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Voltron Pokemon Go headcanons

(That no one asked for at all)

Keith: Chooses Team Valor because he likes red and wants to fight everything (an older Ash Ketchum)

Lance: Chooses Team Mystic just because it’s blue and the rival team of Valor (Gotta keep up the red/blue trope)

Pidge: Actually thought about it before choosing a team, chose Team Mystic because they’re a huge nerd

Hunk: Chooses Team Instinct, like Lance, mostly because of the color, but the team ended up fitting his personality pretty well anyway

Shiro: Won’t get the game because everyone is fighting each other because of the teams and he is not going to give any of the sides leverage like “Well our leader (dad) is on our team so really who’s better here?”

Allura: Chooses Team Instinct with Hunk despite Lance desperately begging her to join his team (honestly she joins Team Instinct just to spite Lance)

Coran: Chooses Valor because he didn’t want Keith to be lonely on his team and he also loves to fight everything


Haggar and Zarkon: Team Rocket


I made this video as a birthday gift for @ridleybelle! It’s us playing as Mercy and D.Va looking for Pharahs to complete our Overwatch family. haha

The Pharmercy Protection Squad: The Rocket Angels

So. Our ship has been getting a lot of hate. Unjustified hate. The usual spiel about problematic pairings (even though het ships get away with it).

So. Let’s flood the tag with positivity - fanfics, fan arts, reasons we love the ship and the characters. Anything to drown out the bullshitery we have to put up with.

What do you think?

Rocket Angels Positivity

Serious thoughts tho:

I love the concept of Pharmercy. It’s a precious and pure contemporary wlw pairing of a noble knight of a woman and a compassionate healer lady. It’s interracial, and despite not sharing the same exact cultures as them, I still think its beautiful to see them meld their histories together without judgement. They don’t need each other to exist. One person doesn’t build the other. Their relationship is a bond that provides mutual understanding comfort in the face of war and bloodshed and their mutual goal to protect and heal the innocent caught in its jaws.

I love Pharah because I feel like I can relate to her as a PoC and I love that she is so embraced by the fandom because the country I live in often spews negativity and fear towards Arabic cultures or Muslims and that is not how I want to see any kind of people. I appreciate Pharah as a role model against those racist beliefs.
I love them as people who selflessly go forward to protect those around them, despite the risks. Pharah would not think twice to sacrifice life and limb. The concept of Pharah missing several limbs because of that and still having every bit of self assuredness to not feel that it makes her any less of a real person is beautiful. That people don’t look at her and feel pity but admiration for her strength.

I love Mercy because she tries very hard to help people. She puts herself on the front lines even though as a genius and a doctor she could just as easily help patients in a hospital somewhere away from big conflicts. She created the Valkyrie suit, a highly advanced healing system which could have been distributed to others to wear, but she choose to wear it and carry the burden herself. She speaks German, may be associated with the aryan construct of perfection, but that is but a crude, inaccurate, and racist generalization of her I’ve seen far too often. Mercy cares about everyone, everywhere. Caring takes a lot of will power to withstand without letting it tear you apart. It’s easier to turn a blind eye. I admire Mercy for always trying to help all those in need.

I love them for being greater than stereotypes.
I love them for finding the strength in themselves to still smile and persevere even when facing the storm.