rocked radio

SORTED! The Urban Love Ulcer has the best rock/roll/punk/garage/psych/metal/glam/sleaze/surf/alternative tunes in the entire world and is live on on Friday 23rd June at 10pm UK time - it’s the Urban Love Ulcer Rock N Roll Show, also available on, Tunein, iTunes and the Chewb App! See you at 10pm

Reasons to Sweat

On the porch
soaked in summer
vodka and pink lemonade
in a glass
sweating rivers
across a wooden crate
rock music on a radio
sending songs drifting
thru the screen door
white clouds pasted
on a pale blue sky
sit seemingly still
beyond the weeping willow
yellow dog in the green grass
pinning his shadow to the earth
perched on the porch rail
dark haired girl
in tight jean shorts
cutoff Slayer T-shirt
he sips his drink
thinks the shirt appropriate
since some would say
every single one
of the thoughts she’s inspiring
are sinful
she can’t see his eyes
hidden behind mirrored shades
but she knows
raises an eyebrow
she knows better than anyone
what he sees
what he’s thinking
Why not?
her smile is saying,
On a long summer day
why not?