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Yes, sure its fun to see a lady spin around like that, but I had one of my friends ask me - “Where do you even use this mate?”

Here’s one application that I know very well off.

Spin Stabilization

If you have ever seen a rocket launch, you might know that sometimes the rockets are given a spin while launching. This is known as spin stabilization.

Basically, the rotational inertia of the rotating body will stabilize the rocket against any disturbances and help maintain its intended heading.

The same principle is used in rifling of firearms as well. **

YoYo DeSpin

Okay, now there is the question how to “De-spin” the rocket:

Well, you do what the lady does: stretch out your arms and you will slow down !

The rocket has weights connected to a cable that stretch out and almost immediately the rocket slows down. This maneuver is known as the YoYo DeSpin. ( Damn good name ! )

All thanks to the conservation of angular momentum !

Have a good one !

* Another method to stabilization : 3-axis stabilization

** Bullets spin stabilization - post

** Source rocket launch video


Every Photo From NASA’s Apollo Missions Are Now on Flickr

The Project Apollo Archive uploaded more than 14,000 high-resolution images the astronauts took during NASA’s Apollo Missions of the 1960s and 70s. The collection includes every never-seen-before photo shot with the Hasselblad cameras on the lunar surface, from Earth and lunar orbit, as well as during the journey between the two. All the photos are unprocessed versions of the original scans.
Image courtesy: NASA/JSC

ID #90427

Name: Anika
Age: 14
Country: USA

hello! I’m just a nerdy girl from the east coast looking for a friend to talk to through email, tumblr, or kik. I love the Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Flash, Arrow, and Baby Daddy. I’m also a huge science nerd and I love physics and astronomy and rockets and robots. I also engage in ETHICAL hacking (I’m just getting started). That does not mean I don’t like the arts. I love world history and mythology as well as architecture. I like sketching buildings of my own, and I occasionally paint. I’m hella curious, always in the mood for dank memes. We can talk about everything and nothing.
I like all kinds of people, as long as you are respectful and not bigoted.

Preferences: no older than 19


When I post Slow Mo Guys videos, it often comes with a warning not to try this at home. For their latest video, that deserves an extra-special mention: seriously, don’t try this. In this video, Dan and Gav explode lithium-ion batteries. In the process, they discover a safety feature - namely vents on one face of the battery. Because runaway thermal reactions (a.k.a. explosions) are a possibility with this type of battery system, consumer-grade batteries are designed to try and prevent extreme damage. One of these outwardly visible safety features are these four vents that release gas when when the battery is too hot. By venting the gas, manufacturers keep the battery from exploding and sending hot chemicals and shrapnel in all directions. Instead the venting gas turns the entire battery into a miniature rocket. (Video and image credit: The Slow Mo Guys)

bowandbat  asked:

I'm curious about the physics of bottle rockets. In the novel I'm writing, my characters use bottle rockets as weapons. They tape sharpened sticks to the rockets and use them as projectile spears. What would be the velocity of a bottle rocket with a stick taped to it? What kind of damage would it inflict? Love your blog! Thank you!

The final velocity depends on a lot of variables, like the trajectory, weight, fuel being used, burn rate of the fuel, size of the bottle, etc. However, you can be assured that they can be harmful and with the right pointy sticks, they can be deadly.

Here’s one example:

Good luck with your novel!


Hard Landing for SpaceX Rocket Despite Successful Liftoff.

pokeperson12  asked:

What is the craziest thing the southern states have done?

Thanks for the ask!

Collectively? I will have to go into more detail later!

The craziest thing they have ever done was when all the southern states, on the morning of the 4 of July, set up fireworks outside Alfreda house. They were to be triggered when he went outside in the evening. They managed to keep everyone away from the garden by having a BBQ in the front lawn, saying it was ‘good to be different’

How nobody knew or found the fireworks were anyone’s guess.

Later, when night fell, they said “we’ve got a surprise for you in the garden!” So everyone went out to the garden, setting off the fireworks. However, their biggest rocket had a long rope coming off it, and somehow it got tangled around Indiana feet.

Needless to say, when the rocket did go off, it launched poor Indiana into the sky, and flinging them into the next town.

Turns out the rocket wasn’t a firework. It was a tiny rocket from NASA that Alabama has stole and modified.

Indiana still won’t speak to them.


One of my close friend’s first mission is launching today! He has been working on it for the past two years so it is super exciting to watch it go!

The launch is scheduled for today (1/19) 7:46 pm EDT (23:46 GMT).
BROADCAST BEGINS at 7:26 pm EDT (23:26) here. Be on the lookout for my friend Tyler; he will be interviewed before launch. :D

The intricacies involved in launching a shuttle off the ground and successfully completing its mission is no doubt a meticulous task. Every move made during a launch is calculated and deliberate, nothing is left for chance.

On that note, having watched a couple of historic shuttle launches, this peculiar behavior caught my eye: the orbiter always faced the earth! ( The orbiter is the plane part of the shuttle)

Why do shuttles orient belly up ?

Protection against space debris

Upon entering the atmosphere, most space debris burn up. But out in space, without the protective blanket of our atmosphere, the space shuttle is exposed to all sizes and shapes of space debris ( also man-made ).

