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Come a Little Bit Closer (Spoiler Warning for GOTv2)

Peter Quill x Reader

Summary: After escaping from Planet Ego, Yondu survives and encourages you and Peter to finally admit your “unspoken thing”

Warning: Swearing

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“That was a close call” Peter yelled as he flew onto the awaiting ship with Yondu- both of them wearing spacesuits.

“Hell yeah it was boy, nearly had my ass handed to me by that maniac” Yondu dusted off his jacket and called Kraglin in to get a report on the ship.

“Peter! Are you okay?” you rushed up to your fellow Terran and checked him over for injuries.

“I`m okay Y/N” he pulled you to him and his eyes reassured you but behind his look was relief and sadness.

“Who knew my Dad was a fucking psycho?” he asked you.

“I told ya Pete, he was a creepy motherfucker when he told me to pick up kids from different planets. I am so glad I didn’t take you to him” Yondu patted Peter on the back as the rest of the team gaped at the revelation that Yondu saved Peter.

Peter didn’t say a word, just went up to his mentor and hugged him.

“Whatcha playing at kid” Yondu complained but hugged back.

The next couple of days were spent recovering from the trauma and treating wounds so you all decided a stop on Knowhere for a much needed night off.

“Whew, I am ready to get laid” Kraglin cracked his knuckles and checked his hair in the Milano`s paint.

“Laid down? Where?” Drax asked and Rocket rolled his eyes.

“On a bed. With a woman” Rocket quipped and chuckled at the gasp from Mantis.

“I wish I was on a bed with a man” she confessed.

“Maybe one day, if you wear a mask” Drax replied.

“Drax! What the hell dude?” you poked him for saying that to a woman.

“Let`s go get fucked” Yondu raised his arm to move us forward to the bars.

“I am Groot” came the small voice from Peter`s shoulder.

“You`re too young” Peter replied and patted the small tree who huffed and crossed his arms.

The bar choice was limited in Knowhere as most places had nightly murders.

“This one is semi-reputable” Gamora announced.

“Oh yeah, they only have a weekly murder” Rocket sassed, pushing you along as you hesitated.

“You know there are times when I regret joining you weirdos” you sigh.

“You`re with us because you couldn’t resist being with another Terran, especially a hot one” Peter winked.

“Oh yeah that`s why” you laughed.

“I wish they would just get together” Yondu nudged Kraglin who nodded.

“I may have an idea” Rocket said, winking.

“What ya winking at Rockie?” you teased.

“Damn it, wrong eye” he huffed.

“Racoons” you and Peter said at the same time.

The next couple of hours were spent with Peter at the bar, drinking weirdly named cocktails and playing a weird form of darts.

“What the fuck is this game?” Peter threw the exploding dart to the other board- yes there are two boards.

“Right, let`s plug this shit in” Yondu commanded as Kraglin worked the speaker Rocket made for fight soundtracks.

Music from Peter`s Zune came out of the speakers to fill the bar.

“What the hell?” you looked across the room to see Peter heading over to Yondu, Kraglin and Rocket who were messing around with the Zune.

In a little cafe, just the over side of the border, she was just sitting there giving me looks that made my mouth water

Peter and Yondu argued from the other side and eventually one of them won as Peter began to dance in the middle of the room.

“Ugh just dance with him Terran” Gamora pushed you slightly.

You looked back at her in shock but made your way over to the fellow human…well former half human.

Come a little bit closer your my kind of man, so big and so strong

Peter pulled you to him and swung you around, holding you closer as the song went on.

“Pete” you laughed as he moved you both around the makeshift dance floor.

“I need to deal with this unspoken thing” he sighed.

“What unspoken thing?” you coughed.

“I love you” he declared, bringing you back to him and you stopped dancing.

“What?” you choked out and he swallowed his nerves.

“I have loved you since I first saw you beat the shit out of that Ravenger. Then my father was going to use you against me, that sick fucker knew I loved you and nearly killed you because of it…I still feel sick thinking about it. Yondu finally told me to grow some balls and tell you how I felt as he said life was too short. He’s right and I should have told you before that shit storm…I love you” he finished with a small smile and nervous eyes.

