i as a boy (i believed the saying)

Summary: She settles back on the edge of the bed and scoops the Zune into her hand, thumb flicking over the controls. Soft music filters into their shared cabin space, and Peter sways to it on instinct as he tries vainly to flatten down one errant curl at the very top of his head.

It’s been a week. A week – long enough, apparently, for some kind of celebration. And they’re on Earth – but. Somehow, things haven’t imploded yet.

i have Other Things To Do but @taxicabsandcupcakes enabled me into writing a follow up to this fic and so here we are. i promise its not as sad as the last one, though you may have to read bits of that one and theres a keepsake my mother gave me to understand what the timeline here is, but eh – probably not. the general disclaimer is that i cant remember if the name “gregg” is canon but if it isnt then i got it from @perilinpeace‘s beautiful fics which u should def check out on ao3. also also, im not sure how the spiderman kids wormed their way into this one so many times, but here we are. titles from supertramps hide in your shell (again) & feedback would be wonderful!

There’s a stark difference between what a man knows and what a man knows to say, and Gregg understands both. Tragically, maybe – like all those months telling his daughter everything was going to be just fine all the while knowing a different truth prepared him for this.

The fact of the matter is: Gregg knows that it was aliens.

The fact of the matter is also: Gregg never tells anyone it was aliens.

Cops figure he ran away. Can’t find any body, not after three months or six months or four years, and it’s a dead, cold case. It’s in the news for a little while, because their town is small and most everyone knows each other and a missing child is a big scare, but Gregg doesn’t touch a single paper. He has a funeral to arrange, after all.

The year two thousand and twelve rolls around and Gregg stares at the television set that he knows is playing the same New York footage in the living room next door, pulls on his old faded baseball cap and boots, and crosses his front lawn.

“Gregg, what in the hell,” says Nancy Maycomb’s spindly voice when she opens her front door, wrapped in that old shawl her daughter gave her three Christmases ago and peering at him from behind her glasses with shrewd eyes. “It’s near midnight.”

“Aliens,” Gregg Quill says, and after twenty-four years there’s still a stubborn determination in his voice. “I knew it was aliens.”

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Former Avenger Turned Actress ~ Part 10: The Thanksgiving Blessing

A/N: Hello! *waves*

So, here’s more of “Former Avenger Turned Actress”! 🎉

NOTE: X-Men related stuff is featured in this chapter. I don’t really know much about X-Men because I haven’t watched any of the movies, so forgive me if anything isn’t accurate. I mean, I have read a bit of X-Men fanfiction and have done a tiny bit of research, but not enough to where I’m an expert. But you do remember that Charles Xavier is Y/N’s adoptive father (look back through part 7), and I thought it was about time for him to make an appearance (along with some other surprise MARVEL characters).

And also, I’m so sorry it’s taken me FOREVER to publish another part for this story. What’s it been? Almost a year? ☺️

Anyway, here’s a bit of a Thanksgiving-ish themed part! 😁 (Perfect timing, right? 😉)

Enjoy! 😘

2 months later, Mark & Sarah’s wedding…

“You happy for your Mummy and Daddy?” Y/N cooed to Mark and Sarah’s eight month old daughter, Isabella, as she held her in her arms. The little girl herself giggled back in response as Y/N tickled underneath her chin while they sat at a table, watching as Mark and Sarah slow danced.

“She is just adorable.” Wanda grinned from where she sat across from Y/N and Isabella.

“Getting any ideas, Wanda?” Gen raised an eyebrow, nudging Wanda in the side as she sat next to her.

“Pft, no.” Wanda rolled her eyes. “My life is way too zaneprázdnený for that.”

“Zanepr– what?” Gen questioned, tilting her head slightly.

“Busy.” She clarified. “Sorry, I slip back into Slovak sometimes without realizing.”

“Oh.” Gen nodded slowly before turning her head slightly to look back at Y/N as she continued to make faces at Isabella. “Someone else might be getting ideas, though.”

“What was that, Gen?” Y/N asked, glancing Gen and Wanda’s way.

“Oh nothing.” Gen quickly waved her off just as Jared, Sebastian and Osric made their way back to the table with drinks in their hands.

“The champagne cavalry has arrived.” Osric announced with a grin, sitting down next to Wanda before handing her one of the glasses of champagne he held.

“Thank you, miláčik (darling).” Wanda smiled at him, pecking him on the cheek.

“Oh, the Osanda feels are too much.” Jared groaned over-dramatically, plopping down in his seat on the other side of Gen before sliding her a glass of champagne.

“Can you really have too much of a good thing, though?” Sebastian questioned, sitting down next to Y/N before shooting a wink at Wanda and making her giggle.

“I don’t know, Balthienna. You tell me.” Jensen said as he walked up to the table, making Y/N laugh at the mention of her and Sebastian’s tv ship name. He then looked and smiled at Y/N as she held Isabella. “Why don’t I take her for a bit?”

“You sure?” Y/N raised an eyebrow as Isabella began reaching for Jensen.

“Yeah.” He waved off as he took Isabella into his arms, smiling at said little girl. “Hey there, sweetheart.”

Y/N smiled at the two before turning back to face where Sebastian was sitting next to her. She took a quick sip of her champagne before setting the glass back down on the table. “Care to dance, Seb?”

