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Scream: My character has caused yours to scream out for some reason.

You don’t like the way I dress, huh? What, you don’t like red, either? Is that what it is? Or wait, let me guess, is it just not working for you? 

“Beautiful delivery, Coco - now go in for the Ice Beam!” We’re in a contest setting and Ruby and Coco were near finishing their act. Having just fired five Shadow Balls into the air, the Delcatty shot forth an Ice Beam that would quickly freeze the balls in mid-air, each icy sphere slowly drifting back down to the floor and shattering into a powder snowfest that would transform the entire contest hall into a winter wonderland.

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til we meet again :: drew /\ ruby ::

<Wow. I love ya coat.>

It’d been a while since Butterfree had been allowed to go out all on her own, considering Drew usually trusted Roserade or Masquerain to defend themselves better in the case of an emergency. Regardless, though, he’d eventually realized the necessity of letting his other Pokémon exercise, and Butterfree was more than happy to be out of that stuffy ball and out exploring the hallways.

Drew had given her a thirty-minute allotment of time before she had to check in with him, and this was just the beginning of it. She wasn’t far from his room (to her annoyance), but getting her bearings was an incredibly slow process in a building like this. She wasn’t particularly focused when it came to getting a grip on her surroundings, either; that was Absol’s area.

It hadn’t taken long before she caught sight of a Mightyena wandering the halls. Being the social butterfly (ha, ha) that she was, she was fully intending to go up to the stranger and start up a conversation, but was even more delighted to see the difference in the way the Mightyena carried itself; this one was groomed for glory – it was obvious.

Butterfree circles around the Mightyena in question, admiring the silky coat. <So long with tha’ silky sheen…oooooo-wee!> Butterfree vibrates a bit on the air, pulling to the front of the Mightyena and flapping her wings. <Whatcha use on it, eh? Some sorta special product? D'ya get brushed a lot? Whateva it is, keep doin’ it – ya look wondahs.> Butterfree does another circle.

<Y’ carry ya-self like someun’ ready for a ball! You a Contest Pokémon? Ya look the part. Y'know my Trainer’s a Coordinatah’ himself. Supah populah back in the day. Every'in’s been supah slow since we arrived heres, tha. Whatcha name, sport?>