“I love you too you idiot. Please don’t think you are you’re father, he was a maniac and I don’t know how he was a part of creating such an amazing man. Don’t doubt yourself my love, you are a hero” you pulled him close and kissed him softly.

“Both humans will procreate with their own species” Drax applauded.

“I feel a strong sexual love and I am not even touching them” Mantis nodded.

“Is Mary Poppins a matchmaker too?” Yondu asked.

“Yes” you laughed and kissed Peter again.

“He`s Mary Poppins y`all” Peter chuckled against your lips.

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” you replied and Peter guffawed.

“Super-what?” Yondu looked confused and Kraglin distracted him with another drink.

“I am Groot” a small hand tugged on your leg.

“Yes, finally” you picked him up and placed him on your shoulder as Peter pulled you closer.



GOTG 2 was awesome. <3 <3 <3

I’m just gonna let my feelings fly. Major spoilery stuff is behind a cut.


Somebody said they headcanon Mantis as autistic.




Baby Groot trying to eat a bug and Rocket being all “what’s in your mouth? Spit it out!” cracked me up. (Groot was so autistic in this movie omg)

Baby Groot puking green stuff was gross and funny. He pukes just like human babies do– with a smile. lmfaoooo!

Drax and his nipples. lmao. (Drax was so autistic in this movie.)


Lots of cute stuff, holy shit. So much cute.

I almost died of cute.




Mantis sensing Drax when he’s missing his daughter and crying, omg. She is such a sweet character. (And totally autistic, suck it NT’s.)

Drax was calling Mantis ugly all through the movie but I think he was trying to mimic the dynamic Quill has when he’s insulting the hell out of Rocket. It’s such a typical example of how an autistic person tries to mimic the nuances of a group and failing and getting treated like crap instead. But Mantis picks up on the truth and appears to recognize that Drax isn’t saying mean things to be mean, he’s trying to be funny. (It just comes off real bad at first.)

DRAX ASKING EGO STRAIGHT UP IF HE HAS A PENIS XD!!! That srsly made me LMAO and so was everyone else in the theater!

…….geez XD……


SHIRTLESS YONDU!!!! (Yes he is blue alllll over.)

Yondu saying he was being funny when he told Quill he was going to eat him.

Yondu calling Groot a twig.


Arrow badassery. So much arrow badassery.

“I don’t fly it with my head, I fly it with my heart!”


The Hoff…lmao srsly 

Rocket swearing all over the place. Gee, I wonder where Groot learned it.



Rocket showing he can physically fight!!!


Fleetwood Mac music, YESSSS.

Yondu being able to pick Rocket’s tough guy act apart because they have similar backgrounds and are a lot alike. OMG.



Nebula, holy shit she has gone through hell


Sisters. SISTERS.

“It’s not ripe!” lmao




But oh man…

oh MAN…

* * * Major spoilers, so cutting it here. * * *

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Flirting was not his area of expertise. Hand Rocket a gun and he can tell you the model, date of manufacture and ways of which it can be improved. Hand him a beautiful girl, however, and you can sit back and watch his brain turn to putty.
He never saw the appeal of love, it always seemed like such a trivial thing to him. Why concern yourself with annoying feelings when you can focus your efforts on building weapons and practising combat? Well, with his opinions in mind, fast forward to the day he met you.
Saying his jaw hit the floor would be an understatement. Your eyes were what got him. A beautiful shade of (e/c), more breathtaking than anything he had seen on his travels through the galaxy. The Guardians knew better than to try talking to him about it; especially since he insisted on always keeping a gun nearby.
At first he had no idea how to approach you. He never in a million years thought that you would want to be his friend let alone be attracted to him.
After weeks of debating with himself he finally asked you to join him for a drink. To his suprise you seemed more than delighted to drink with him. He had awkwardly fumbled with your door handle to leave one he got his answer. The way you had smiled at him completely caught him off guard, it was like for the first time in his life he was a normal person, not some experimental monster.
When the night of drinking finally came along the two if you had a blast together. Both of you got drunk pretty quickly and Rocket was elated at how easy you were to talk to. The night consisted of joking, laughing and some pretty abysmal attempts of flirting. Most note worthy was when Rocket tried to wink at you but forgot to only use one eye; resulting in a slow blink. By the time the two of you finally stumbled back to the Milano, slurring songs from Peter’s Walkman as you walked, everyone was fast asleep.
Rocket insisted in his drunken stupor that he had to walk you to your bedroom door because (according to him) ‘A gentleman never let’s a lovely lady like yourself walk home alone’. You hadn’t questioned him and took hold of his outstretched hand. He lead the way and you couldn’t stop yourself smiling down at him - he was such a sweetheart deep down, if only others got to see this side of him; maybe they wouldn’t be so mean.
Once you reached the door you leant down and placed a small kiss on his cheek. His eyes lit up and he placed his small hand over the place you had just kissed. He smiled at you and you found yourself giggling at how adorable he was. After promising to go for another drink with him sometime and saying goodnight to each other you had shut your door. Rocket walked slowly back to his room singing 'Hooked On A Feeling’; the smile never leaving his face. He never truly understood the meaning of the lyrics until that moment but now it all made sense.
He took back everything he once said about love, it wasn’t so bad after all…

