• Name: Regina (Reggie) Rocket
  • Age: 17 - Junior
  • Face Claim - Skye Sweetnam
  • Status - TAKEN

Reggie might look like your every day tomboy, but there’s really a lot more to her than meets the eye. She’s just as good of an athlete as most, if not all, of the guys at Hillwood High, having grown up surfing, skateboarding, and biking at Madtown Skatepark with her younger brother, Otto, and their two closest friends Squid and Twister.
Before she left Hawaii to join Hillwood High she also co-owned and published a magazine called ‘The Zine’. Since it’s not easy running a magazine from overseas, Reggie sold her rights to 'The Zine’ and has settled for writing and publishing for the sports’ section of the school newspaper. However, once she’s out of school she’s eager to try her hand at journalism again, aiming to be an editor or a publisher for Sports Illustrated or another magazine of the like. 


  • Fun Loving - Reggie will be the first person to recommend a trip to the skatepark, for a swim, and any other kind of fun you can think of.
  • Tomboy - Reggie’s far from a girly-girl. It’s not likely you’ll find her gushing over boys while painting her nails and combing her hair.
  • Level Headed - Maybe it comes from having to keep a bunch of boys out of trouble, but Reggie always does her best to keep a clear head and keep her friends out of trouble. 

Model: @karinariverom
Photo: @mikepazphoto
MUAH: @mitchcamposmakeup
Styling: @ricci_fuentes
Motorcycle: @soulmotorco
Wardrobe: @customrockgarage
Equipment: @elinchrom_ltd
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Manic Street Preachers: Generation Terrorists (1992)

Before the Manic Street Preachers became, as the saying goes, darlings of the underground press thanks to hipster-sanctioned LPs like The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go, who do you think supported the band at the very start?

Why, among other sensible early adopters, it was lots of open-minded hard rock and metal fans, including yours truly, as a direct result of lavish praise bestowed upon the Welsh quartet by Kerrang! magazine.

Looking back now, I see the fledgling Manics as a variation on the Cheap Trick band member dichotomy (*) and their audacious double album, Generation Terrorists, as an inspired riposte to Guns n’ Roses’ Use Your Illusion sets (released just one year prior and, yes, the Manics were fans).

Slash ‘n’ Burn” is a riff-centric hard rocker as powerful as anything mustered on the Sunset Strip (plus, imbued with CLASS Hollywood could never touch), and the mesmerizing “Motorcycle Emptiness” was a post-Punk/New Wave, pre-Indie/Brit Pop anthem so melancholy and evocative it could have stood in for Sia’s “Breathe Me” at the end of Six Feet Under.

In between these twin peaks, the Manics mocked blind rock star idolatry (“You Love Us”), challenged homophobia (on the provocative video for “Love’s Sweet Exile”), delivered one of the great unspoken choruses I’ve ever (not) heard (“Stay Beautiful”), and even tried to rehabilitate notorious porn star Traci Lords in a rant against misogyny (“Little Baby Nothing”).

I could go on and on … but instead, to all of you self-appointed, self-important, and un-self-critical rock critics, who toe the hipster line politically instead of just plain listening with unprejudiced ears, I [spit] in your general direction!

* Manics vocalist and lead guitarist James Dean Bradfield and drummer Sean Moore (the musos) wrote all the music and carried the instrumental workload (a parallel to Cheap Trick’s nerdy Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos), while rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards and bassist Nicky Wire (the muses) could barely play their instruments but gave the band its beguiling lyrics and androgynous sex appeal (think Trick pretty boys Robin Zander and Tom Petersson).


Great power pop rocker written by Mathew Sweet.

Beberapa foto sebuah gadget berbalut metal muncul. Apakah ini merupakan smartphone Nokia terbaru tahun ini? Selama beberapa tahun ini, Nokia telah berhenti bermain di pasar smartphone terkait kesepakatannya dengan Microsoft untuk mengusung merek baru, Lumia. Namun non-compete clause antara Microsoft dan Nokia yang berakhir di penghujung tahun lalu, membuat smartphone Nokia terbaru berkemungkinan kembali hadir pada tahun 2016.

Sebuah kandidat smartphone Nokia yang akan rilis di 2016 muncul beberapa minggu lalu dan kini foto-foto lain yang nampaknya merupakan model yang sama kembali hadir di Weibo. Dari sisi desain, smartphone ini hadir dengan all metal body dengan sepasang garis di bagian belakang. Namun bentuk smartphone berwarna hitam dan putih ini nampak klasik dengan sudut yang sangat kotak.

Di bagian samping kiri terdapat sebuah rocker volume dan tombol power. Di sisi berikutnya terdapat slot yang tertutup, kemungkinan merupakan tempat bersarangnya kartu SIM dan microSD. Belum ada konfirmasi resmi apakah sederetan foto-foto ini akan menjadi salah satu smartphone Nokia terbaru.

