rocker dudes

Dear 19 Days Fandom

I am gone for a few days and yall are making up theories about rocker band dude from mosspaca and he tian being the same dude and mo guan shan being dead in the future.
Calm down. My heart can barely take what’s going on in the current comic, i don’t wanna think about a future without mo guan shan smh.

apparently my ‘it’s monday and i don’t give a shit’ look comes across like ‘grungy rocker chick’ because a dude just stopped me on the street to say i look cool and ask if i was listening to heavy metal (i was not, nor do i ever listen to heavy metal), and he actually wasn’t hitting on me so idk idk

The Dust Storm

Spoilers will be behind the cut. Like serious spoilers. I’M NOT KIDDING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

My general thoughts? I loved it. Colin was fantastic as Brennan and I loved the music. The story was felt real and the chemistry was….well, it was okay. If you’re looking for Emma and Hook levels of UST, I personally didn’t think it was quite that good, but overall it was fine and fit the story of these two people who hadn’t seen each other in seven years. My only real quibble was some of the editing, but I’m not a film buff.

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