rockefeller center rink

pulled the daisies fine // nurseydex

a/n: thought i’d reverse a typical fandom trope and send dex up to nursey’s for the new year. it goes about as well as you would expect. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

word count: 4.3k

“Hm, so, this would be fun if we weren’t collegiate level hockey players who learned how to skate when we were ten,” Dex deadpans after about five minutes of skating around the Rockefeller Center ice rink.

“This is fun!” Nursey insists, squeezing Dex’s hand through his chunky mittens, “it’s relaxing.”

Off to their left about three different toddlers start crying at once, and Dex gives Nursey a look.

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Christmas Cheer- A Maksylfic (part 3)

This will be the last part tonight..I will work on the rest tomorrow!!

Meryl determined that she enjoyed the snowman making more than she enjoyed the snow angels.

Actually, she enjoyed seeing her man enjoy making the snowmen.

She sat and watched as he gathered snow to make the base, then try to size out the appropriate next ball of snow for the middle. As soon as he completed the head, she watched again as he started to “snow sculpt” a little scarf and hat on them, as well as using rocks he found for eyes and sticks for arms. He did everything with dedication and concentration, and watching this made her heart swell even more with love for him.

“Babe, your turn!” She heard him say.

She eyed his snowman. “I think I might need some help” she stated. “I’m not nearly as creative with this as you.”

Maks laughed, then helped her roll up more snowballs. She completed her snowman, or snow woman, and set it beside Maks’. She even attached the stick arms as if it was holding hands with the other snowman.

“Perfect” she said. She turned, seeing Maks watching her with a look that made her heart nearly stop. Such a look of pure adoration and love. She smiled sweetly, then took his hand . “Let’s go baby, time to get changed for the rink!”

Maks took a deep breath and followed her inside.

They arrived at the Rockefeller Center skating rink in the early afternoon. At midweek, it was not overly busy, but with school out for most children on Christmas break, it was enough people to make Maks nervous.

Maks’ grip tightened on her hand as they arrived at a place to sit to lace up their skates. “Babe, I don’t know if I can do this” he said.

Meryl looked at him. “Maks, everything will be OK. I won’t let you fall…I promise.”

Maks said “It’s not my’s my pride. You’re too well known and there’s too many people. What if..”

Meryl put a finger on his lips to shush him. “There’s no ‘what ifs’ here. You will be ok…we will be ok…that’s fact.” Meryl finished lacing her skates, and stood up, offering her hand. “Ready?”

Maks laughed “Hang on, Miss Olympian…you have to remember that the last time I laced up skates was years ago…” Meryl looked down at his laces, which were still partially undone. She sighed dramatically and bounced on her toes.

Maks shook his head and continued to work on his laces. Meryl watched his progress for a minute, then knelt down. She took the laces in her own hands and began to expertly tie them. “Feels ok?” she asked. Maks nodded.

“Good, lets go!” Meryl exclaimed. Maks took her hand as they walked to the ice. Maks watched the people whiz by and began to notice that they were getting some attention already. People were looking at Meryl appreciatively. A group of little girls who skated by began chattering excitedly and looking back, one of them almost falling while doing so.

“I think our presence is causing a little bit of a stir” Maks murmured. Meryl laughed, and helped Maks out onto the ice. “Now one hand in my hand, the other on the boards” instructed Meryl. Maks did exactly as he was told, but remained unmoving. Meryl stood next to him, letting him become acclimated to the ice. After a few minutes, Meryl instructed him to begin moving forward. “I’ve got you” she said quietly. They slowly began to glide around the rink, hand in hand, Maks’ other hand eventually leaving the sides. As they approached the giant Christmas tree, they stopped to gaze at it.

“Meryl? Meryl Davis?”

Meryl turned to see a young girl, who she had to guess was 7 or 8, standing before her. She had dark hair and eyes, with her hair pulled into two low ponytails on either side of her head. She had on a skating sweater and dark tights, and reminded Meryl very much of herself at that age.

“Hello there” she smiled.

“Oh wow, it’s you!!” The girl said. “My name’s Alexa, I love watching you skate! You’re so pretty! Mommy says that maybe when I grow up I could skate as well as you. I’m just starting, but I love it! My mommy watched you dance too, she says you dance like an angel. I told her that I don’t know how angels dance, but they must be pretty!”

Meryl giggled at her exhuberance. “It’s nice to meet you, Alexa.” She gestured to Maks, who was standing by her, witnessing the whole scene “And this is…”

“Oh, I know who you are! You’re Maks! My mommy likes you, she thinks you’re cute.” Meryl looked at him and giggled again, squeezing his hand. “I named my teddy bear after you, since Meryl said you were a teddy bear.” Maks smiled at the girl, then putting on his best pouty face, looked at Meryl.

“Oh he is”, Meryl assured the girl. “He’s a very huggable, loveable, teddy bear.”

The girl beamed up at them both “My mommy thinks you should get married. When she watched your dances, she cried a lot.” Meryl smiled again, this little one certainly had a lot to say. “My favorite dance was your Disney one …the sa…sam….

“Samba” Maks finished for her. “I think that was one of our favorites too.”

“So you are skating together now?”  Alexa asked.

“Just for now” Meryl said.

“Can I skate with you?” Alexa asked hopefully. “Pllleaase?? My mommy would say it’s ok…”

Meryl looked at Maks. He smiled and shrugged. “Go ask your mommy first, then if it’s ok….”

“Yay! OK!” The girl skated away to the edge of the rink to a woman looking almost identical to the little girl. They saw the little girl gesture to them, and the mom look over in shock. Maks and Meryl both waved to her, then Meryl carefully led Maks over to the girl’s mom.

“Hello, you must be Alexa’s mom?” Meryl said sweetly.

“Oh my gosh, you’re….” the woman began.

“Meryl, and this is Maks” she said, smiling and shaking the woman’s hand.

“Y-yes of course, I know who you are…I just didn’t think I would see you here…and be talking to you…just …wow…” the woman stammered.

Meryl giggled “It’s ok! We just thought we would come and say hello, since Alexa told us how much you enjoyed watching us on the show.”

Maks interjected “We wanted to thank you, we enjoyed it, and love that our fans enjoyed it too” Maks leaned in and hugged her.

“Oh my gosh! Well, thank you” the woman smiled.

“And Miss Alexa wanted to know if she could skate with us? Just for a short while” Maks finished.

Alexa looked hopefully up at her mother. “OH, of course!” she exclaimed.

With that, Alexa fiercely hugged her mother, then grabbed on to one of each of Meryl and Maks’ hands. They skated around the length of the rink, slowly, with Alexa chattering on about everything and anything. Maks glanced down at Alexa, then back up at Meryl, meeting her eyes and smiling. She knew what he was thinking.

One day.

One day, this would be them, with their baby girl.