“I would love to, darling.” He smirked at her, downing what was left of his champagne before taking Y/N’s hand as they then made their way out to the dance floor where a few other couples were dancing.

“So…” Sebastian began as he gave Y/N a little twirl, her long red and floral print dress twirling with her before Sebastian brought her back towards him and wrapped his arms around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “We have a few more scenes to shoot come Monday and Tuesday.”

“We do.” Y/N nodded in agreement as one of her hands slid down his arm to grab his hand and intertwine their fingers as they continued to dance. “Then it’s off to New York.”

“Yes, yes.” Sebastian smiled slightly as they swayed a little. “Thanksgiving dinner with superheroes.”

Y/N couldn’t help but laugh.

Back over at the table, Gen watched Y/N throw her head back in laughter as she and Sebastian danced.

Gen sighed as she watched the duo, smiling as she rested her chin in the palm of her hand. “Those two are adorable.”

“Babe, we’re adorable.” Jared defended.

Gen just rolled her eyes playfully. “True, but it’s still nice to admire other people’s adorability from time-to-time.”

“Like this little cutie.” Jensen chuckled as he held Isabella up in the air, making her giggle as he tickled her sides.

“Come on, I want to hold her.” Wanda grinned, motioning for Jensen to hand her the little girl.

“You’re just getting all sorts of attention tonight.” Osric teased as Wanda took Isabella into her arms, said little girl staring in awe as little tendrils of Wanda’s red magic swirled up around her before erupting into tiny little sparkles. Isabella giggled, clapping in response.

“Okay, that was pretty cool.” Jared admitted, both his and Gen’s eyes slightly wide.

Osric grinned. “That’s my girl.”

Later that evening…

“Thank you so much for coming.” Sarah smiled, hugging Y/N as they stood out front where people saying goodbye before heading home.

“It was no problem. We had a great time.” Y/N smiled back as they pulled away from each other. “And again, congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Sarah giggled, not being able to wipe the smile off her face.

“Ready to go, darling?” Sebastian enquired, walking up to them after having said goodbye to Mark.

“I think so.” Y/N nodded, looking inside her clutch purse to be sure she hadn’t forgotten her phone before looking back up. “Be sure to tell Mark I said bye and we’ll see him again when he gets back up to Vancouver for filming.”

“Of course.” Sarah smiled with a bod, waving goodbye to the couple as they walked off towards their car.

“Wanda and Osric seemed to run out of there pretty quickly.” Sebastian stated as they both got in the car, Sebastian starting it up.

“Yeah.” Y/N nodded as she buckled her seatbelt before they began driving down the road. “Wanda pulled me aside and said something came up and she had to get back to New York tonight.”

“Hope everything’s alright.” He commented as he put on the turn signal.

“Classified mission stuff I shouldn’t really talk about.” Y/N shrugged. “I don’t really even know much of it myself.”

Sebastian just nodded slowly. “Well, we’ll be seeing all of them again soon enough anyway.”

Y/N nodded, smiling. “You know, this’ll be the first actual holiday where you yourself will get to see how it actually goes with the team.”

“Can’t wait.” He chuckled, as they turned on to the street where his house was.

“Oh, I wouldn’t speak so soon, mon amour (my love).” Y/N winked at Sebastian as he pulled into the driveway. “Hopefully this year no one will have to watch Clint actually shoot the turkey with an arrow.”

“What?” He asked, surprised as turned the car off before turning to look at Y/N.

“Yeah, holidays with the team can get weird.” Y/N nodded as she opened the car door. “Sometime I’ll have to tell the story of Loki and the incident with the dancing Christmas trees.”

With that Y/N got out of the car, shutting the door behind her and leaving Sebastian to sit there and wonder about what she just said.

“…What have I gotten myself into?” He muttered to himself after a moment before just shaking his head, taking the keys out of the ignition and getting out of the car himself to join Y/N as she waited for him at the front door.


5 Days later, Thanksgiving, New York City, New York, Avengers Tower…

“Do you ever get tired of people only talking to you when they need your help?” Sebastian question as he, Y/N and Balthazar all stood in the elevator as they headed up to the main lounge floor of Avengers Tower.

“No, Mr. Roché.” JARVIS replied, answering what seemed to be Sebastian’s 100th question since he and Y/N had entered the elevator, their furry Golden Retriever in tow.

“Are you sure?” Sebastian tilted his head slightly.

“I aim to serve, Mr. Roché.” The AI responded.

Y/N giggled, shaking her head at the interaction.

“What do you think, Balthazar?” Y/N asked, reaching down slightly and scratching behind one of the dog’s ears. “Do you think Sebby’s asking too many questions?”

“Ruff!” The dog barked in response, his tail thumping against the floor of the elevator.

Sebastian just rolled his eyes at the two just before the elevator doors slid open, letting them walk out into the hallway that lead to the main lounge area.

“I am Groot.”

A tiny voice sounded from behind them, making them spin around only to be met the sight of a tiny little baby tree humanoid creature as it stood alone in the middle of the hallway.

Y/N gasped before squealing in excitement. “Groot!”

“I am Groot!” The little creature shouted back just as excited before running at Y/N and latching onto her leg.

“What… in the hell… is that?” Sebastian questioned slowly, eyes wide as he stared down at the little creature as it climbed its way up Y/N’s body to perch on her shoulder.