Watch what you say to the dancer (Peter Quill x reader)

A/N: A couple people asked me for a part duo to my little Peter Quill story. Let me know if you like it as much as the first.

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, other than that just some mentions of alcohol and the inference of sex

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“Where are you going?” Peter pulled at your waist band holding you back from the door.

“Excuse me?” You smacked his hand away. “I have other targets to visit.”

“Oh,” he grumbled as he rubbed the red spot on his hand. You narrowed your eyes getting one more look at him.

“Don’t hang your bubbins at me, Starlord. I’ll see you soon.” 

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*Requested - Rocket and the reader are listening to music and Rocket realises he likes the slow romantic music best because it reminds him of you. Hope you like it guys 😄*

“What about this one?” You ask him pressing the play button.
Rocket listened intently to the tune playing through the head phones and screwed up his nose slightly when the heavy electric guitar seemed to rip his ear drum apart. Rocket didn’t like the way the music scream at him.
Peter had tasked you with finding something Rocket liked because he was sick of listening to Rocket complain about his music taste. He had thrown the Walkman at you and said not to come back until Rocket ‘took a shine to something’. Quill was dead set on not giving up his beloved music.
“I’ll take that as a no then?” You laugh and skip to the next song. There’s a crackle of static before the next song starts.
Rocket liked this one more than the first one but he would still rather sit in silence.
“Nah, it’s too shouty.” He lowers the headphone and looks up at you. “This is so pointless, why does Quill even care?”
“Music means a lot to him… He wants you to like it too. Plus you never quit complaining about the music he puts on.”
You say skipping to the next song on the tape. “Come on, third times a charm.”
Rocket raises an eyebrow and slowly puts the headphone back to his ear.
This song was slow and meaningful. Nothing like the others that you had played for him. Rocket liked the calm sound and the lyrics seemed to talk to him.
'Fooled Around and Fell in Love’ He glances up at you still listening to the music. His lip curls up into a small smile.
“You like this one?” You ask. “Never had you pinned as a romantic.”
“It’s nice,” He shrugs “reminds me of you.”
“Of me?” You were taken back by his bluntness. He shrugs again and looks away, humming along to the music.
“No secret to anyone that I like you..
I don’t just let anyone this close you know?”
“You like me? Like…'Fooled Around and Fell in Love’ like me?”
“Yeah, guess you can say I love you.” He laughs quietly and scratches behind his neck. You were suprised by how cool he was about what he was saying. “Don’t worry,” He laughs again. “I don’t expect you to feel the same. Just pointless hiding it when it’s obvious to everyone else. Bound to be brought up sooner or later.”
“Rocket I… I do feel the same I just wasn’t expecting this today.”
“You do?” He looks back at you a little suprised.
“Of course I do, why do you think I’m always around you?”
“I don’t know, just thought you were babysitting me or something for Peter.”
“What? You’re no kid Rocket, definitely more man that Peter anyway.” This makes Rocket laugh and lower his headphone.
“I’m probably going to be terrible at this but, do you want to dance with me? You don’t have to, hell, I wouldn’t blame you I mea-”
“I’d love to Rocket.” You cut off his rambling quickly. “I’d love to dance with you, I don’t think I’m a great dancer mind you”
He stands on the bed and holds out his hand. You take it with a smile and stand up. He is level with your hight and you’re able to look into his eyes. You turn the volume up on the Walkman so the music can be heard quietly when you take the headphones off. You place the Walkman on the desk out of the way.
You and Rocket begin to rock back and fourth to the music. He nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck and sighs contently. When the music stops Rocket pulls away and smiles. You lean forward and place a kiss to his cheek.
“Maybe Quill’s music isn’t as bad as I thought.” Rocket smirks leaning in to kiss your lips.

