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@proper-nice-that‘s Max and my Dilan’s bio. >u<
Name: Maximum Risk
Age: 37
Nationality: American
Job: Soldier in the gravel war.
Partner to Dilan, Max used to be a stunt double for a famous actor, but later joined the war for extra cash, here he met a certain sweet Engineer and immediately had his heart set on the Texan, all the while trying to maintain the guise of being a straight man.

As his name suggests he’s a risk taker and though has a terrible aim is a great rocket jumper! He dresses very smart and is never seen without his faithful companion Lt.Bites!

Name: Dilan Adams
Age: 34
Nationality: Texan
Job: Engineer
Dilan was a teacher in his homeland’s University. Good, nice and kind to almost everyone, but clumsy and reckless at times. Though a gentleman, he was fired when the school authorities knew he was building dangerous weapons. These said weapons were found useful by Redmund Mann, hiring him in an instant months after he got fired, went into a slump and lonely but thankfully his bird, Ein was there to keep his spirits up.

In his new job, he partnered himself to Max, finding this Soldier trust worthy enough for most things like his safety and some secrets. Eventually slowly growing feelings for him, though he never had the guts to show or say anything about it.

( One of his secret is having a female’s thing at birth rather than having a male’s. Don’t tell em I told everyone. >x’D He’s gonna kill me. )

People always come to the Steam Mann VS. Machine subforum complaining that they got kicked for no reason. I ask them what class/weapons/upgrades they picked. The ones that answer (because yes, people complain but don’t want to talk about it, another form of attention seeking…) give more than one reason to get kicked. When we point those mistakes out, people get butthurt because we criticized them and their playstyle, even if it’s worse than going Rocket Jumper on the robots.

In the end, no matter if we try to help or not, the Steam Mann VS. Machine subforum gets a crappy reputation, and people go cry on other websites instead.

[Submitted by quenquent, edited by Seth.D]

Hey guys! What a great… year and some it’s been! I remember when I adopted this blog back when it had about a thousand followers, and now here we are at almost six thousand. I’m so proud of how far this thing’s come and it’s been an honour and a ride being your mod!

But what goes up must come down, like a majestic rocket jumper, or a scout getting sniped midair and crashing hilariously in ragdoll fashion to the blood-spattered dust. Alas, I’m handing the reins over to the new admins tonight! The next 90 memes or so were queued by yours truly, but after that it’s all new and all shiny. You might even see some really nice changes around here!

Thank you so much to all of you who have stuck around, you meme-loving fucks. ♥ I mean it, you’re all great. Your questions, your submissions, everything. You guys are what make this blog so funny and fun! It’s you guys, it’s this community. And you have the steam to keep going! Keep going, tf2memes!

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I’ve also set up a little ask blog for Retired Adminicorn, if you like my little mascot and want to see more doodles!

Thanks again and goodnight, followers, goodnight. You make me believe in magic.