10 characters 10 fandoms meme

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random listing

1. Nick Wilde (Zootropolis)

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2. Bolt (Bolt)

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3. Tod (The fox and the hound)

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4. Leo (Jungle emperor leo, couldn’t find a good gif)

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5. Brain Griffin (Family guy)

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6. Fry (Futurama)

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8. Rocket raccon (Guardians of the galaxy)

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9. Toothless (How to train your dragon)

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10. Baymax (Big hero 6)

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Scenes We'd Like To See: Infinity War
  • Rocket Raccoon:"I need that guy's arm."
  • Bucky Barnes:"Wha- Steve?"
  • Star Lord:"He doesn't need your arm, don't worry."
  • Rocket Raccoon:"Yes, I do. It's important."
  • Bucky Barnes:"Will I get it back?"
  • Star Lord:"Do not give him your arm."
  • Bucky Barnes:"But he needs it!"
  • Rocket Raccoon:"Yeah, Quill. The world's gonna end if I don't get his arm!"
  • Star Lord:"Rocket-"
  • Bucky Barnes:"The world's going to end?!"
  • Steve Rogers:"What? Whose ending the world now?"
  • Star Lord:"Nobody. Rocket-"
  • Rocket Raccoon:"Yo, grandpa, get me your boyfriend's arm. I need it."
  • Steve Rogers:"Buck-"
  • Star Lord:"He doesn't need his arm."
  • Steve Rogers:"But he said-"
  • Star Lord:"My buddy Rocket here is a filthy whore liar. Please do not give him the arm."