“So, you found something? What does he like?” Quill asks when you and Rocket reappear from the bedroom.
“We did, he likes the slow stuff.” You say looking at Rocket with a wink. “Helps him 'concentrate’ on his weapon making.”
“Figured, should have known the raccoon would be boring.”
“Call me Raccoon one more time and I swear Quill I’ll weld you to the wall of the ship!”
“I’ll shave you!”
You shake your head and walk over to the ships speakers. You place the tape in the machine and turn up the volume making sure to pick a song you knew Rocket would like.
How Supergirl Is Getting Superman Right - IGN
We examine just how the CW's new Superman captures what the character is really about.

After a whole season of never truly showing Superman on screen, Supergirl aired its Season 2 premiere with actor Tyler Hoechlin in the role of the Man of Steel.

The brief introduction to his character was packed with Clark Kent-isms that we’ve long missed on screen: a smiling, earnest, dorky man who uses phrases like “lickity split” while talking to Daily Planet boss Perry White. After sensing danger, he immediately runs down an alley, rips open his shirt to reveal the signature S-shield, and launches up, up and away to help Supergirl save the day.

Hoechlin’s Superman isn’t just a hero, but a humble person who exudes hope and optimism. When he arrives at the DEO, the agents who couldn’t have cared less about Supergirl suddenly gather around to applaud his efforts and catch a glimpse of the big guy. Rather than walk past them like someone who sees himself as a god, Superman approaches the agents with a smile, shakes their hands, and thanks them with utter gratitude for their help protecting the planet.

This Superman is always thinking of others. When he sees Alex Danvers, he offers to help her find her father with heartfelt sincerity. After saving the shuttle with Supergirl, he stops to say hello to the civilians who happened to be riding by on their bikes. After saving a family from being gunned down by John Corben’s drones, he gives them a wink before rocketing back into the air to save the next citizen in need. The guy is your impossibly nice big brother, your most dependable best friend, and your biggest role model all in one.

The CW didn’t hold back giving us every aspect of this new Superman all in one episode. He makes full use of his powers – ice breath, heat vision, X-ray vision, super strength, and flight. There’s brief mentions of Lois Lane, just enough to let us know they’re together and going strong. He also dons the ol’ spectacles to do some investigating into the crash, taking Kara along with him under his Clark Kent guise. We see him put his journalistic skills to good use, questioning Lena Luthor about her involvement with the shuttle. He approached her with utmost respect, but he also wasn’t afraid to turn the heat up in pursuit of the truth, Anderson Cooper style. There’s some steel under that Kansas wheat, indeed.

Most importantly, the showmakers balanced the presence of Superman with Supergirl. This is still her show, and they didn’t forget that. Supergirl was the first to get to the shuttle, and she took the brunt of the weight as she held it up from the nose as Superman tried to slow it down from the back. When the building started to collapse, she had Superman hold it up while she figured out how to fix it and repaired the broken support beam. And when Corben’s drones attacked, Superman cleaned up the city as Supergirl put herself in between the drones and their target, taking a rocket to the face in the process. While the narrative did play up the fact that Supergirl is living in Superman’s shadow and showed us how she deals with that, never was the Girl of Steel shown to be any less the hero.

What we got last night was a return of the classic Superman. It’s kind of funny that getting an accurate interpretation of a character is a big deal, but it’s actually been decades since we’ve last seen the classic Superman on screen (1993’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, to be exact). Superman was overly sad throughout Superman Returns. Smallville had its merits but the show was built around his journey as Clark Kent, so we never saw him as Superman until the final shot. Superman in DC’s animated features is modeled after the subdued New 52 version. And Henry Cavill’s brooding, conflicted Superman abandoned everything fun, inspiring, and colorful about the character. This new take on Superman is a return to form, a much-desired palate cleanser after so many errant versions.

