rockchick meets boyband

I surviiiiived!!! Barely. There’s not one bone or muscle in my body that doesn’t ache. I also fell on my way into the stadium and ruined my fave jeans and bruised both of my knees and hands…That’s real dedication there!!! I took videos but they are shit cause people kept pushing. Harry is a bouncy ray of sunshine. Rainbows and love and rainbows. That’s Harry. He is so gloriously flamboyant I didn’t think I could love him more but well…Liam is always such a surprise live! I’m not much of a Liam girl but he’s just wonderful live! Zayns high notes are out of this world. Niall is just born for this. To be on stage and make music. Niall for king of the world! Louis…louis…louis…how do people even Louis?!!

That’s it in short for now. I’ll tell you all about my adventure once I’m home again on friday. Now I’m waiting impatiently for our food to arrive and then sleeeeeeeeeep (for three days straight if I could)

Ttys xxx Soul