A comic I did last summer as part of a pitch packet. I was trying to get a miniseries, and It got hard passed on. This jam broke my heart for a minute. I was positive that this was going to get picked and I felt like I was getting rejected while putting out my very best work. It’s not even six months, and I’m already better than this and twice as fast. I’m going to completely shatter comics in my 30′s. Watch out. 

Judaculla Rock - A large soapstone boulder containing more petroglyphs than any other known rock east of the Mississippi. There is a lot of speculation as to the meaning of many of these symbols but it holds considerable significance among the Cherokee. Experts have dated the carvings are somewhere around 1000+ years old. Truly an honor to stand before it.

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Oldest Paleolithic Rock Art in Siberia May Be More Ancient than Previously Believed

A number of petroglyphs, drawings on rocks, in Siberia near the Mongolian border have been known to researchers for some time, but recent reassessments have made them rethink how old the drawings are. Now Russian researchers, backed up by a French team of archaeologists that studied the petroglyphs this summer, believe that they date back to the Paleolithic era, 8,000 to 10,000 years ago.

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Rochester Creek Petroglyph site near Ferron and Price, Utah. This site is open to the public but many #rockart are not in order to protect what is sacred and irreplaceable. When you visit these sites it’s important to show them respect and acknowledge their history. The Rochester site is one of my favorites. Utah has the most amazing ancient rock art and writings! This is the Barrier Canyon style left by the Western Archaic thousands of years ago! #utah #utahgram (at Ferron, Utah)

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