“Seb, this is Groot.” Y/N introduced with a grin on her face. “He’s part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Sebastian squinted in confusion. “The Who of the What?”

“They’re an intergalactic crime fighting team.” Y/N clarified. “They don’t come to Earth much. In fact, they haven’t been to Earth in a few years. Not a lot of people keep up with what they do, so that’s why they’re not talked about a whole bunch. I mean, come on, they work in space. A place very few people have ventured.”

“Okay, fair enough.” He nodded slowly.

“I am Groot.” The little creature extended his little hand out, the branch like structure extending itself towards Sebastian.

“I’m Sebastian.” Sebastian cautiously stuck one finger out at Groot, the little creature wrapping a few tiny little branches around his outstretched finger and shaking it.

“I am Groot.” The little tree creature nodded once before retracting his branched hand and hopping down off of Y/N’s shoulder and onto the floor before taking off running down the hallway with Balthazar running and barking after him.

“Groot doesn’t talk much.” Y/N explained, looping her arm through Sebastian’s as they began walking down the hallway. “And ‘I am Groot.’ is pretty much all he says.”

“How did you people even meet a group like them?” Sebastian wondered out loud.

“A story for a different day, my dear.” Y/N grinned. “Now, I should warn you: the Guardians… they’re a bit… different. And only one of them is human.”

“Darling, I just spoke with a little talking tree.” Sebastian chuckled. “I think I’ll be okay.”

“If you say so.” Y/N giggled.


“I do not understand the phrase ‘Gobble till you wobble.’.” Drax stated as he stood next to the kitchen counter, Natasha, Steve and Peter Quill all preparing the turkey to go into the oven. “Why would anyone put themselves through the misery of eating too much?”

“Drax, if you don’t stop, I will put this Turkey over your head.” Peter sighed.

“Why would you do that? That does–”

“You know what? Forget it.” Peter said, cutting Drax off just as Groot came running into the room with a Golden Retriever chasing after him as it barked while wagging its tail.

“Balthazar?” Wanda mumbled as her eyes followed the dog and Groot as they ran around the large couch Tony, Pepper, Bruce and Bucky were all sitting on.

“Who’s dog is that?” Gamora questioned from where she sat next to Wanda at the dining table.

“If he’s here, then that means…” Wanda trailed off just as a pair of familiar people entered the room.

“Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!” Y/N exclaimed happily.

“Y/N/N!” Pepper grinned as she stood up from the couch.

“Peps, I didn’t know you were gonna be here.” Y/N smiled as she met Pepper halfway before giving her a hug.

“Plans with my sister fell through. So, I’m here.” She explained, smiling back as they pulled away from each other. She then turned her attention towards Sebastian, giving him a kind smile. “And you must be the Sebastian I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m Pepper, Tony’s girlfriend.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” Sebastian returned the smile, shaking her hand.

She nodded. “Likewise.”

“Um, excuse me.” Peter’s voice sounded.

Leaving Sebastian to talk with with Pepper, said woman bringing him over to the couch to converse with Tony, Bruce and Bucky, Y/N turned her head and grinned before rushing over and throwing her arms around Peter’s neck. “Peter ‘Star-Lord’ Quill! Oh, it’s so good to see you. God, it’s been forever.”

He chuckled, pulling away from her. “It really has been too long. Everyone’s been filling us in on stuff that’s happened since we’ve been gone. I’m sorry to hear about you losing your powers.”

“Nothing to worry about.” Y/N waved him off. “It hasn’t been that bad. Hard to adjust to at first, but I’ve managed.”

“I’ve heard, Miss TV Star.” He smirked before nodding his head, indicating to where he saw Sebastian talking with Tony and everyone over by the sofa. “That your boyfriend over there?”

“Obviously.” She grinned, glancing over at Sebastian before looking back to Peter. “Where’s Rocket?”

“Fur-ball’s shooting arrows with Clint a few floors down.” He rolled his eyes. “Oh, and I think Pietro is their moving target they’re trying hit.”

“Well, that can’t go badly at all.” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully before looking to the dining table. “Gamora!”

Gamora smiled, standing up as Y/N walked over to where she and Wanda were.

“It’s good to finally see you again, friend.” Gamora said with sincerity as she hugged Y/N tightly.

“It’s good to see you, too. Really.” Y/N replied as they pulled away from each other. “Mantis isn’t with you guys?”

“No.” Gamora shook her head. “She decided to stay on Xandar for a while.”

“Oh, well, hopefully I can see her again sometime. Sooner rather than later.” Y/N responded before glancing around and then turning her attention to Wanda. “Where are Thor and Loki?”

“Thor is spending Thanksgiving with Jane and her family.” She replied. “And Loki decided to go up to Asgard and spend the day with Odin and Frigga.”

“Aww, and he thinks he doesn’t have a heart.” Y/N smirked at the thought of Loki spending the day with his parents. She then turned her head towards Gamora again. “I’m gonna go say hi to Drax, Nat and Steve. You should definitely go say hi to my boyfriend, Gamora. He hasn’t actually met extraterrestrials before. Well, at least not until Groot greeted us in the hall. I’m sure Seb will love you and all your green gorgeousness.”

“Oh.” Gamora nodded before a wide grin spread across her face. “Ooh, then this’ll be fun.”

