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Backstage at an American gig Blondie’s Debbie Harry tells Joan Jett of The Runaways how she discovered peroxide and changed her career.


Never being one to miss out on a theme, I wore this to go apartment hunting. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Bonus, I made a new cat friend at my current apartments.


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Mid-century modern tables, chairs, and décor add a great aesthetic touch that brings the retro bowling vibe to any lot. There’s also rockabilly-inspired tops and bottoms to help your Sim look the part, and of course traditional bowling league shirts should you want to form your own bowling crew!


Fun story, when you are setting up a tripod in a gazebo, people will assume you know things about said gazebo and start asking you questions about it.

It's All Over But the Crying
Ink Spots
It's All Over But the Crying

Song: It’s All Over But the Crying / I’ll Make Up for Everything

Artist: Ink Spots

Record Label: Decca Records 24286

Recorded: November 21, 1947

Location: Fallout 4 reveal trailer

Here’s something exciting, we’ll soon get a new location and a new game to explore. And of course, a new soundtrack.

Interestingly, this song doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent in the music charts. It appears only as “Up and Coming” among the Decca Records catalog in the February 14, 1948 issue of Billboard

The composer himself, Russ Morgan, also recorded his composition with Bob Eberly in 1946 with “Matinee” as the B-side. The record was released in 1948 with the Billboard review “Shallow schmaltzy orking [orchestra] may please some Morgan fans.“ and an overall rating of 63 (aka Satisfactory) on March 6, 1948.

The Ink Spots largely have the song to themselves.

Other songs do share the same title, but do not have the same lyrics. The Four Aces recorded an identically titled Brooks Arthur and Alan Lorber composition as the B-side to “Lonely Hill” in 1962. Hank Williams Jr. (not to be confused with his famous father) wrote and recorded another identically titled song for the MGM film A Time to Sing in 1968.

Left to right: Billy “Butterball” Bowen, Harold Francis (seated at piano), Bill Kenny, Herb Kenny, and Charlie Fuqua (with guitar)

The song itself is tinged with a bit of sadness, much like the lyrics. The group’s lineup had changed drastically through the years, but none so much as after Orville “Hoppy” Jones’ death.

Hoppy Jones was the “talking bass” who often repeated the lyrics in a lower voice on many of the songs. The lead tenor, either Bill Kenny or Ivory “Deek” Watson would continue the song until the end to complete the famous “Top & Bottom” format that defined many of their songs. 

Jones had suffered from cerebral hemorrhages since June 1944 and collapsed onstage in October. His bass position would be replaced by Cliff Givens and permanently by Bill Kenny’s twin brother, Herb Kenny. 

However, in-fighting in the group led to Kenny buying out Deek Watson’s share and kicking him out in 1944. Billy “Butterball” Bowen would become his replacement. Watson would form his own group as The Brown Dots. Only Fuqua remained from the original 1934 group. He too would leave in 1952.

Perhaps as an indication of the decline of traditional pop in favor for rock ‘n roll, the Ink Spots had their last No. 1 hits in 1946, eventually dipping down to Top 25. They would lose ground to doo-wop, a genre they inspired, and rockabilly.

This lineup would last until 1951 and be the last Ink Spots quartet to perform for Decca Records.

Listen to the flip side “I’ll Make Up for Everything” here.


Aaaand here’s styling number 2 of the skirt (out of 2 for today, but likely a gazillion more times in the future). Mega obsessed with the top too (also from Pinup Girl Clothing). Feeling 100% bombshell.