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Telltale have announced that the first of five episodes of the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ game will be released April 18th and is named ‘Tangled Up in Blue’. It will cost $4.99 or your regional equivalent!

representation and cookies

Hello everyone, let’s talk about shipping and representation; let’s talk about it through metaphors, like if you have seen a ship that you identify with and was confirmed by the narrative you get a cookie on your plate. Well, the last cookie some people and I had was in 2014, that cookie was korrasami (Legend of Korra). In 2016 it looked like we were going get another cookie (Pharah/Mercy) but then a group of people with plates full of cookies looked at that particular cookie and declared that they not only wanted it but wanted the ingredients changed (Pharah/Mercy to Mercy/Genji). Pointing out that our last cookie was in 2014 seem to have no effect and the people giving the cookies appear to want to give the people with full plates another cookie; they even started to change the ingredients to suit their taste (Genji/Mercy voice lines and comic material) while saying that the ingredients we liked in the first place were lost (Mercy/Pharah bugged voice lines). So, what do we do to fill our empty plates? We draw cookies on them; that’s right! We DRAW (fanart and fanfiction) cookies because we are not getting real ones. Some creators have even dropped our cookies on the floor (Lexa/Clark the 100) and still tried to give us that cookie while patting themselves in the back saying they gave us a great cookie.  So, my fellow people with empty plates it looks like it will take a while before we get another cookie. Thank you for reading.