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Things I NEED to see in Infinity War...

‘Steve why does this strange racoon want my arm’ ‘NO STEVE HELP HE’S TRYING TO TAKE IT’

Peter Parker NOT being hurt

A Buckynat kiss scene (you’re lying if you don’t want the the two hottest people on the team to hook up)

Dr Strange and Tony being AWESOME FACIAL HAIR BROS

‘I am T’Challa, King of Wakanda’ ‘I am Groot’

Steve trying to parent LITERALLY EVERYONE

A Staron kiss scene (I’m WAITING)

More Thor & Hulk banter

Peter Parker being safe and sound

MORE Bucky and Sam scenes

Someone calling Rocket a junk skunk

NICK FURY roasting General Ross (cause he can)

‘Before I kiss you Steve, you’re gonna need to shave’ - Sharon Carter 


Peter Parker being completely OKAY

Bitch slapping General Ross

Gamora and Natasha bonding over being BAMFs

T’Challa and Bucky being bros


Marvel Characters Hogwarts houes

Loki – Slytherin
Let’s face it, he’s awesome. Slytherin is the house of the cunning and ambitious and who’s more tricky than Loki? He owns this house. He’s brave and will do the right thing but he doesn’t mind throwing the rule book out the window.
Fury – Slytherin
Slytherins are natural born leaders. Fury has ambition and the IDGAF attitude down to a science.
Peter Quill – Slytherin
While he wants to help others, he’s also been forced to be resourceful, cunning, and always looks out for himself. Slytherins are loyal too, and Peter is certainly loyal, but often times he is too busy figuring out how to get out of situations and take care of himself than he is tuned into his friends and what’s going on around him. Though he’s ambitious and intelligent enough to turn it around in the end.
Wanda Maximoff – Slytherin
Cunning….Wanda’s entire skillset revolves around manipulation. NOW NOT ALL SLYTHERINS ARE MANIPULATIVE. But some are. Just like not all Hufflepuffs are cinnamon rolls, not all ravenclaws get straight a’s and not all Gryffindor’s follow the rules. Every house is going to have extremes but Wanda plays for Wanda. She takes care of business and she’s not one to back down until she gets there
Gamora – Slytherin
While she cares immensely for her friends and sister, self preservation is important. She’s also wicked brilliant and ambitious.
Wade Wilson – Slytherin
Let’s face it. He’s salty af, sarcastic, majors in murder and minors in mayhem. He’s a Slytherin though and through. Always watching out for himself and while he’s loyal and kind and brave, he’ll always belong with the cunning.
Natasha Romanoff – Ravenclaw
I was originally thinking Slytherin…but I think Natasha fits in Ravenclaw more. She’s so incredibly brilliant ans she’s always got a plan and her own agenda, I just don’t think she’s ambitious enough. She’s fiercely independent and always ready for whatever is thrown her way, so I think she’s a ravenclaw

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  • steve: alright, everybody clear on the plan? let's move.
  • quill: hold on, what's the music situation?
  • steve: the...what?
  • rocket: we gotta have tunes. it's kinda our thing.
  • steve: (pinching the bridge of his nose) um...
  • sam: i've got some marvin gaye?
  • sam: alright! (high-fives peter quill)
  • quill: okay! what else??
  • steve: (sighs) well, i've got some bing crosby i listen to sometimes.
  • quill: ...
  • quill: will you be serious, man? we're trying to save the universe here.

anonymous asked:

Bucky, if you don't mind my asking, what in the world was Tony arguing with Backup about?

whether or not it was a good idea to put a rocket booster on sam’s jetpack. tony said yes, backup said no.

(technically, backup said nothing, on account of he’s a dog and can’t talk, but that didnt stop tony from assuming that silence meant ‘cap’ was disagreeing with him.) 

for the record, sam and i were both in favor. sam thought it’d be fun, and i thought it’d be funny to watch sam burn the back of his pants off, which is 1000% what would have happened. but neither of us joined the argument, because watching tony argue with a dog was just too entertaining. 

tony claims that backup has very expressive eyes. it’s true, but i don’t know what the hell kinda puppy dog eyes gave tony enough material to argue with for a half-hour straight.
(I’m editing this into the existing AO3 chapter)