This movie is going to be good, not just because I was involved in it…. had an awesome time shooting with these fools (@KevinHart4real @therock ).
——————————————————– REPOST FROM THE ROCK TEXT: All great action comedies start with chemistry. I have zero chemistry with this sumbitch @kevinhart4real, but this summer he has no choice but to love me.. Cool Cooooool.#CentralIntelligence #RockHart #TotallyBossStorySUMMER 2016.🔥


#Repost @therock Cool? Coooooool… The response to me and @kevinhart4real’s debut #CentralIntelligence trailer has been straight 🔥! Thank y'all and we’re juuuust getting started. #RockHart #BigJohnson #LilHart #kevinhart #CentralIntelligence THIS SUMMER… 👊🏾🔫


What you’re taking another Selfie!

The Selfie craze has taken every one by storm and this includes burly performers.

Most performers will take a self picture of them selves or a collective group picture back stage before or after the show that their in.

Before the introduction of cameras on to mobile phones a selfie was a rare phenomena. But until recently with better pixel ratio and better technology most new phones have a 10pixel camera as a common installation.

With Programmes and social media sites and the internet on smart phone over the years give people instant click, save and upload making easy access to all these social media sites.

The Selfie is and has become a huge part of our society and media Infrastructure ethos.

But why has the selfie become a huge part of every one life?

I really can’t answer the question, but I would be really intreated in hearing what people views are on this phenomena.

Please put answers on a postcard !!!!!!

But I know that it will be something that people will continue to do.

Over the Years and as the technology Get better what’s install for the selfie