Børns
A favorite of the missus.

8. You’ve Got the Love - Florence and the Machine
The first concert we went to together.
Also, Lesbo-affiliated

9. If I Had a Heart - Fever Ray
The theme song to Vikings. Yeah, that’s right.

At this point, a dude is standing at the Jukebox, putting in dollars, trying to get some decent fucking music in this place.

Ha, Ha, fuck you, Charlie; we’ve already picked a bunch more and queued them up.

Like these:

10. My Shot - Hamilton Soundtrack
Hey, you like Musicals? Do ya, punk?

Oh, I remembered: It’s Pride Weekend here!
Time to Gay it up a little more!

11. Macho Man - The Village People
So gay. The guy next to us is getting into it.

12. Chains of Love - Erasure
Gays my age were ALL ABOUT Erasure, gottdammit! Gay. Erasure. Heck yeah!

13. Grey Street - Dave Matthews Band
Yes, I’m a near-50 queer lady in 2017, but sometimes I am a straight, white frat boy from the 90s. I can’t help this.

14. Blue Eyes - The Cary Brothers
One of the first love songs the missus ever sent me.

15. Brick House - The Commodores
Because I am built like one, with the massive boobs and everything.

By now, Black Crows has started playing and is set up for three more songs.

Straight Charlie’s playlist has taken over.

We paid our tab and left.

But not before we sent in one more song to play after all of his:

16. Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
We make the rockin world go round!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you had any good body worship fics?? Thank you!

Hello, Anon! What a better time to hook you up with these fics than a Friday night, eh? ;) 

I would also take a look at our Stiles Appreciation tag

All I want for Christmas by ravelqueen

(1,453 Explicit Complete)

“I still can’t believe you gave me sex-coupons for Christmas.” Stiles says.

Stuck by Nival_Vixen

(1,610 Explicit Complete)

Stiles gets stuck while in a motel shower. Derek’s there to help him out.

(Basically, shower porn. Less of the shower, more of the porn.)

You’re Perfect To Me by Fr333bird

(2,337 Explicit Complete)

Derek thinks Stiles is beautiful, but Stiles doesn’t see himself that way. Derek isn’t very good at telling him, so he shows Stiles instead. Derek pays particular attention to the beautiful dimples just above Stiles’ ass, because of reasons (see pic prompt in the notes at the start).

All These Nightmares Escape My Head by secondstar

(2,629 Explicit Complete)

Stiles knows Derek. He knows just what he wants, what he needs.

An Open Window by ADevilsHunger (aka Dream_tempo)

(2,655 Explicit Complete)

It’s tempting, sometimes, to tell. When he catches Stiles looking at his ass, or when he lets his own touch slide a little too possessively, he finds himself want to come up behind the boy—cage him in and whisper in his ear. He wants Stiles’ to feel his chest pressing into him when he says that he knows the taste of his cock and the tang of his piss and the musk of his hole and the salt of his come.

Liar, Liar by pessimisticprose

(3,580 Explicit Complete)

Fucking witches, man. Stiles has dealt with them before, but a truth spell, seriously? Not to mention he had to swap spit with one of them to make the spell work, and the only person he’d like to swap spit with is Derek, thank you.

To top it all off, Lydia, Allison, and Erica only make it worse.

Or better, depending on who you ask.

A Fairly Indecent Proposal by ADevilsHunger (aka Dream_tempo)

(3,606 Explicit Complete)

Derek convinces himself that he keeps going to further the cause. Never mind that he doesn’t know what the fuck the cause even is, but that’s the phrase all the pamphlets and late night commercials use to get them all in here in the first place, so he figures it’s a decent enough excuse. Does it really matter why they need werewolf semen and what for? No, no it doesn’t. He’s just helping people. That’s what all of this is.

Make My Rockin’ World Go Round by ladyblahblah

(4,157 Mature Complete)

Stiles comes home from college having packed on the Freshman Fifteen and then some, all rounded out and soft, and Derek absolutely can’t keep his hands off of him.

The Taller The Tree by DeCaStDe

(5,091 Explicit Complete)

Derek misunderstands something Stiles says in bed, and does something about it. It goes spectacularly wrong, and Stiles happily reminds Derek that he loves him whatever ridiculous things he does.

Pit Stop by Fr333bird

(6,298 Explicit Complete)

Stiles has a thing for Derek, and also maybe a little (okay a big) thing for Derek’s armpits.

“Really, Stiles?” Stiles heard amusement in Derek’s tone, but his voice was a little breathless too, so Stiles assumed this was all good. “I knew you liked seeing me work out but I always figured it was a muscle thing.”

“It’s an all of you thing.” Stiles’ breath made the hairs move and tickle his chin, and Derek squirmed. “The muscles are good too, but Jesus, Derek. I don’t know. It’s just a thing okay? Your armpits are hot. Deal with it.”

I’m The Big Guy Now by Chubstilinski

(18,359 Explicit Complete Part One of this series)

Eventually Stiles’s overindulgence becomes more apparent, visible underneath his tightening clothes. He has a little belly now, that protrudes, even empty, over the waistband of his jeans. It’s soft, warm. It gives him a thrill to see, to touch. He likes the slight pinch of his pants underneath his tummy and tiny love handles.



“am i rockin’ your world yet, novak?”

“you wish.”

o5o - basically an AU with dean and cas as lead guitarists of their own respective rival bands, and they have a showdown in a local concert to see who’s better. things heat up eventually. xD my love goes to my bb amber for the idea, but mostly we just have a thing for musicians and i wanted to do smth special for my 50th fanwork!

2017-09-09 Fiona Apple Ohana setlist via @ibrandonlee

Videos of Fiona Apple performing at Ohana Festival (2017-09-09)

01 Container + Happy Birthday (crowd sings)
02 I want you to love me
03 On the bound

04 Every single night
05 Sleep to dream
06 Anything we want
07 Fast as you can
08 Don’t get rid of it (You’d Look Good In It)
09 Paper bag
10 Not about love
11 Money changes everything
12 It’s only make believe (Screamin Jay version)
13 I’ll Be Around (Frank Sinatra cover) w David Garza

Eddie Vedder Glen Hansard Fiona Apple “Rockin’ in the Free World” [+alt]