I had something in mind for her, but hadn’t drawn her yet! ^^ i…literally have no idea on what clothes to give her, maybe something with lace/pattern…. idk x’)<br>
But yeah, i decided on a face/hair! :D <br><br>
She has a bit darker skin than Moana&has red markings on her face, also two white, rounded triangle-like shapes on her cheeks! ^^ also short&curly to make her face a bit wider :3<br>
@rockformed, i hope that’s okay this way! :’D

Went to long in because my friend on tumblr @rockformed wanted me to add them as a friend and I went to log in and after trying all possible passwords couldn’t get in. Tried to recover my password to find the number and email listed to recover it are DEF not mine. So had to send in a contact thing to fix it. It’s been something that someone(s) have been trying to hack for ages honestly and like I honestly don’t understand why!? I only have like five games and they are really random and cheap. Like why waste your time trying to get into it so desperately?


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