“Go get him, girl.” Y/N grinned at her before turning back around and making her way over into where the kitchen was. “Drax. Nat. Steve.”

“Y/N!” Drax smiled wide before wrapping Y/N up in his arms and almost crushing her in a hug. “It has been too long.”

“Definitely too long, big guy.” She mumbled as she tapped him on the shoulder, signaling for him to set her back on the floor. Thankfully he did, letting her regain full oxygen to her lungs. “Is there anything I can help with? Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a small feat.”

“You could start with the pies.” Nat chimed in, her arm almost elbow deep inside the turkey. “All the stuff is already laid out.”

“Yes, boss.” Y/N gave her a mock salute before walking past her and touching Steve on the arm in greeting as she passed him. She glanced up for a moment to peek into the main part of the lounge and saw something kinda odd. It looked like Tony, Bruce, Pepper, Bucky and Sebastian were all kinda huddled together talking in hushed tones. And before Y/N could question anything, Bucky parted from them and walked over to where Steve was.

“Dude, come here for a second.” He whispered to Steve, said man setting down the whisk he had been holding before following after his best friend as they made their way back to the small gathering by the sofa.

Y/N tilted her head for a moment as she examined the curious scene but then shrugged and went back to making the pie crust. However, she didn’t get very far before a blue and silver blur rushed into the room and swept her off her feet.

“Pietro!” Y/N squealed before erupting into laughter as the speedster ran the two of them around the edges of the room. Groot and Balthazar started chasing after them, Groot riding atop Balthazar’s head.

“It is so good to see you again, Princessa!” Pietro grinned as he finally came to a stop back right where he had swept Y/N off her feet, Balthazar and Groot skidding to a stop right behind them.

Y/N giggled as Pietro set her back down on the floor right next to where the beginnings of the pie were. “Thanks, Piet. That’s quite the greeting, I will admit.”

“Always the best for you, Princessa.” Pietro winked st her before speeding over to where everyone was talking by the sofa.

Y/N just sighed, smiling as she shook her head before going back to making the pie crust.

“I am Groot.”

Y/N glanced down and saw Groot and Balthazar sitting on the floor by her feet. “Sorry, guys. Not until later.”

“I am Groot.” The little tree creature nodded once before he patted the top of Balthazar’s head, said dog turning back around before racing out of the room to run down the hall.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Y/N/N.” Clint greeted as he entered the room.

“What he said.” Rocket chimed in, said raccoon following behind Clint.

“Clint. Rocket.” Y/N nodded at them in greeting before turning her attention back to making the pies.

As Rocket hopped up onto the counter to observe Y/N’s work, Clint then went and made his way over to the group of people chatting by the sofa. “Hey, guys. What’s going on? This looks kinda weird.”

“Yeah, we know.” Tony replied quietly, rolling his eyes before clapping Sebastian on the shoulder. “We gotta take this guy on a little trip.”

“Where?” Clint squinted his eyes in confusion. “And why are we whispering?”

“Westchester.” Pietro told him. “And we are whispering because we do not want Y/N to hear.”

“Why?” Clint questioned.

“Oh, just shut up.” Bucky rolled his eyes before looking to Sebastian and Tony. “Pepper, Bruce, Steve, the Guardians and I will all stay here so as not to draw too much attention.”

“Sounds good.” Tony nodded. “Come on then, Speedy, Hawk and Sebastian. Looks like we’re going on a little outing.”

Putting the pumpkin pie filling into the crust as she and Natasha continued to work over in the kitchen area, Y/N just shook her head as Rocket was throwing cranberries at Peter while Drax was laughing at him.

Y/N then glanced over when she heard a slight commotion.

“We’ll be back later!” Tony announced as he basically shoved Sebastian ahead of him.

“Where the hell are you guys going?” Natasha tilted her head as she watched the men.

“We’ll be back in like two… three hours, tops.” Clint told her as he and Pietro followed after Tony and Sebastian.

Y/N opened up her mouth to say something but didn’t get the chance to talk before the four men were already out of the room.

“What the hell was that about?” Gamora muttered to Wanda, said woman shrugging like she had no idea.

“That was weird.” Y/N commented, staring at the doorway through which they had left the room before turning back to work on the pie again. “Then again, they’ve always been kinda weird. I’m sure the won’t hurt Sebastian too badly… Probably.”


Hangar Bay…

“We can’t take more than three hours or else she’ll really get suspicious more than she probably already is.” Tony said as he, Sebastian, Clint and Pietro entered the hangar bay where they kept the Quinjet.

“We get to ride in that?” Sebastian enquired, pointing to the semi-small aircraft as it sat there, waiting to be flown.

“Yep.” Clint nodded in confirmation as pressed a button, the Quinjet’s ramp lowering. “And if you’re really nice, I might even let you help steer the thing.”

“Is that even legal?” Sebastian questioned as they all walked up the ramp. “It’s not like I know how to fly one of these things.”

“Don’t think so.” Clint shrugged as he sat down in one of the pilot seats. “But It sure is fun.”

“Well, color me intrigued.” Sebastian commented, gazing over all the controls and buttons up front.

“Take a seat.” Tony motioned for Sebastian to sit down in the other pilot seat next to Clint. “It’ll only take us maybe fifteen minutes by Quinjet to get there.”

