rocker casual

mikayuu + shinoa headcanon

inspired by this post

so imagine shinoa teasing mika the way she teases yuu, always going “aww mika you’re always so uptight… is it because you’re also a cherry boy? got nowhere to release your pent-up tension?” mika gets all wary and mutters, “what are you on about?” he thinks she’s off her rocker, acting so casually around him. “aww, so cold… doesn’t my feminine charm appeal to you at all?” pouts shinoa. then mika accidentally deadpans, “i’m not interested in any sort of feminine charm.”  and that’s when shinoa realises. internally mika’s like “OH SHIT WHY DID I SAY THAT” but keeps a straight, unamused face, hoping shinoa doesn’t realise but she’s clearly too sharp for his good.

so from that day, whenever mika and yuu are together, she keeps trying to insinuate things. like when they’re running late in the morning, she goes to their door with a playful lilt in her voice, “yuu-san, mika-san! i can’t believe the two of you can be so selfish… being so late for our duties while doing all sorts of naughty things in there; i bet you’re having lots of fun with each other while the rest of us are working hard!” which effectively makes mika slam the door open at lightning speed. he stares at shinoa with daggers and hisses in utter irritation, “i will end you, filthy human.” at which shinoa squeaks in intimidation and scampers away. but frankly, she also finds it endearing because she knows that mika’s actually starting to warm up to her more and more each day, and that his bark is far worse than his bite.

meanwhile, mika and yuu keep denying all her teasing and telling her to shut the hell up - which, by the way, you should never tell shinoa, cause she’ll only do the exact opposite - and the sexual tension just keeps rising until it can no longer be ignored.

then the rest is up to you to imagine~ :D