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I really enjoy the soundtrack of the series. Even the music cues. Is there any place on can get the music cues and soundtracks?

mannn, i wish i could get my hands on some of the music cues + background music. that’d be so sweet. i know there’s a small sampling on youtube but it ain’t nearly enough and it doesn’t have that Classique Track, the sad piano one. 

there’s also some cds you can buy that have some of the songs from various episodes, like The First Almost Real Not Live CD (or Tape), Arthur’s Really Rockin’ Music Mix, and Arthur’s Perfect Christmas. 

Rizzle Kicks – Masterpost

Studio Albums;

Minor Breaches of Discipline (2009)
A mixtape from when Rizzle Kicks was Jordan alone.

I Said Who Says
When I’m Bigger
Ain’t No Other Kicks
I’m 17
Football Boots
Buff Girlfriend
I’m Silly
Get With The Time
Those Days
My Hometown
Young And Hot
Fuck Loadsa Dubstep

Stereotypical (2011)

When I Was A Youngster
Round Up
Down With The Trumpets
Demolition Man
Prophet (Better Watch It)
Mama Do The Hump
Miss Cigarette
Traveler’s Chant
Stop With The Chatter
Learn My Lesson
Even On A Rainy Day
Perfect Day (Deluxe Edition)
Garden (Deluxe Edition)

Left Over Presents E.P
Take Me
Just How We Do It
Coach Potato
Wicked Games (The Weekend Cover)

Roaring 20’s (2013)

This Means War
Lost Generation
The Reason I Live
Skip To The Good Bit
Don’t Bring Me Don
Everything Will Be Better In The Morning (Interlude)
Me Around You
Wind Up
Jam Yourself
Put Your Two’s Up
I Love You More Than You Think
That’s Classic
Happy That You’re Here (Deluxe Edition)
Biscuits (Deluxe Edition)
Fine With Me (Deluxe Edition)
Keep It Up (Deluxe Edition)

Mainly remixes with a few exceptions.

When I Was A Youngster

Epic Dreamers Remix – Rizzle Kicks Ft Pharaoh Monch, Hinesy, Professor Green, Ed Sheeran, Foreign Beggers & Charlie 2na


Heart Skips A Beat – Olly Murs Ft Rizzle Kicks
The Walk – Mayer Hawthorne Ft Rizzle Kicks
Work – Mikill Pane Ft Rizzle Kicks
I Wanna Rock (Rockin’ All Stars Mix) – Maxsta Ft Tinchy Stryder, Rizzle Kicks & Lady Leshurr
Back Around – Eliza Jo Ft Rizzle Kicks
Check – Mikill Pane Ft Gnarly Ventura (aka Jordan)
Skyhighatrist – DJ Fresh Ft Rizzle Kicks

YouTube Only;

How Charming!
Party People Play This (Remix)
Mix Up Your Mind (This used to be on youtube but now I can’t find anything other than dodgy looking download links!)
Burning Stuff/Fly Me To The Moon (Cover)
Heart Skips A Beat (Ant Whiting Remix)
Freestyle w/Ed Sheeran
Jordan Freestyle
Even On A Rainy Day (Alternative Bars)/When I Was A Youngster
Nasty (Nas Cover)
For Lovers (Pete Dohrty & Wolfman Cover)
Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles Cover)
Earl Grey
Night & Day (Will link this ASAP)
Anadin (Will link asap but is also on ‘demons never die’ soundtrack on spotify)


Price Tag  (Jessie J (Rizzle Kicks Vs Rural Remix))
You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Ed Sheeran)
Call It What You Want (Foster the People)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)
Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
On A Mission (Katy B)
What A Day For A Daydream(Lovin’ Spoonful)
Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey)


Cloud Garden
Namco, Dweezil Zappa, Tommy Tallarico
Cloud Garden

Pac-Man might not seem like a series known for its soundtracks, those unforgettable arcade sounds still manage to inspire some great tracks. The soundtrack to Pac-Man World Rally is especially impressive, incorporating classic tunes into new forms. The Cloud Garden theme cleverly works in the classic Start music, the Act 1 theme (“They Meet”) from Ms. Pac-Man, and the Forest theme from the obscure SNES title Pac-In-Time.

Who brought us such a rockin’ mix of this odd collection of tunes, you ask? Why, none other than Dweezil Zappa (rock guitarist and son of the legendary Frank Zappa) and Tommy Tallarico (composer and co-founder of Video Games Live)!

We can’t imagine what bizarre events led to this collaboration, but we’re glad it happened. Enjoy!

Girl Rockin’ Headphones No.11
work in progress
Manga Drawing
Layout Sketch
Mechanical Pencil

Alvin Draft-Matic No.DM03
Pentel 0.3 #H Lead
Prismacolor Rubber Eraser
Canson Artists’ Series Mixed Media Sketchbook

I am having a bad day of drawing. Nothing seems to come out as desired or should, which is frustrating. My goal is to eventually be able to produce a series of finished works of this subject, for example a colored pencil, marker, and mixed media versions of Girl Rockin’ Headphones.
These works are pushing me forward. It reminded me I have some Mulan artists’ trading cards to complete. That way I may make a Girl Rockin’ Headphones ATC. In turn I need my art studio set up in at least one established spot to make said ATC’s.

I do not know why but this subject is dear to me.



THE SCARLET SPEEDSTER || a Flash fanmix.

For the fastest men alive. For the blur of red and lightning.

001. Baba O’Riley - The Who // 002. Helena Beat - Foster The People // 003. Daylight Robbery - Imogen Heap // 004. Run (I’m A Natural Disaster) - Gnarls Barkley // 005. Ready Steady Go - Paul Oakenfold // 006. This Is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas // 007. Motorcycle Drive By - Third Eye Blind // 008. When I Come Around (Cover) - Honeywagon // 009. Life On The Nickle - Foster The People // 010. Finale - Madeon

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