“Maybe I’ll get a rematch with that knockoff Quicksilver.” Pietro crossed his arms as he sat down across from Tony. “I mean, I can understand having the same last name. Lots of people meet someone with the same last name as theirs. But the same superhero alias? That’s just a copycat.”

“Oh, let’s not start this again.” Clint groaned, raising the ramp as he started up the Quinjet.

“What exactly is he talking about?” Sebastian questioned before his eyes went slightly wide as Clint took off into the Manhattan skyline. “Woah.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool for your first time.” Clint admitted as he began to steer the jet up into the sky. “And Pietro was just talking about another speedster just like him. They kinda have a rivalry going on. Don’t even ask how it started. We’ll be here all day.”

“Fair enough.” Sebastian chuckled before directing his gaze to look out the window at all the passing buildings as they made their way out of the city and towards none other than Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Or in other words…

The X-Mansion.


Inside, X-Mansion, Corridor…

“Where are Raven and Hank?” Erik asked, having just arrived for the impending Thanksgiving feast.

“They’re in the kitchen.” Charles answered as he and Erik walked down the corridor. “Raven kicked me out of the kitchen because I kept trying taste everything. So now she’s recruited Hank to help her.”

Erik nodded, not being able to help the slight smirk that crossed his face. His and Charles’s attention was then brought to the large window they were walking past. It let you see out onto the large manicured lawn of the X-Mansion. But, that was not what caught their eye. What got their attention was the not-so inconspicuous Avengers Quinjet that was landing in the center of the lawn. “What are they doing here? Do you think Y/N decided to drop in for a visit.”

“No. Y/N isn’t with them.” Charles shook his head as he stepped up to the window, using his Telepathy to try and discern what the impromptu visit was for. “However, someone else is.”

“Who?” Erik asked, tilting his head slightly as he stepped up next to Charles.

Charles closed his eyes for a moment, trying to focus. It was only a moment more before a small smile came over his features and he turned to Erik. “If you’ll excuse me, I believe I have a visitor.”

Erik stood there for a moment, watching his good friend walk down the corridor and disappear around the corner before he himself then just shook his head and turned the opposite direction and continued on the way he had been going with Charles.


Outside, Lawn…

“Now, don’t let him scare you.” Clint chimed in as he, Sebastian, Tony and Pietro walked down the ramp of the Quinjet and onto the lawn of the X-Men. “'Cause you you know, he can be good at that.”

“I think I’ll be okay… Probably.” Sebastian responded indeed as he took a step forward towards the giant X-Mansion.

It was kinda just now occurring to Sebastian that this was the place Y/N had grown up most of her life. In other words, her childhood home.

“Now or never.” Sebastian muttered to himself before he began walking towards the mansion again just as a set of doors opened, revealing Charles Xavier to be standing there like he had been waiting for Sebastian to arrive.

“Sebastian.” Charles gave him a kind smile in greeting. “It’s good to finally meet you in person.”

“Likewise.” Sebastian nodded, shaking Charles’s outstretched hand. “Suppose it is better than the couple of times I’ve seen Y/N speak to you over Skype.”

“It is.” Charles agreed before motioning for Sebastian to walk inside. “Walk with me?”

“Of course.” Sebastian nodded before following Charles inside.

“So, what do you think?” Tony questioned, crossing his arms while he and Clint stood by the Quinjet as they watched the doors that Charles and Sebastian had walked through close.

“…I think it’ll be good.” Clint said, nodding to himself. “Sebastian’s a good man.”

“Yes, yes, that is all very nice.” Pietro rushed up in between Tony and Clint, putting his arms around their shoulders. “Now, I’m gonna go find that younger, less good looking version of me.”

“Play nice!” Tony called after Pietro, said speedster already all the way across the grounds to go and no doubt cause trouble. “Yeah, like that’ll happen.”


Inside, X-Mansion, Corridor…

“Really, it is quite good that you’re here.” Charles spoke as he and Sebastian walked side-by-side along the corridor. “I’ve been trying to get Y/N to bring you here so I could meet you.”

“Yes, life has been particularly busy as of late.” Sebastian replied as he and Charles came upon a set of wooden double doors.

“So I’ve seen.” Charles nodded in understanding as he pushed the doors to his study open. “Why don’t you tell me what brings you here, Sebastian.”

“Shouldn’t you already know?” Sebastian questioned as Charles rounded the large mahogany desk in the bookshelf-lined room.

“I might be a Telepath, but it is more fun for me to watch people tell me things for themselves.” He replied, motioning for Sebastian to sit down across from him. “Please, sit.”

“I guess I can understand that sentiment.” Sebastian shrugged as he took a seat on the other side of Charles’s desk.

“Yes, well, it does get somewhat quiet around here during the holidays. So, I take the opportunity when I can get it.” Charles told him as he sat across from Sebastian. “Now, to what do I owe the pleasure of your unexpected visit?”

“Well…” Sebastian trailed off, trying to pick out the right words. “I suppose, to put it as simply as I can, I’d like to know if you’re okay with me asking Y/N to marry me.”

Charles smiled slightly before he picked up a picture frame from his desk and turned it around to show Sebastian. “This was Y/N when she was eighteen, right before she went off to university. I hated taking this picture because it would be a reminder that she wasn’t my little girl anymore.”

