rockefeller rose garden


New York Botanical Garden: Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

These were my favorites–in my head I’ve been calling them “sunset roses” though I’m sure that’s not technically correct.

(Not that it matters. Because why would it? Plant me a garden of sunset roses, lay me down in the fading summer light, walk me along the rosebush paths. Can you tell me, here, in this place, at this time, that this life is not real? Not among the roses, barefoot in the grass. There, everything is real, everything is alive.)

Anyway, what we have here is two pictures of very similar roses! They might be the same rose, I don’t remember. What is reality, honestly.Up top is facing it directly, second photo is from the side. They both show a pink and yellow rose. In the first, the pink starts strong on the outside petals at the top of the rose, and fades into yellow at the center. The bottom petals are white with very delicate pink edges.The bottom rose, seen from the side, is vividly yellow in the center, surrounded by pink outer petals. It also has a small bud to the right of it.