The space shuttle’s belly is designed to take up intense heat and pressure so that the shuttle doesn’t fall apart when it re-enters the atmosphere, and therefore best suited for taking hits from flying space junk

The Sun

Do you remember the heat-resistant space shuttle tiles that I posted about a couple of weeks back?

Putting the spacecraft with it’s bottom to the Sun it is these heat-resistant tiles on the bottom that are most exposed to the full power of the Sun.

This keeps the astronauts safer and cooler than they would be otherwise.

To maneuver

Wait, space shuttles maneuver in flight ? Yup ! For each mission the shuttle must be launched at a certain angle in order to accomplish the prescribed task.

Since the launch pad is fixed i.e you cannot change its angular orientation, the shuttle must perform the maneuver during the ascent in order to orient itself with the trajectory.

This maneuver is known as the Roll maneuver and is performed at a point about one minute or so after the launch.

The Atlantis performing a roll maneuver


Well, I think this thought might have already crossed your mind.

The belly down position assists in communication with the ground and allows instruments within the cargo bay to be pointed back towards Earth, which is required for many of the experiments carried within the bay.

Home, Sweet Home !

The reason why the shuttle’s cargo bay faces towards the earth has some psychological benefit as well.

The crew of the crew are given the spectacular views of our home planet glorifying the magnificence of its existence, rather than staring at the cold, dark void of space that lies afar.

oh man, im having so many x6 feelings lately just

some of his lines are just so cute, and make me think. like in one place he says something along the lines of “a great writer lived here. I can not imagine how anyone not a scientist can be considered great”

and at first its just kinda heartbreaking, cause no x6 sweetie anyone can be great, youre great too

but then he makes a lot of these comments where he downright admires the science accomplished at the institute. and sure, most of that will be due to his programming (because what megalomanic slave owner wouldn’t make their manufactured people be in awe of them?) but artificially induced or not his feelings are still real and valid and he’s just so into the sciences i just can’t, like imagine

x6 assisting with some trivial task (prior to becoming a courser maybe). and hes kinda curious and asks a few questions

but the scientists don’t acknowledge his curiousity at all and so after a while he just gives up

but he’s just so interested in everything and some sciences, like the mechanical ones, don’t really take for him but he can’t ever get enough hearing about it

and hes just kinda hovering over the scientists/sole’s shoulder when they do science-y stuff and he doesnt ask anymore but he watches and hes maybe a little wide-eyed and

so at some point when he and sole travel around they kinda mention having learned a lot of stuff at school and about subject no one at the institute knows a lot about, too, so x6 kinda stops and goes ‘woah’ and he doesn’t explicitly ask because its not his place and he really doesnt need to know all of these things

but sole knows by now how to interpret his silences and talks a bit about astronomy and space physics and rocket science, because none of those topics are really feasible to research in an underground complext. and then they mention manned space missions

and that gets x6′s attention because astronauts are scientists, theyre super smart and they’re also strong and tough so they can survive the conditions in space, and he’s strong and okay maybe he doesn’t want to become a full-time scientist (he’s pretty happy being a courser) but these people are both and they’re important and sole’s eyes shine with wonder when they talk about them

and sole gives up a few weeks later because x6′s curiousity is as silent as it is insatiable and sure they learned the basics in school but there’s no way they can tell him the exact launch trajectories or the quantified forces that work on a human body when it is shot into space 

maybe at some point they go out of their way to get to university point/the surface CIT/wherever and find some well preserved books on the topic, and not just for laymen but dissertations and journals and books full of formulas and graphics and things the actual scientists would have worked with

and its like early christmas for x6 because sole doesn’t even understand some of the words in the titles but he does, because after all he’s been created by the Institute, programmed from the start with a sharp mind and so much knowledge

and everytime he has a few minutes to himself he reads through these books, learns about the planets, and gravitational waves and space-time fabric and there might be places outside of earth that could support life 

he knows more about space than anyone at the institute and its a weird feeling, kind of like he did something behind their backs, something he isn’t supposed to do, and he really doesn’t need to know about the composition of saturn’s rings in order to do his job

and its worse now because now when the scientists brush off his questions and suggestions - because damn it he knows a lot about physics and the composition of metals and he just wanted to share - it hurts because he knows he can help, he knows he can keep up with the scientists on their best days

to them he’ll always be just a machine with an assignment who doesn’t need to know anything but the things its been manufactured for

so for the first time in his existence he looks forward to getting to the surface, despite how filled with scum and dirt it is

because up there sole’s waiting for him with another book with 200 year old faded equations scrawled in the margins

and when he looks up he can see the stars and know every one of them


Hangout session with a Rocket Scientist!

We put forth all your questions that you had asked to Marielle during yesterday’s hangout session. It was truly a transcending experience, we hope you enjoyed it as well.

There were a couple of questions that went unanswered due to time constraints. They will be answered by Marielle on her tumblr - missaerospace.

Thank you so much, Marielle for taking the time to answer all the questions and sharing other valuable information and experiences that would aid rocket science aspirants. :D

EDIT : Marielle has cordially answered all the other questions asked during the hangout session. you can check them out here

Please fire me. I work in retail as a cashier and go to school, and I’m dyslexic so read the numbers wrong sometimes. When I do, I always apologize and correct myself. One day, I was messing up more than normal and I had a guy tell me to go back to middle school and learn how to read! I’m in university majoring in physics.