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How so, specifically?

Back then, there wasn’t really a distinction made between Muldbuggian neoreaction (e.g. verbose exegeses on how Sir Thomas Bluhington III, noted Victorian scholar par excellence, conclusively proved that democracy unstable degenerate institution doomed to devour itself), versus what we now think of Breitbart-style alt-right (e.g. people on 4chan calling each other cucks while masturbating to nude aryan women in wheat fields). In particular, certainly in my mind at least, and also probably in the minds of many rationalist-adjacent people, the former was by far the more conceptually prominent.

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Ok so

To start, the guy who did the project was already a meme among our peer group. And that peer group would be “AP/ Honors Assholes of the Class of 2014” and he was one of the poster children for everything that was absolutely wrong with us as a peer group. He was also known for being a rabid conservative who disrupted class with inappropriate or just plain bizarre interjections and this video is far from the extent of his shenanigans, but there’s some background info for ya, at least

In junior year English we had to do biography projects, and he partnered up with a buddy (Wait, he has friends? Yeah apparently outside of school he was fairly chill. I’ve bumped into him a couple times in college and he actually apologized for being a massive douchenugget to me during high school. But that’s beside the point) to do a project on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So he and his project partner (a much nicer person, and I think they got the grade they did on this project because the teacher pitied him) are firing up the projector, and our entire English class is like “this is going to be a wild hour-and-a-half.”

Oh boy.

We start with him (henceforth referred to as DP) driving around his neighborhood in a huge SUV. For like five whole minutes.

Six months later, I discover that he didn’t even have a learner’s permit at the time.

Next, we enter his house. He picks up a series of items, including a knife that he ends up licking in a “sexy” manner, and announces in some kind of weird, made-up accent, “Dees is a_____ from AUSTRIAAAA.”

At this point my classmates are either laughing or too weirded out to laugh. I was too enraptured by the surreal performance art playing out on the projector screen to look at anyone’s faces, but I’m sure they were priceless.

DP heads to the exercise room. He seats himself on a machine. I don’t know enough about exercise machines to give it a name, but it looked kind of like a bike.


He uses the machine. The seat rises up and down as he pulls the handle. It is now in slo mo. Animated hearts are floating everywhere.

The class collectively loses its shit.

For better or worse, it got kind of boring from there. DP gives us a tour of the backyard with the same “DEES IS FROM AUSTRIA” routine, he plays pool with his friends, and then–

They do Harlem Shake.

After the class recovers from that, we get Cooking With Schwarzenegger. Did you forget this was a biography project? It’s okay. Anyway, this last segment is just DP throwing things in a blender that should not belong together in a blender (ketchup, doritos, a mysterious white powder known as “the good stuff” that he claims you can get from “Eddie” behind Safeway, and just about anything else you can think of) and we watch him pretend to drink the concoction in the end. Or at least I hope he was pretending.

The teacher gave him an 80% just out of pity for his project partner, but DP tried to convince him to give him a higher grade. It was not successful.

We have not stopped talking about that video since.

A class that didn’t see it (it was shown twice–once in DP’s class, and once in his partner’s class) asked to witness the legend and begged the teacher to shut off the torture after ten minutes.

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The cross-section image on that page looks legit, though.

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I’ll echo Rocket’s sentiments and add that BattleMechs are entirely “lol idk” on the inside, so one shouldn’t really expect any better from Elementals.

There’s something janky-looking about the anatomy, almost like the leg isn’t in the right place. I’ll let it go though – I forgot how fast and loose the series was with internals or with physics (Battlemechs have a density that lets them float in water, etc.). Thanks!

rocketverliden requested that I do Judau Ashta from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. I tried to capture his look as well as possible coming from a classic Gundam series into my rounder style. I need to check out ZZ when I can. Hope you like it, I needed that to warm up drawing males again.

If there’s another character you guys want to see me sketch, send me an ask!

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Answer this with ten facts about yourself, then pass it on to your ten favorite followers.

i forgot to answer this yesterday oops

1. My hair is really poofy, so I always have to comb my bangs down so that I don’t look like I have a mini-pompadour. It also hasn’t grown in like, half a year. >:V

2. I still haven’t taken driving lessons. Or gotten a job. I’LL TRY TO DO BOTH WHEN SCHOOL STARTS, PROBABLY.

3. I eat food a lot. All the time. Food. I have a problem.

4. I’m really unintentionally masculine. I actually have a lot of insecurities about my femininity and junk so I get really sensitive about it. (It makes me rly happy when people call me ma’am or refer to me with female pronouns without prompting that’s how bad it is)

5. I’ve never had chicken pox. SO THERE’S THAT.

6. I always want to dye my hair some cool color but I never get around to it. 

7. I was born in New York but I’ve spent most of my life in the South. (Northern friends have said I have a tiny country accent but they can suck a dick) (I do not have a country accent and if you imply as much you will feel the pain) 

8. Peko Pekoyama is going to p much be my first real cosplay and I am simultaneously really excited and nervous.  

9. When I’m older I want to live an apartment/small house with a cat (preferably a munchkin Siamese cat, but just a normal Siamese would be adorable) and a turtle. Also fandom merchandise. 

9. These facts are winding up longer than I thought they’d be, I’m sorry. There are also more parenthesizes than needed. This isn’t a fact. I’m a fraud. 

10. I am able to count to ten. I am able to do many useful things, such as win a game of WarLight, cook mozzarella sticks, and look kind of cute with the right webcam settings. 

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Well, it's not a show, but advanced space tribes descend on the rest of colonized space and try to take over through controlled battles using powered armor and mecha that can change their loadout easily. Alternatively, five or more space empires try to control said colonized space.

Battletech or Mechwarrior?