Sebastian peered closer at the picture, examining Y/N from when she was younger. Her long (H/C) was cascading in waves down her back as she grinned at the camera while she sat on top of one of her packed suitcases.

“Y/N has been in my life since she was seven years old.” Charles’s voice broke Sebastian out of his own thoughts. “I never married, so Y/N was my top priority. She always will be.”

“I can understand that.” Sebastian nodded as he watched Charles place the picture frame back where it had been before standing up from the desk and walking to a set of glass doors that opened up onto a balcony that overlooked the massive lawn of the X-Mansion.

“When Y/N contacted me and told me about losing her powers last year, I was worried for her.” Charles continued as Sebastian stood up from the desk to come and join him out on the balcony. “I told her that maybe she should come back here and stay with me again for a while. Do you know what she told me?”

“What did she tell you?” Sebastian asked curiously before looking back out at the lawn and watching as both Quicksilvers raced around.

“She wanted to make her own way in life.” Charles answered. “I mean, after she had gone off to be with the Avengers, it’s like she had gained something she never could’ve had here with the X-Men. That’s not to say she completely rejected us. Not at all. She just found a better outlet for herself. A better way to use the ability that had been forced upon her years beforehand. Anyway, after that had been taken away from her, she wanted to try something new. She wanted to figure it out for herself. That opportunity arose when she met your friend Jared. And now I get to see her be happy while fighting fake monsters on tv.”

“It is a unique experience.” Sebastian admitted, wondering if Charles was going to answer his question.

Charles smirked internally, knowing just exactly what him not answering the question was doing to Sebastian. He didn’t need Telepathy for that.

“You know, after I brought Y/N to live with me, and to make everything legal, her last name was changed to Xavier for a while. But then she changed it back to Y/L/N after she turned eighteen.” Charles informed him. “That was fine. I didn’t mind. If I had been her, I probably would’ve done the same. She’ll always be my Y/N. I mean, she is the most important person in my life to me. And… I believe you are becoming that for hers.”

“That really means a lot to hear.” Sebastian told Charles, glancing at him. “Truly.”

“I’m glad.” Charles nodded, glancing at Sebastian. “That’s why my answer is yes. And I appreciate you asking me.”

“You’re welcome.” He nodded, shaking Charles hand once more before both of them turned back towards the lawn just in time to see Peter Maximoff stop and extend his leg and trip Pietro, making Clint and Tony burst out laughing as they watched.

“Cheater!” Pietro shouted.

Charles rolled his eyes before looking back to Sebastian. “Shall I show you out? I could introduce you to a few friends on our way.”

“Lead the way.” Sebastian nodded, motioning for Charles to go first.


New York City, New York, Inside, Avengers Tower, Lounge…

“How’s it coming?” Natasha asked as Y/N was bent over, looking into the oven.

“Looks good.” Y/N replied, standing back up straight and closing the oven door. “Pies should be done in like ten minutes. Seems like the last thing to come out of the oven will be the turkey.”

“I feel bad for Jane and her family.” Peter Quill commented from where he sat at the dining table by Wanda, Gamora, Rocket and Drax. “They’d have to get like three turkeys. One for them and two for Thor.”

“I wish I could object.” Steve chuckled as he stirred the mashed potatoes. “But that’s actually pretty accurate.”

“What’s accurate?” Clint asked as he entered the room.

“Thor eating two turkeys every Thanksgiving.” Bucky responded as he brought out the pumpkin pie from the fridge to set it on the kitchen island.

“He gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘Goldie Locks’.” Tony pointed out as he and Sebastian entered the lounge, Pietro rushing right past them before swiping the pumpkin pie off the kitchen island and bringing it to place on the dining table in front of Drax and Rocket. Little Groot emerged from behind the giant bowl of cranberry sauce to stare in awe at the yummy looking pie.

“Ruff!” Balthazar barked from where he sat under the table on top of Wanda’s feet.

“Don’t worry, buddy. I made you a blueberry and unseasoned turkey pie.” Y/N called to her dog from where she stood in the kitchens “There’s no sugar, so it’s good for you.”

Sebastian chuckled as he walked over to stand next to Y/N, kissing her on the temple before peering over her shoulder at the dressing/stuffing she was making. “Everything smells delicious, ma chérie.”

Y/N couldn’t help but grin at the close proximity Sebastian was standing next to her. Even after almost a year of dating, he still managed to make her feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

It wasn’t until a while later as everyone was sitting around the dining table; Balthazar enjoying his dog-safe blueberry and unseasoned turkey pie, and little Groot walking across the table and taking a tiny bite of something off everyone’s plates, that Sebastian realized just exactly how much he was sure of what he wanted to ask Y/N in the next month or so.

“Happy Thanksgiving, mon amour.” Y/N whispered as she leaned over, pecking Sebastian on the cheek before she was drawn into another conversation with Bruce and Tony.

Sebastian smiled at her before turning back to his plate that little Groot has just grabbed a cranberry from.

Yeah, he was definitely sure.

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Halfworld Reckoning 89 Ch 8

“Life finds a way.”-Micheal Criton

Groot ran, pushing the pains back to the recesses of his mind. The flashing lights, the stench of spilled chemicals unknown and screams of the strange people in the masks. The whirr of the drones, his bark split and cracked with each bullet. Beside him Gamora grunted on the upswing of her sword, striking a lab coated alien up the chest. He dodged as Drax wrestled with another one, crashing to the ground.