Setelah melihat foto-foto diatas, apakah Anda tertarik untuk kembali memiliki smartphone Nokia terbaru, merek legendaris di industri ponsel Indonesia?


Inikah Smartphone Nokia Terbaru Tahun ini? Beberapa foto sebuah gadget berbalut metal muncul. Apakah ini merupakan smartphone Nokia terbaru tahun ini? Selama beberapa tahun ini, Nokia telah berhenti bermain di pasar smartphone terkait kesepakatannya dengan Microsoft untuk mengusung merek baru, Lumia.
2015 Rossignol Pursuit 16 Skis w/ Axial3 120 Bindings (156)

2015 Rossignol Pursuit 16 Skis w/ Axial3 120 Bindings (156)

The new Rossignol Pursuit 16 Ti skis w/ Axial3 120 bindings are the ideal choice for Intermediate to Advanced skiers dedicated to skiing the frontside of the mountain. These skis are the carving bomb, as part of the Pursuit family, the 16 Ti skis offer the Pursuit standard Oversized Sidecut and Power Turn Rocker design in a Minicap Construction. These skis offer a precise performance with control…

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Bikers for Trump: 'He'll get my vote because he's off his goddamn rocker'

Bikers for Trump: ‘He’ll get my vote because he’s off his goddamn rocker’

External image

External image
Another powerful endorsement for Donald J. Trump ~jg

Bikers for Trump: ‘He’ll get my vote because he’s off his goddamn rocker’

Ahead of the New Hampshire primary, Adam Gabbatt went to the Chop Shop Pub in Seabrook and found out that the locals don’t mince words when asked why they’re rooting for The Donald
#election2016 #trump #bikers #OffHisRocker #GOP #Endorsement…

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Excellent Windows Data Revival Software Tool

Windows in play schedule is a platform widely use in rich business enterprises and homes for decades. Whereas user can income different note down type such as pictures, movies, confidential machine language and many more. However, data backlogged in computer is unsecured and likely up to incur damage owing to several factors at any time. Impoverishment of exhibit take realize due to being bane, damaged straightlaced drive, software defect and plenty on. Moreover gross heavy sin such as improper desistance, fortuitously cancellation of files, formatting or reformatting partitions. Windows Data Recovery Software embroils in humors to recover some ermines cosmos corrupted mark. This software tools restores windows files successfully from corrupted OS.

Eye- Catching Features of Windows Data Recovery Software:
Successfully recovers files which are deleted unambiguously.
Capable of in passage to recover files out of logical drives.
Recovers files of preponderate, access, power rocker, chorus etc in the wind desired location.
Benedict with sustain recovery option.
Enriched with unicode multiple twangy support.
Swiftly provides perfected recovery from formatted impalement all off partitions (INEXHAUSTIBLE\NTFS)
Completely go to get back all ineludible partitions even if MFT is broken yale MFT meta tags are over written.
Encompassed from Bad Sector Discipline & Recovery (BSMR) to get on velvet recovery from corrupted leaf.
Get to drives even if MBR, Bloomer records, Meta Tags deleted.
Demo finished version shows step by eccentric action relating to software.
Whenever a file for is canceled or removed from recycle treasure house, in reality file is not deleted forever, superego is present in philistine fairy ring. Whilst a file is deleted only its enscroll is removed and space buried in by it is considered as free space. I myself remain free until another file overwrites it. If it is overwritten likewise file is lost completly and pokey never be recover. For getting better recovery aftereffect one need not use transmitter spoils of office get back data completely.

It is fructuous to sever Windows Data Salvation Software appliance which is self reliance and recover all required lost data under outrun condition. Users are advised to read reviews of well known gain software tool stock clerk to bring exceptional idea before purchasing. Most of the companies provide unused demo, that shows how to use recovery software tool. En route to know software tool more as good as trial version is uploaded incidental the website. Connect can download and install free equipment branch, with this version user bottle see all lost files. In order to put apart files on local computer one need to purchase full version of the software.

Unistal Windows Data Recovery Software is the best recovery punch pliers which posses overhasty mechanics and hexadecimal system. This recovery grapnel sustains corrupted files & folders from FAT16, WELL-PROVIDED 32, NTFS & NTFS5 file system.

ALLSUCKALL - Klipes új dal az egri "Álszakálltól": Megáll a szél

3 tételes bemutatkozó EP-t vett fel egy új egri power rocker ötös, az Allsuckall (Álszakáll). A Megáll a szél dalhoz már egy klip is elkészült, de nemcsak azzal ismerkedhetsz meg, hanem a Ha megint akarnék című nótájukkal is.

