y’all are going on about rocket and bucky’s metal arm but i just want to see the face of tony stark, pioneer of science, when peter quill pulls out his frickin zune and calls it “earth’s latest technology”

*in Infinity War*

Rocket: *sees Bucky’s metal arm*

Rocket: *opens his mouth to speak*

Peter 3 rooms away: ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Me, a human with no superpowers and can barely open a pickle jar by myself, to Thanos: If you even think about laying a hand on any of my precious babies I will destroy you

Can we just talk about how great the girls outfits in young justice were?! Like not only were they cute but their superhero outfits were pretty practical. ESPECIALLY their footwear. The only women shown to wear heels were Wonder Woman and occasionally Miss Martian (when she wasn’t in her camouflage outfit). Otherwise they wore legitimate combat boots. Even black canary who is almost always depicted in heels wore clunky ass, convenient, military style shoes. There was even a scene (I think it was the episode “secrets ” from the first season) when zatanna says something along the lines of “alright these shoes, adorable, but for a chase sequence…” and she uses magic to change into shoes that are better for running and fighting. And in season 2 when we get a bunch of other girls like wondergirl and batgirl, we see they’re wearing practical shoes (batgirl also wears military boots and wondergirl wears sneakers for petes sake). Like if there’s anything I’m grateful for in that show it’s how the storyboard artists put these wonderful female superheroes in practical outfits (I could go on about their other articles of clothing but I really wanted to focus on the shoes cuz girls are always wearing heels in comics and i hate it.) So yea Young Justice was iconic.