rocker females


Nearly finished my females of rock zine! There are so many more women I wanted to put into this but these are the ones who have influenced me the most. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. The quotes are from Riot Grrrl and varying artists through the booklet. 

I want there to be as many harleyberts as there are 4-letter J names.

Jane, John, Jade, Jake, Joey, Jude, Jess, Jace, Judy, Josh, Jenn, Jeff, Joan, Jett (neither have relation to the famous female rocker, though Jett is a fan), Jośe, Juan (both part of the Harleybert family–elite Spanish unit), Joel, Jody, June, Jpbc (acronym for “Jake Please Buy Condoms,” Grandpa Harley’s most recent lay was not pleased with him and took it out on her child’s name), Judd, Jami, Jack (no relation to Jill), Jill (no relation to Jack), Jean, Jann, and Jada (no relation to the Smith family, though she is a fan).

These are now my original fankids pls do not steal.

                                              Rocker Pencil Skirt

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