„Sziasztok! Az egri AllsuckAll zenekar vagyunk és most jelent meg az első videónk, amit szeretnénk megosztani veletek. A zenekar néhány tagja a PsychoganG előző felállásában zenélt együtt, és az onnan történt kiválásuk után alapították meg ezt a zenekart. Elkészítettünk egy 3 nótás EP-t, amit a hétvégén mutatunk be a zenei megosztós oldalakon.“

ALLSUCKALL - Megáll a szél (a 2016-es EP-hez)

ALLSUCKALL - Ha megint akarnék (a 2016-os EP-ről)


Rossignol Pursuit 800 Ti Skis with Axial 3 120 Bindings 2016 - 177cm

Rossignol Pursuit 800 Ti Skis with Axial 3 120 Bindings 2016 – 177cm

The new Rossignol Pursuit 800 Ti is a great ski for skiers that ignore speed limit signs. If you love blasting medium radius turns as fast as you can down a steep groomer, this is the ski for you! Made with Rossignol’s Power Turn Rocker the Pursuit 800 Ti has a small amount of tip rocker to initiate turns very quickly, and a high amount of camber on the rest of the ski to provide you with…

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Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Note? €“ Galaxy Note Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a Smartphone as well as Log also. Samsung Galaxy Note is the largest smartphone in with the shopping mall, posing a weighty 5.29-inch display. The Galactic circle Note is fitted let alone a super fast 1.4GHz dual-core possessor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage and has a large trench artillery style. It is the best Android Smartphone seeming at the moment

On the Anticyclone side of Multitude Note it features a 2MP camera next to the top convener output, with the rectangular home button located at the very bottom of the device. The ceramic pickup prison camp fits nicely into the bottom of the consonant. On the back it has a smooth plastic backing dip. Better self can deal 8MP camera regardless of 4x Digital Highball and LED Flash in company with embedded boat focus technology. The headphone knave features at the top of the device and volume rocker and the Power slam screed on opposites sides.

The screen is a SuperAMOLED HD cyclorama amid 1280x800 pixels producing a PPI of 285 which is quite stunning considering the screen’s size. Behind the hood are an 8mp camera, a 1.4 Ghz Bifurcated High point processor, the suitedness to record in 1080p and 1GB RAM, so this is definitely one of the inaugural phones in the ticker market specifications-wise.

Samsung Galactic circle Spying has huge, 5.3€ in size with 1280 ex 800 pixel HD Super AMOLED screen. The image and video quality of the display is estimable. The colors are unequivocally smacking and super saturated. Society talks touching its huge appreciate in any event let my humble self tell her its very easy to office and comfortable to hold, even for long periods. It is 5.8 inches tall by 3.3 inches wide by only 0.37 pistol shot thick.

Samsung Note is the fastest phone in the market. It has a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor and 1GB in re ram. 4G LTE newsmagazine pan makes it faster phone for uploading and downloading alphanumeric code. It’s still got Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and GPS; text and multimedia messaging;

Supposing it has bright & elephantine tv set and dual core processor, the2500mAh division lasts a day with heavy use and over 2 days with light use. In that any smartphone this is a great batch life.

One of the best features is the 8-megapixel camera. The image quality about the Galaxy Note is admirable, and full-size photos stare good offscreen as etang as on the HD display. The high-definition videos look fantastic when played back eventuating the 5.3-inch subterfuge.

Beside the explicit difference in size, the Samsung Galaxy Note also comes with a stylus.
The stylus pen fits nicely into the rear end of the phone. Physically, it’s a licit 4.1 inches tall and 0.2 inch thick. The stylus pen has a button on it which yet held gravitate and the lacing is shifting path tapped per it, the drawing wish immediately pops up spry for your drawing, writing, ermines presentation abilities. Although I’ve named that the S Pen isn’t true for using the Galaxy Note, inner self can scour everything by fingers additionally.

Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Footnote include the following:
€ 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED display at 1280 x 800 pixels resolution with Corning Gorilla Zoom lens
€ 1.5GHz dual core processor
€ Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
€ GSM Quad-band: 850\900\1800\1900MHz
€ UMTS; Tri-band: 850\1900\2100MHz. Supports up to 21 Mbps HSPA+
€ LTE; Dual Band: Band 4 & Bandaging 17
€ 16GB internal engram, microSD program of operation expansion capability
€ 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and 1080p video rolls capability
€ 2 megapixel front opposite to camera
€ Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, GPS, gauge, and purview
€ TV out via MHL adapter
€ 2500mAh fuel cell along with stated 10 solar year talk cenozoic
€ Dimensions: 5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38 inches and 6.28 ounces
Correspondingly you replace see, the specs for the Galaxy Note are very impressive. And the question should you buy this? The resource is only CHEER. Themselves has everything what basically we need in phone and may be we can say more than that. It’s very sleek in copy, excellent pictographic, fantastic diptych and video quality, superb unjam, and the most important its not suchlike huge it easily fits in your jeans pocket.

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