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The Shovel Talk

gen / 1k words / [ao3]

Kravitz doesn’t get summoned often, especially not to talk about his intentions toward his maybe-boyfriend. 

Kravitz didn’t get summoned often.  It was expensive as shit, for one thing, and for another most people didn’t want to encounter a grim reaper.  The Raven Queen’s bounty hunters couldn’t be used as supernatural assassins the way some demons were.

So he was bemused to find himself jerked away from his breakfast (“breakfast”–coffee, black, spiked) and into a binding circle.

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I just added my I Am Groot original acrylic painting AND art prints to Etsy!! Link in Profile ^

Uh oh! You need to impress boss Giovanni quick! You can enter to win…um ‘steal’ this free pokemon print at Scratch n’ Spin this morning for Free Comic Book Day!

(I’ll be there at 10-2pm)

All you have to do is be the first to approach me and recite the classic team rocket motto!

One print for one winner!!

(You can have a friend help with the motto if you want too!)

If you you’re too late! Don’t fret! I’ll be drawing free sketches and have these prints and many others available for sale! Hope to see you there!

MIT Rocket Team successfully fired a rocket motor printed from plastic!
Working with generous supporters at Markforged to design and 3d print the pieces necessary to pull off this historic accomplishment.
Hell yeah!!!