rocket hat

Theres never gonna be a character cooler than cad bane. The duster? The hat? Rocket boots? Two guns for twice the cool? Hes fucking blue? When will your fave FUCKING EVER???


I basically took everything other than the mugshots and the full body art and it’s depressing how little Clay art there is in all of this. So little.

I think the picture at the bottom is something that wasn’t used in the game itself - and note, the typo of the rocket being ‘HAT-3′ instead of ‘HAT-2′ as it’s supposed to be.

Also interesting is the tiny bit of extra information we get about Clay. We learn that he was frail as a child, and he was inspired by Apollo, which helped him chase his own dreams and grow stronger.


One of the best new upgrades in the new Batman game is Batman’s ability to hoist his enemies up over, spin them around and jam his head up their asses to use them as a rockets for quick travel across the city.

Okay but seriously the Pokémon Go battle teams are EXACTLY like the Hogwarts houses, colors and all. Red Valor is used to represent the bravery of Pokémon like Gryffindor, blue Mystic focuses on the wisdom of Pokémon like Ravenclaw, and yellow Instinct focuses on the gut feelings of Pokémon like Hufflepuff. All we need is a team to represent Slytherin-

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This started in the style of this image, but then I started sketching and went “Nahp.” They were also going to have shoes… I cannot shoe. So have some barefoot chibi Hats playing Rocket League! Shirt colors are based on car colors they’ve driven(But not the patterns)!

Somebody else drew Sjin and Sips like this, and I can’t for the life of me remember who it was! But they’re who inspired this idea! If I remember or find it again, I’ll edit them in <3

(Does this count as werewolf!Ross if he’s just got the ears and a fang? Also, why is drawing them based on their MC skins so much easier?)


Eden: Part 1, Nightmare | TF2 Jump Movie by Reneux

Premiered in Tip of the Hats 2016.

Not too far off the path of relevance, this jump movie isn’t competitive, but it made its debut this weekend at Tip of the Hats as the description suggests. 

Similar to the description’s length, you’ll be short on words immediately after watching this video. Yeah, it’s that mind-blowing. 

Press play, watch in full screen, and keep your eyes on the prize.