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Aaron Tveit singing Somebody to Love at his concert at The Paramount 2/25/2017

Damn those last few notes holy shiiiit

therock Big Oscar rehearsals today. Our biggest night of the year! We’ve got an amazing show lined up for the world. Time to celebrate the good stuff and how great movies make us feel!
I get goosebumps every time I walk out on this stage.. I’m forever a kid who just loves movies. And super grateful to have a movie nominated 2xs. I’s gonna smell good tomorrow night..
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Do the cats in some of the episodes just walk around set?? I feel like everyone would have j loved them so much they couldn't j not keep them around

Yes they do in fact! There’s cat food and toys at the set, not to mention Fukuzawa literally has treats up his sleeves. The scene where he offered the cat a treat was unscripted. He would also secretly feed the cats so that they would come back.

Kyouka LOVES the cats and would take every chance she gets to play with them. Same with Fukuzawa, and for this reason, the two get along very well.

The same couple keeps coming back, so then everyone started naming the cats after the actors.

The grumpy one was named after Akutagawa and Dazai tried to name the smallest one after Chuuya, earning him a beautiful hand print tattooed on his face for an entire day