rocket hat

new overwatch event is actually a birthday party. there are streamers and balloons on every map. every hero gets a skin but its just their default with a party hat. mccree’s cigar is replaced with a party blower that goes off when he high noons and he wears the party hat on top of his cowboy hat. soldier’s rockets come with confetti. pharah’s rockets look like giant birthday candles. zenyatta gets a pinata skin and drops candy when he dies. the payload on every payload map is replaced by a giant cake and when it reaches the end reinhardt pops out of it wearing nothing but a giant bow over his junk.



Peter walks inside a few days after Yondu’s funeral, not even snapping at Rocket who’s sitting in the corner fiddling with the ship’s wiring.

Drax looks up from polishing his knife and squints at Peter, finally saying: “You seem especially blue on this fine morning, Quill.”

Peter, caught off guard, looks at Drax, who blandly returns the stare.

Peter then smiles sadly, recognizing this as Drax’s unexpected way of consolidating him. “Yeah, buddy. I suppose I got it from my dad.”

Baby Groot comes skipping inside with Yondu’s Ravager badge held over his head like a hat (Rocket snorts in the background). Groot gives the badge to Peter, and says emphatically “He was Groot.”

I need this like I need air

After much consideration, the sorting hat agrees that Roquill is real.

Interestingly, I don’t think the guardians have a single Ravenclaw among them, which says a lot about the style of this group and why I love them :)

Edit: Explanation why Rocket is not a Ravenclaw:

Clone Wars and Rebels character summaries Part 5:


1. No ones likes him


1. Kills villagers for fun. What a dick.

2. Asshole.

3. Unresolved sexual tension with Legless Psychopath. The relationship ended badly.

4. Black lightsaber. Shaped like a samurai sword. Can you say “awesome”?

5. Wants to overthrow Actual Pacifist ‘cause she peaceful but he he prefer violence.

6. Cool armor.

7. Christopher Fuckin’ Lee gave him a scar on his face.

8. Voiced by that one dude from the Iron Man movies.

9. Made a deal with Boring Love Interest, but it didn’t go well.

10. Leader of a bunch of other domestic terrorists.


1. Loyal to Domestic Terrorist.

2. Is she in love with him? Is he a father/brother to her? Is she simply loyal because they share similar beliefs? It’s pretty ambiguous.

3. Pretty awesome for someone who was only in 5 episodes.

4. Actual Pacifist’s much more violent sister.

5. Hates Legless Psychopath.

6. Anti-villain.

7. Badass.

8. Bisexual.


1. Deserves better than this.

2. Surprisingly badass for someone who hates violence.

3. In love with Sassmaster. They exchange tons of sassy banter.

4. Betrayed by Prime Minister Almanac or whatever his name is.

5. Her nephew has the worst name ever and prolly gets made fun of at school.

6. Ventrobi shippers hate her.


1. No one likes him either.

2. The other fat fuck’s uncle.

3. Camp Straight.


1. Boring.

2. Bisexual Disaster’s love interest.

3. Pussy.

4. Thought making a deal with Domestic Terrorist would be a good idea for some reason?

5. Fucking idiot.

6. Hates Christopher Fuckin’ Lee ‘cause he fridged his mum.

7. His mum is more interesting than him and deserved better.

8. Oddly, even tho I hate him, I actually do like all the episodes he appears in. Weird, right?


1. Seriously, just look at her. She’s fucking creepy.

2. Leader of the Voodoo-Bitch Clan.

3. Mother of Legless Psychopath and Under Appreciated.

4. Once did some freaky voodoo doll shit to Christopher Fuckin’ Lee.

5. Kind of a mentor to Boss Ass Bitch.

6. One of the few people powerful enough to fight Magnificent Bastard.


1. Overshadowed by his much more popular brother.

2. Used to be a nice honorable guy but then Nightmare Fuel gave him some Force-Magic-Super-Steroids and he became a dick.

3. Bara alien. 

4. Woked for Boss Ass Bitch, then pretended to work for Christopher Fuckin’ Lee to help Boss Ass Bitch get revenge on him.

5. Betrayed both of them.

6. Found his bro as a hobo in the dump, and worked for him instead.

7. Headbutted Aladdin Gladiator(or whatever her name is) to death. Then stabbed her with his lightsaber just to make sure she was dead.

8. Decapitated a bunch of crime lords at the same time.

9. Growls a lot.


1. Space pirate.

2. Fucking hilarious.

3. Often drunk.

4. Sold some rocket launchers to Bisexual Disaster and her friends to help them overthrow an evil king.

5. And then a few weeks later he attacked her ship(which had 6 kids on it), captured her, and attempted to sell her for profit.

6. Friends with one of the kids and probably has to babysit her and the other kids sometimes.

7. Knew Bubba Feet’s dad.


1. Is blu.

2. No nose. How does he smell? Terrible!

3. Badass.

4. Rocket boots.

5. Nice hat.

6. Took a bunch of politicians hostage onece.


1. Is an asshole.

2. Everyone wishes he was never born.


I basically took everything other than the mugshots and the full body art and it’s depressing how little Clay art there is in all of this. So little.

I think the picture at the bottom is something that wasn’t used in the game itself - and note, the typo of the rocket being ‘HAT-3′ instead of ‘HAT-2′ as it’s supposed to be.

Also interesting is the tiny bit of extra information we get about Clay. We learn that he was frail as a child, and he was inspired by Apollo, which helped him chase his own dreams and grow stronger.

On my previous post, a few people pointed out that Rocket is a Ravenclaw, not a Gryffindor. This begs to be analyzed, as this choice leads to very different characters.

I think people get distracted by Rocket’s knowledge and intellect, so they naturally see him in Ravenclaw. First of all, one-word-traits are meaningless, as they don’t say anything about who a character is. He may have these general traits, but they don’t define who he is, what he feels, and what he does.

Although Rocket’s backstory has alternate versions, we can generally say that his technical knowledge was forced upon him by his makers and he was designed to be smart & capable. It doesn’t come from him. In Vol 2 he even says: ”I was engineered to fly ships”.

On his own, Rocket never studies anything and appears to have no interest in general exploration or discovery. He does not care about knowledge for knowledge’s sake. If he were to study something, it would serve a practical purpose (weaponry, ship tech, how to care for trees). If he had the choice between reading a book and going after a bounty, he’d choose the bounty, meaning he has a daring attitude and cares about great exploits. He also shows a desire for recognition (piloting skills, showing off weapons etc). All of this is Anti-Claw and Pro-Gryff.

Also (just because it fits well) note that Gryffs are defined by forests and fire, both of which are so very “Rocket” that it jumps out at me. So yeah, Rocket is a Gryff.

One of the things I love about this character is that he appears to be one thing (smart, rough, mean, etc.) but he really is someone else and you need to look deeper to understand him. I think the general audience member doesn’t get Rocket, nor does Telltale and the comic book writers for that matter. This is why he is written so poorly and the comics all tank. So far, only James Gunn appears to get him, and am I so glad he does.