rocker princess

Listening to music and thinking about what Ky would have been like.
I think she would have bright blue eyes like me and freckles like her dad. Blonde hair like me but with some curl to it like her dad.
And she’d be a little princess but have some major sass and try and get everything that she wants (haha can you guess where she’d get that from :P)
She would have been my little Rocker and her dad and I would take her to all sorts of Rock concerts once she got old enough to enjoy them. Like KISS and Iron Maiden and Metallica and Mötley Crüe if she was old enough when they do their farewell tour.
But, she’d still love all the girlie things too like Barbies and Disney Princess’.

I think back and wonder if things would have changed between her dad and I if I didn’t miscarry her. I don’t think things between him and I would have changed but I wonder if I would have stayed with him because of her or still chose to leave him to protect her. I think I would have done the second but you just don’t know.
Either way, I miss my little Rocker Princess.