Finally, Superman is a Big Blue Boy Scout again.

Is that you, Baby?

Imagine a witches’ curse turning the Impala into a woman.

Author’s Note: This was a reader request! This one is really different than I’m used to, so it came out a little more humorous than serious. Also, the point of view wasn’t specified so it’s not reader insert. Not sure how I feel about it! Please let me know what you think! I’ll write more if you want more. Warnings: Language, nudity.

“Dimitte me effugere infortunium…” Dean was running full speed, weapon in hand. The woman in front of him only smiled and continued her chant. The way the Latin poured from her lips raised the hairs on Sam’s neck. “Don’t let her finish that!!” He screamed, as Dean was almost close enough to grab her. Just as he reached out his arm she spoke her last words. “Qui dicitur infans vivificabit.” Dean tumbled through the air where she once stood, landing clumsily in the dirt. There was no sign of the witch and Dean cursed loudly. “I hate witches! I hate them!” Sam shook his head and knelt to examine the spot she had stood in seconds ago. He brushed his hand in the dust and uncovered a small pouch full of small animal bones and herbs. Sam cocked his head and replayed the encounter in his mind. “I didn’t understand what she said.” Dean grumbled and brushed the dirt from his jacket. “There’s a reason they call it a dead language genius.” His sharp retort won no response from Sam, who continued to contemplate. “Well, genius, I’ve picked up quite a bit of Latin. The first phrase is, roughly, ‘let me escape destruction.’ But I don’t recognize the rest.” Dean was in no mood for a lesson in ancient languages. “Yeah, well as soon as we find her I’m going to ‘destruct’ her ass all the way back to oz.” He kicked the dirt and jammed his knife into it’s sheath before turning towards the road they had come in on. After walking a few feet, mindlessly mumbling expletives, he froze and squinted into the dark. “What the hell Sam, where’d I park?” Sam laughed from where he stood, still examining the contents of the hex bag. “Wow you are getting old.” Dean began to frantically turn around and scan the area. “It’s not funny Sam, it’s gone! Baby’s gone!!” He threw his hands up in the air and started yelling at the ‘witch bitch’ to come back. “Uh Dean…” Sam’s voice was unsure as he pointed to Dean’s left. There, sat a pile of worn blankets from the back seat of the impala. “Oh sure! Take my car and leave some shitty blankets I stole from a motel 6!” Dean grabbed the top of the fabric to rip them away in frustration but a muffled yelp rang out. The boys froze and glanced between one another. “Did it just-” Dean was cut off when the pile of blankets rose up and stood. They squinted and strained in the dark to see what was happening. In the flicker of the street light they soon made out the figure of a woman. Despite being half naked, she stood proud and didn’t shrink away from the men staring at her. They gawked for a long moment before Dean turned to face Sam, eyes wide as headlights. “There’s a naked woman right there, and normally I’d be happy about something like that… but my Baby is gone.” He blinked at his own words and shook his head like a dog with wet ears. “I’m losing it man.” Sam was equally confused but he stepped forward towards the girl, arms up in a peaceful gesture. “Hey, we’re not going to hurt you. Do you know how you got here?” The girl pulled the blankets tighter around her chest and nodded. She spoke as if the answer was obvious. “Oh course.” Her tan skin glowed and Dean marveled at her elegant features. She had shiny black hair that was cut short and ruffled around her temples. “You left me here.” Dean tried to rub the crazy out of his forehead. “What the hell does that mean?” Sam’s mouth dropped open and he drew nearer to the girl. Two marks on her chest caught his attention. “Dean, you’d better come look at this.” Initials were crudely scarred onto her skin, one over each breast. He recognized that one of them was in his hand writing. “Those initials look familiar?” Dean read them out loud slowly, before realization gripped him. He turned to his brother, “You’re saying that she’s-” Sam could only nod. The girl huffed impatiently and rolled her eyes. Turning on her heels, she dropped her coverings just far enough to display her lower back. “KAZ - 2Y5” was printed in black block letters. “It’s not rocket science D.W.” She winked at Dean from over her shoulder. “I’m your Baby.”