“This way!” Lylla cried, sliding under a fallen gurney. Groot’s eyes struggled to follow in the ever-changing lights.

“I am Groot,” he told Rocket. Rocket who was still Rocket. He had to be…but those eyes, when he bit Groot…those eyes were black, soulless. Groot shivered and held him tighter with determination. They turned the corner, Quill exchanged rounds with ten armored aliens, each armed in turn.

“Give us the rodent!” A female voice shouted, lunging forward. Groot struck out a vine and hit her in the side. Wincing, as she hit the floor. It was a crime to harm another living being according to the wisdom of the Groots. But since befriending Rocket, nay even before that, Groot had more or less come to terms with straying from the rulebook of his people. Lylla scurried down the corridor, halting at the broken smashed doors of the experimentation lab where they had first found Rocket.

“In here,” she beckoned, turning and leaping on the face of another scientists. Groot watched her bury her small claws into his face and cringed, vines caressing Rocket’s fur out of his own anxiety as the man screamed and tried to pry Lylla off.

“Groot!” Quill cried, gesturing to where the human was tugging at Lylla, beating his fists into her back as she remained latched to him. Groot’s feet were planted as firmly as they could be in the ground that was not soil. “Groot!” In his arms Rocket stirred, eyes large with fear, legs kicking. Drax rushed past, clobbering the man whom Lylla was scratching and together the Destroyer and Otter subdued him.

“You are a good fighter for such a small creature. I did not expect you to be so good in combat.” Lylla smiled despite her bruises as she ushered them into the room.

“It’s what I was born to do.” Rocket frantically clawed at Groot’s branches.

“I am Groot!” Groot tried to calm him, the raccoon did not heed. Instead Groot sprung vines involuntarily as Rocket hissed and snarled, mouth foaming. He jumped before the Flora colossus could catch him and clung to the white round light’s above.

“What do we do?” Quill shouted, trying to shut the door against the blasts of the drones.

“Hold him down!” Lylla demanded, Rocket snarled, ears pinned back against his head.

“Damnit,” Gamora cursed, throwing her own weight against the door beside Quill. The blasts echoed with shouts from the humans. Groot turned watching in eye bulging fear as the two furry animals scratched at each other. The otter winced as the raccoon scratched across her chest, drawing a line of red. She rolled, grabbing for a needle and twisted, jamming it into Rocket’s shoulder.

“I am Groot!” Groot ran over to Rocket who bared his teeth and stumbled, clattering to the metal table.

“I had to!” Lylla panted. Even sedated, Groot watched the uneven breathing of his best friends scratched up side. Groot watched in panic as the otter strapped Rocket down. “Hand me that knife,” Groot’s large eyes flashed to the long thin object lying on the floor. Red splashed across it.

“I am Groot?”

“I don’t know what you’re saying,” Lylla admitted, “but if we’re going to even have a chance at getting him back I need you to trust me.”

“Groot you better…” Quill poked his gun through the slit in the door and fired. “go quickly!” The Flora colossus gazed at the otter, reaching out and slowly touched a hand to her chest. She watched, breathing heavy and fast as if anticipating an attack. Groot looked in to her, seeing her pain…more similar to Rocket’s then even his own. Groot’s gaze wavered only when Rocket jolted on the table, his heart wrenching in two at his friend’s muffled hiss of pain.

“Quickly!” Lylla pleaded. Groot took a breath, gripping the knife and handing it to her. He hoped beyond all hope that he was doing the right thing. That Rocket could forgive him. Lylla took it from Groot and he turned away as she positioned it at the base of Rocket’s skull.

“There is too many of them!” Drax shouted as another blast poked a hole through the already banged up doors. All Groots perceived and experienced time differently than most mammalien based creatures; for him, Lylla’s deft work took an eternity. But after the initial cut, he turned back to watch. He needed to bear witness to that which pained his best friend the most. The cables, panels, gears and gadgets that made up the inside of Rocket’s body caused his soulmate agony, physically, mentally, emotionally every second of his existence and if Rocket could carry that pain with him then Groot knew the least he could do was see him through. Lylla connected wires, cut and examined, re-cut. All the while playing metal with muscle, pinning organic tissue to metal.

“Ahh!” Groot whirled around, Gamora held her side, still trying desperately to keep the door closed.

“You alright?” Quill shouted. The assassin grunted and pushed her back against the doors, sending the metal screeching.
“Just…one…last connection…” Lylla meticulously fused the last two wires in Rocket’s back implant together and stitched him closed, skull and all.

“I am Groot?”

“If what you asked was ‘did it work’ then I’m not sure…” Groot felt his heart sink. There wasn’t time for ambiguity. “I followed all the correct steps from watching it….” She mused. “But…there was always that one factor the scientists could never replicate…a spark was needed. Not a mechanical spark, something unexplainable.” She pondered, “actual free will…the could create soliders and weapons that obeyed, sure. But Rocket and I…the others like us, we were created but the sentience itself was something they were never able to forge. It just happened. They called it the spark of life. They were trying to replicate it…but it only ever occurred randomly. For every creature like me and Rocket here, hundreds of others were killed or defected because the scientists couldn’t make them truly, truly, alive.” She turned to Groot.

