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My delicious vegan lunch some days ago: Rocket pesto millet besides some freshly olive oil - sautéed red cabbage and golden - baked tofu topped with organic peanut butter and fresh lemon juice. It tasted amazing!! This was the first and definitely not the last time I made this combination…! Have a beautiful day, xx 

anonymous asked:

Do you have a recipe for a good healthy dinner?

Hi dear anon! :) 

Hope you are enjoying your Friday? 
Yes, I got some savoury and healthy dinner recipes/ideas for you on my blog! 
Have a look under “recipes” on my blog or simply try out those links: 

1. Vegan power bowl with rice and veggies
2. Rocket pesto millet & sautéed red cabbage and golden - baked tofu
3. Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce 
4. Curry noodles with a delicious chickpea-kale sauce 
5. Asian coconut milk and curry wok dish
6. Baked butternut squash topped with homemade red pepper hummus and herb quinoa
7. Vegan mixed spring rolls 
8. Vegan buddha bowl 
9. Balsamic risotto besides a creamy veggie soup topped with roasted cashew nuts

Hope this helps, I’ll create and post more dinner recipes soon!
Have a lovely day, 
xx Amber :)