Thing that just occurred to me:

Peter, from the beginning, had no problem at all when it came to dealing with Rocket.

Rocket tries to kidnap and sell him? Pffft, yeah, that’s in the past, now they are working together to break out again.

Rocket yells and threatens and curses at him the whole time? Peter doesn’t bat an eyelash and just shoots back in much the same manner, or calms the other down with a few pointed words.

And why?

Because Rocket is extremely similar to Yondu.

Peter could easily deal with and see through Rocket’s behavior because he had dealt 26 years with Yondu.

He’s used to it.  

GotG and Flower Symbolism:

I’m a little pressed that no one else has done this because I think it’s relevant. And by that, I mean I actually took the time to do this so I’m gonna share a post that uses flowers to symbolize major characters in the MCU GotG lineup. Also, you might look at any or all of these flowers and disagree. Feel free to do so, I don’t claim to be a florist or flower expert. 

Drax – Star-Shaped Amaryllis:

A star-shaped or trumpet-shaped amaryllis symbolizes pride. Since the plants are so large, they seem to call attention to themselves by towering over other[s]. White amaryllis that resemble lilies also symbolize mourning for a loved one.

Peter Quill – Marigold:

Sometimes the biggest message comes from the smallest and most common garden flower. These are flowers which can symbolize remembering and celebrating a loved one from beyond the grave as well as the beauty and warmth of the rising sun. Marigolds are meant to convey the winning of affection through hard work and one’s creativity and promoting good cheer among relationships.

Gamora – Heather Flower:

A flower which symbolizes independence and self-sufficiency while it grows in rocky hills and moors. Heather flowers are also meant to convey good fortune, beauty worth admiration, and protection in the fulfillment of one’s dream.    

Rocket – Hydrangeas:

Can have multiple different meanings, including one bearing heartfelt and honest emotions, acknowledging a deeper understanding of others, frigidity, and boastfulness as well as bragging about (false) accomplishments.

Groot – Alstroemeria:

Flowers which come in a variety of colors and signify devotion and mutual support, between family members or friends, friendship on a broad scale from acquaintanceship to lifelong buds, and withstanding the trials of everyday life.

Mantis – Snowdrop Flower:

Snowdrop Flowers bloom under adversity as they grow through snow grounds. These flowers have several meanings, yet they’re associated with positivity, hope, and sympathy or consolation. Snowdrop flowers are historically used for religious and medicinal practices.

Nebula – Tulip:

Tulips have an unclear or nebulous history, but imply enduring love in relationships including those among family members, love which is undying even when rejected or spurned. Tulips are also a sign of supporting the less fortunate in life.

Yondu Udonta – Morning Glory:

A flower representing duality in a person, in terms of restraining one’s love and showing tenderness. Morning Glory flowers are known as blue stars or when red they symbolize a strong heart. It is believed that the morning glory relates to life’s finite nature, each single flower representing one life and life being represented by the daylight hours of the sun, withering and finally dying by nightfall.

Kraglin – Aster:

These flowers can have long-life spans and are typically associated with patience and acceptance as well as afterthought or the wish for things to have gone differently in the past.

Meredith Quill – Rosemary:

Rosemary or Statice flowers signify remembrance, charm, fantasy, compassion and motherly love when they come in shades of pink. These flowers can be used in memorial wreathes and are also known as Sea Foam or Marsh Rosemary.

Ego – Snapdragon:  

Snapdragons can symbolize grace and strength, but are just as easily related to deviousness, deception and falsehood.

Please help me not hate Yondu

(There are GotG2 spoilers all over the place in this post, beware.)

I’m serious. I see everyone loving him and I want to do the same. I think he treated Peter very well and, given the hand he was dealt, I am SO impressed with what he accomplished! (Even if he made mistakes.)


They way he leads his crew in the first movie (”Is that what she’s filling your head with, boy? SENTIMENT?!”) is horrible. His crew turns against him because nobody, not even their captain, is allowed to feel FEELINGS, including mercy, compassion, and love.

(Even more GotG2 spoilers, ahead)

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i swear to god, if there isn't a scene in Infinity War where Rocket gets to earth and sees a raccoon, i will demand a refund.