“A soul. A soul can’t be made in a lab…I’ve put him back together but without his real sentience he’ll…. he’ll just be a monster.”

“I told you!” Drax shouted over the alarms, “we should honor his memory by roasting him over a great fire in a ceremonial feast!”

“We are not…” Quill fired through the doors again, narrowly missing a blast from one of the scientists on the other side, “eating Rocket!”

“What is the alternative?” The destroyer thrust his fist through the opening in the door and Groot recognized the familiar grunt and fall of the victim. “He would not want us to keep him as a pet!” As much as Groot was disgusted by the idea, he had to admit Drax had a point. The last thing Rocket would want would be to be kept as a pet. But what if….Groot looked down at his own chest. The spores. The lessons of his people vibrated through his vines, even here so far away from everything that was good and green. He gently reached out, placing his hand on Rocket’s chest, closing his eyes.

“What are you…?” Lylla watched in amazement as a glowing yellow light shown from under Groot’s palm. He consentraited. The power of the Groots was the power of life and growth. Back on Planet X it was told that they were sentinels of all natural things of the forest. Wood gods. In his youth, Groot had healed a squirrel that had succumb to a strange sickness, but bringing Rocket’s soul back….? He could only hope. Something hot flashed across the flora colossus’s bark. He winced, but remained fixed on Rocket.

“Groot hurry!” Gamora shouted. The alarms sounded off, red and white flashes. Groot closed his eyes. Feeling down, beneath the metal flooring, under the concrete until at last his roots felt earth. The energy ran upward, from the earth to his roots, through his heart.

“Groot!” Quill called, his dry voice cracking. “It’s now or never we need to GO!” With a final effort, Lylla watched the glowing yellow light grow larger and larger until it illuminated the strange tree creature and the raccoon. She waited, holding her breath.

“I am Groot!!!” Groot roared, the light raged, he grabbed Rocket. Lylla, Drax, Gamora and Quill braced themselves, only letting go of the doors and their weapons to shield themselves from the blinding light. It faded slowly and Groot did not even notice the fresh breeze of cool air. He did not hear the crinkling of debris or hear the absence of gunshots. He only looked at Rocket, revealing him from his protectively hold. His friend’s nose twitched.

“I am Groot…?” If he had a stomach it would be rolling in anxiety. Did it work? Could he try again? Exhaustion dripped from every vine. He reached a singe finger out, touching Rocket’s face gingerly. In amazement, Groot watched his friend’s eyes open a sliver, those familiar red orbs clouded but there. Rocket sniffed again, tail flipping.

“W…what…t..the flark….?”

“I am Groot!” Relief washed over him as he hugged his friend close. Rocket went stiff at first, but as the flora colossus spent his last effort growing a sprig of pink flowers, the raccoonoid gave in.

“Those kurtuckan scientists…” Rocket muttered, “I fought them…scratch their eyes out but…they strapped me down and….”

“I am Groot,” Groot pat him on the back and Rocket stepped back, eyes wondering.

“Woah…” the Flora colossus followed his gaze, gasped as he looked over the ruined lab. Around them rubble strewn as far as they could see. The Milano, and the trees and vegetation of the outside world shown on the horizon

“Rocket!” Gamora and the rest of the gang rushed over.

“We thought we lost you!” Quill said, sheathing his gun.

“Indeed! You were truly an animal,” Drax put in, beaming. “I wanted to give you the great honor of roasting you but they would not let me. I am glad that you are once again your true self.”

“Gee, thanks.” Rocket smirked.

“Your girl friend helped us a great deal.” Drax gestured to Lylla.

“What girl friend? I don’t have a…” Groot watched Rocket behold the otter creature. She herself looked as shocked as any of them.

“Lylla!” Rocket gaped, trying to think of what to say. Groot watched him settle for his usual brash: “…told you we’d escape together this time.” She rolled her eyes but grinned and without warning Rocket hugged her tightly. “I’m so sorry….but we’re…we’re free now. This time for good.” She allowed his embrace for a moment more before letting go.

“Should we uhh…go?” Peter suggested. “Before there are any other damn drones or mad scientists or anything else weird and freaky comes to get us?”

Groot nodded.

“Lylla,” Rocket smiled, “come with us!”

“I am Groot!” Groot agreed, from what he’d seen of the little otter, she was extremely capable, tenacious and even kind.

“A…are you sure?” Lylla wondered, looking between them all. Groot watched Quill nod.

“If your half the genius Rocket is, we’d be glad to have you.” Rocket chuckled,

“Oh don’t worry about that,” Lylla joked. “First few weeks in the lab he didn’t even know how to get his food dispenser to work. I had to talk him through it at least ten times.”

“You did not! It was nine times, and that kurtukan thing was complicated!” Groot laughed, and his grin widened as Rocket scurried up to his shoulders as they made their way to the ship, Peter and Gamora already hitting it off with Lylla.

“I am Groot?” Groot asked before they followed the others on to the ship.

“Yeah I’m alright,” Rocket sighed. “Thanks to you big guy. Don’t know what you did but I feel better than I have in a while. Groot grew a single pink flower from his palm, handing it to his friend. Rocket took it, for once.

“Thanks bud.”

“I am Groot.”