rocked the prep


At first I thought the black guitar Darren played the other night was a Gretch, but the headstock was definitely a Fender. I sometimes jam with a guy that has a semi-hollow fender with f holes (although it is a totally different model).

I did some googling, and found it’s a Fender Coronado Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fingerboard. (Pic 1)

Darren also seems to play Taylor acoustics, and it looks like the model he was playing was a 716ce (2014) (but I’m not 100% sure). (Pic 2)

***Is this a thing I should do? Identify instruments? Let me know***


Fossil Prep - extracting an ammonite from its matrix

ALRIGHT GUYS. So I’ve been sitting on this picture for a good while now and it’s because I had plans to do a fic to go alongside this picture. Greasestuck Alpha kid style if you will. I probably will still write the fic but I don’t want to sit on the picture anymore. So I’m putting this puppy up. It’s a few weeks old, but nothing detrimental. I hope you enjoy it! Designing them was fun. I might put up the individual designs too. We will see. ~ Kera