WOOO! Finally got my prints!

Apparently my grandparents think I’m a mind reader and I’m just supposed to know they put my crap on top of the fridge…

Four days after they show up i finally get to see my amazing prints!

@Dement09 i absolutely love your art! Your literally the only reason i joined tumbler in the first place. Friends told me to but nothing ever sparked my interest. Till i saw your art! Without you i would have never found all these amazing artist and picarto.

I’ve been trying to start up comics for a long time fan and originals but seeing nothing come of other local artist work was discouraging. To find and see this thriving community has really put a pep in my step. Only two people have been my driving force for my art/comics and mental health while doing said art my amazing best friend and an amazing woman I’ve never met!

Thank you for all the inspiration!
Dont let anyone bring you down!
Lot of love FoxHound

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No more of that 'pure military bfs uvu' now we got deathfist which is !! Gabe designing the most fashionable villain outfits n doomfist(akande) modelling them for him. They'd be such a rocker pair!

villain power couple honest!!!!! their aesthetic??? legendary. r76 is shook 😤 I’m so proud of gabe for putting himself out there and getting remarried!

With just over two months til Not Dead Yet 2016, we’re hitting you more bands, tickets and a ton more info. Tickets are on sale Wednesday at 12pm EST!

As this year’s program expands, we’re excited to be including Ciudad de Mexico’s furious MUJERCITOS, along with Australian riff rockers POWER, Peruvian D-Beat maniacs DHK, New York City Goth Terrors ANASAZI, Montreal freaks OMEGAS, Memphis Garage Punkers NOTS, NY HardCore blasters WARTHOG, Boston Straight Edge Masters NO TOLERANCE and Olympia Rockers VEXX. These are only a fraction of the killer punk and hardcore acts that will be storming through Toronto this October. Damned if we can’t say that this just might be the Not Dead Yet lineup we’re most proud of yet.

We’re also excited to announce that the people behind Collective Delusion / Mass Hysteria will be bringing a newly curated program to Toronto during the festival. Having been through a number of cities already, we’re excited to host an art show that features exclusively femme / female identifying artists related to our underground music community.

In addition to that, the Thursday night kick off of the festival will simultaneously be the launch of the Women In Toronto Punk 2017 calendar, spearheaded by Blow Blood Records. Meant to celebrate and pay tribute to the women who fight to make space for themselves in punk, we’re excited to be involved. And, all profits from the calendar sales will go straight to Community Action for Families!

And while it’s always been a battle to balance an expanding festival with all ages restrictions in this city, we are proud to say we’ve got a program that’s 70% All Ages gigs. Toronto’s notoriously youthful Hardcore Punk scene deserves some recognition!

The full lineup & schedule are available at Here you’ll find all the info on the gigs, the art show, the record swap, karaoke and more.

Bottom line, Not Dead Yet is about exposing people to what we think is some of the best punk and hardcore going these days. What better way to do that by packing people into Toronto for a weekend of raging?

In case you’re looking for the list of new additions, here’s what it is:
Aggression Pact / Ajax / Anasazi / Apostille / Blank Spell / Combined Effort / Conman / Countdown / Dark Thoughts / DHK / Firewalker / Genex / Holder’s Scar / Intensive Care / Liquids / Mad Existence / Mollot / Mujercitos / No Tolerance / Nots / Omegas / Power / Private Room / Protester / Pure Disgust / Q / Red Death / S-21 / Stuck Pigs / Urochromes / Vanilla Poppers / Vexx / Warfare / Warthog / Wild at Heart / Wild Side

1910=noise started 1920-1950= threnody for the victims of hiroshima 1960-1970=golden age of 20th century composers 1980=perfect age merzbow rebel 1990=improved good noise and also the year of noise rockers and power electronicers 2000=noise is still good and prurient starts to appear 2001-2006=noise is changing 2007=noise ambient music but good and relaxing like stars of the lid and their refinement of the decline 2008=some crappy noise is starting to appear 2009=crappy noise is spreading 2010=you gotta be kidding me this isnt noise death grips 2011=R.I.P noise goodbye…

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More of a question about a personal headcanon. Do you think that wizards have their own types of playgrounds for children? Peculiar swings and slides; a version of those little animals that you move back and forth on and instead of being stationary they function similarly to a broom, but with restrictions and they imitate the actual animals.

That sounds really cool, and I think they’d do that. Like hippogriff shaped rockers, and magical powered slides. Man, I wanna go to a wizard park now.

wahhh wahaaahhh im a punk rocker ANARCHY!!!!! TALL HAIR!!!!!!!!!! POWER CHORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!