Dean drank the whiskey in his hands like it was water. “I know we’ve seen a lot of shit, but I’m not emotionally prepared for this.” He paced over the floor of the motel, all too aware than an extra pair of eyes was watching him. The girl sat on the kitchen counter, a long leather jacket around her. She seemed strangely comfortable and swung her legs carelessly. Sam watcher her with a furrowed brow, half expecting her to disappear or change forms. “Guys, can we just move past this?” She ran a hand through her hair and stretched. “In fact I’m kind of enjoying being, well, alive.” Dean shook the bottle at her. “No no no. No more speaking. I talk to my baby all the time, but she never talks back.” He looked at the woman and then away quickly, taking another nervous chug of alcohol. “Aw Dean…” Her voice drawled on as she hopped from the counter and walked in his direction with confidence. “Don’t act like we don’t know each other.” Dean backed up into the edge of the couch. She trapped him there and ran a single finger down his chest. “You always did rev me up and leave me hanging. All those girls you brought to my backseat, I get so jealous…” Dean squirmed uncomfortably, his eyes still the picture of shock and confusion. He begged Sam to come help but a kiss on the corner of his mouth stopped him. “Don’t act like we haven’t seen each other in the most intimate ways. Like you haven’t fixed me when I was broken and caressed me when I was good as new.” She leaned into his shoulder and whispered, her lips brushing his ear, “Always talking about how you want to get inside me-” Dean threw his hands up and backed away. “Okayy, whoa! Hold it. This is too weird for me. Sam tell me you have some king of the nerds answer for this.” Sam was thumbing through the musty pages of a Latin dictionary. Baby frowned but was content to harass Dean quietly, her fingers snaking around his arm. “Well, I know what that last part of the chant was now.” Dean pushed the girl off of him and retreated in another direction. “Please share!” Sam suppressed an amused grin. “According to this book, the phrase she said means ‘Let me escape destruction… and give life to the one called Baby.” The girl in the corner giggled when and Dean closed his eyes. "I. hate. witches.“

The two brothers stood over Dean’s bed, arms folded in contemplation. “Well, we can’t just leave her somewhere. She’s just as human as the two of us.” The embodiment of the impala had fallen asleep, one of Dean’s shirts clutched protectively to her chest. “Plus she’s kinda… I don’t know, cute.” Dean’s mouth dropped open. “No Sam, you don’t talk about it, her, whatever it is, like that.” He huffed and dropped on to the couch in exasperation. “I just don’t know what to think anymore.” He searched the woman in his bed for anything familiar with tired eyes. The Baby he loved was a roaring engine, timeless classic with a mint paint job. This body, although undeniably beautiful, was nothing like that. Sam threw a beer next to Dean and headed towards the door. “Clearly I’m the only one who’s going to get anything done about this. I’m bringing that hex bag to someone I know in town. He’s the bloodhound of all things witchcraft. He’ll help us find where she disappeared to.” Dean jumped from his seat, “I’m coming!” Sam shook his head and fought back a smile. “No, you’re staying here, on Babysitting duty.”

Dean found himself pacing around the room again, occasionally stealing a glance at his occupied bed. He ran a hand though his hair and sat on the mattress opposite his. In the quiet he could hear her every breath. Little bits of the license plate trampstamp were peaking out from under the shirt she borrowed. Dean tried to stop staring but he felt so drawn to her. He hadn’t noticed the leather band on her ankle before, or the tiny circular scar on her thigh. He crept towards her and examined the little mark. He flashed back to his first cigarette, and how much he hated himself for accidentally dropping it on the upholstery. He never smoked again after that. As if in a trance, he traced the imperfection with loving gentleness. It felt the same on her skin as it did all the years before. She was warm and smelled faintly like gasoline. He couldn’t help but smile as he thought about his Impala. A little smudge of grease was on her cheek and he let his rough fingers wipe it off. The woman below him started to stir. "Dean?” Her large dark eyes blinked slowly, but before she could focus her vision, Dean was back on the couch. She watched him pretend nothing had happened and casually drink his beer. Baby drifted to sleep with a smile on her face, the feeling of Dean’s fingers never leaving her skin.